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20 Best Logo Maker Programs of 2021 to Make your Work Easy

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Whether you’re launching a new online store that wants to give your store a new look, these online logo maker programs will help you easily create a professional, high-quality logo.

Creating a logo can often be stressful, but these logo generators are easy to use and inexpensive! In this article, you will find a list of online logo generators that you can use to create your logo. Keep in mind that most of these programs to create logos are in English.

Why is a logo created?

The logo doesn’t just represent your store, but your brand and your company’s vision. Your brand logo is more than just an image, it’s what customers visually associate with your store, and therefore how customers remember your company.

Best Logo Maker programs

How to create a logo?

Do you have a logo in mind but don’t know where to start to create a logo? No problem, we have what you need! Here are the steps you need to follow to create your logo online:

1. Observe your competitors

Before you start using a logo maker, remember to look at your competitors. Find out what works and what doesn’t, but keep in mind that a logo that works for another brand may not work for yours. Research is a critical step in making sure you differentiate your brand and business from all other players in your industry.

2. Get inspired

Browsing the internet you can find hundreds of ideas for your logo. Take a look at the logos of successful ecommerce, find out what you like and what can be improved. Don’t limit yourself to ecommerce, also study the logos of large companies, or what types of logos are most popular this year. Try out different templates and logo generators and come up with ideas for your design.

3. Choose your message

As you think about how to create the logo you want, take into consideration the main characteristics of your ecommerce. How do you want them to be represented in your logo? How can you show your voice and brand vision in your design?

4. Try different ideas

Design multiple versions of your logo. Experiment with different fonts, images, and color schemes. It is always best to try multiple options before choosing the final one.

5. Seek constructive feedback

Collecting feedback should be short-lived. You may only need to make a small change, like the size of a font, but it’s important to know how others perceive your logo. Make sure you get feedback from sources you can trust, who you know will give you a constructive and honest opinion .

6. Create your final design

As you can see, designing a logo is not intuitive and requires several thoughts. These online logo maker programs will help you realize your ideas, with no design skills needed. Take your time to follow these steps and you’ll end up with a gorgeous, professional-looking logo.

Programs to Create Logos Online

1. Hatchful (free)

Hatchful logo maker

How to create a personal logo? Hatchful is pretty simple to use and allows you to customize your logo to your preferences. First you can choose your company space, which is the sector in which your company fits.

Once selected, you can choose your style, add your company name and slogan (optional). Then you can choose the logo that best suits your needs and modify it further. You will be able to experiment with the font, color, icon and layout until you are satisfied with the result.

Price: free.

2. Logaster

Logaster logo maker

With Logaster, you can understand how to create an online logo in 4 simple steps. First, enter the name of your company or brand. Once you’ve done that, they’ll show you logo examples to choose from.

Once you have chosen the type of logo, you can register and save it to be able to modify it later.

Explore all the possibilities by changing the color, text or icons used. Choose a package and download your files. That’s it, you will have your professional logo!

Price: To get started, Logaster offers you a small free logo without a watermark. The packages have different price packages starting at $19.99.

3. Canva (free)

canva logo maker

You may know Canva as a social media tool, but it can actually be used to create a logo. Canva has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, perfect for those with no design experience.

Creating your logo with Canva is extremely simple, there are over 100 templates to choose from. Enter your company name and answer a few simple questions to customize your logo search.

You will be asked about the industry, and to choose your style from a wide range of different templates (based on the industry you have chosen).

The beauty is that the logo will be in high resolution at no additional cost. This way you can use a free and quality logo maker, even without any design experience.

Price: free.

4. Ucraft (free)

Ucraft logo maker

Ucraft is a free logo maker. You can use it to learn how to create a logo online with a wide choice of icons, shapes and text. With this simple to use logo maker, you can design and export your logo in less than 10 minutes.

To be able to download the file you need to register, but it’s a small price to pay for a program that allows you to create a custom logo for free. Once the logo has been created, you will download a high resolution .png file.

Price: free.

5. LogoMakr


When you log into LogoMakr, you will find a helpful video showing you exactly how to create a custom logo for free. Their interface works with drag and drop technology.

This logo maker is very easy to use, albeit limited compared to the two programs for creating logos above, as far as personalization is concerned.

It is possible to download the low resolution files for free, while the high resolution file is subject to a fee.

Price: The low-resolution file is free, the high-resolution one costs $ 19.

6. Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker makes it easy for you to find out how to create an online logo by adding text and symbols. you to add text and symbols.

What sets it apart from other online logo makers is that you can also upload your own images. This logo maker also allows you to add your logo to business cards by providing you with a set of templates.

Price: You can download the logo’s 500px size for free, while the high resolution files cost $ 49.

7. Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Maker

Hipster Logo Generator allows you to create an awesome logo in 5 simple steps. The choice of icons is more limited, but if your logo relies more on text than images, this tool is a great option.

Price: You can download the 600 X 500 px size file for free. High resolution files cost $ 10.

8. MarkMaker (free)


This software is still considered a prototype, but it’s great. Enter your company name, and MarkMaker will generate several options for your logo.

Put a heart on the logos you like the most and select the sector in which your business falls. This logo maker will learn the type of logo you like, and will present you with suitable options.

When you’ve found the perfect logo, hover over the logo and click the pencil icon to further edit and customize your logo. As soon as you are satisfied with the result, you can download the file.

Price: Free, but there is the option to donate $3 or $5 at the user’s discretion!

9. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design

With Free Logo Design, you just need to enter your company name and select the sector. The software will then provide you with templates to start from, or you can decide whether to design your logo from scratch.

Templates are especially useful if you don’t already have a good idea of ​​what you want your logo to look like.

Price: The low-resolution file is free, while the high-resolution logo costs $69 to download.

10. Vectr (free)


Vectr is a more limited version of the GIMP. No design skills are needed, but it’s still a slightly more advanced program than the options we’ve talked about so far.

The most interesting aspect of this program is the possibility to work online or to download the software to your computer, for free. It also has live editing features, which means you can collaborate or share your progress with other people.

In addition, the company offers convenient user guidance and tutorials to learn how to use the program (in English).

Price: free.

11. Logojoy


Logojoy is the perfect logo maker to create an online logo. There are several styles to choose from, and you will certainly be able to create a logo that fits your brand.

Enter your brand name, and choose from five or more designs. Choose your favorite colors, enter your contact information and discover the options. If you are not satisfied, you can always continue with the modification and discover other designs.

Price: Prices start at $20, here you can see the various options.

12. Envato Elements (free)

Envato Elements

Envato Elements offers unlimited high-quality free logo downloads through a single commercial license. Using a network of independent designers, Envato Elements provides a wide range of creative logos to choose from. Their easy to use interface ensures that you are more than satisfied with the final design of your logo.

Price: free.

13. Creative Market

Creative Market

If you can’t find an online logo maker tool that suits your needs, you can design your logo in Photoshop with the help of predefined templates.

Websites like Envato and Creative Market allow you to choose from a large collection of logo templates that you can modify to your liking. You will need logo making programs like Photoshop on your computer and know how to edit designs on the program.

However, the quality of the templates on these platforms is high, so you can have a great logo that your customers can appreciate.

Price: Prices are indicated individually.

14. Designhill


Designhill is a logo maker that allows you to create a company logo for free, and is used by thousands of business owners and graphic designers every day.

You can choose from over 1000 designs for your logo and change colors, fonts and text according to your preferences.

You can also purchase the files to get unlimited access and to be able to print your logo on business cards or more. Plus, you can run a contest and receive a huge number of logo designs to choose from!

Price: Prices start at $10, here you can find all prices.

15. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs is another online logo maker that offers a variety of templates and alternatives to choose from. All you have to do is enter your company name and caption, select an image category and choose your logo, which you can modify to your liking.

Additionally, you will be able to filter your options based on the most recent or most popular logos available.

The main advantage of Graphic Springs is the creative freedom it offers.

For example, you can design your logo from scratch, or decorate it according to your preferences. Although the software is free, you need to pay $ 19.99 to download the final design in .png, .svg, or .jpg formats. The price includes unlimited changes and downloads.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 19.99 for a standard high-resolution download of the file, and goes all the way up to $ 199.99.

16. Logo Garden

Logo Garden

Founded in 2011, Logo Garden is an online logo maker that allows its users to create a free custom logo in minutes.

Logo Garden offers hundreds of different templates suitable for different industries. With over a thousand band symbols and layout options, you can easily create the perfect logo for your business.

One of the benefits is that you can create a logo to print on business cards, T-shirts, mugs, smartphones, or whatever!

Price: Free, but you can get professional help for $ 39.99.

17. Genie logo

Genie logo

Another tool for creating an online logo is Logo Genie. The site has an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly and easily create the perfect logo for your business.

Thanks to this logo maker, you can customize your logo according to your preferences, changing color, orientation, size, etc. You can purchase your logo in different file formats, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, etc.

Price: $24.90. Find out all the prices here .

18. Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker is another logo maker that will help you create a perfect logo for your business. It is perfect for start-ups and small businesses that do not have a large experience or a large budget, because it allows you to generate a logo quickly and automatically.

Just enter the company name and click on “create logo now”, select your favorite logo and change the shape, colors and fonts according to your preferences.

Price: The basic plan costs € 1.99 and the premium plan costs € 4.99. Find out more details here .

19. Logo Yes

logo yes

Another tool for creating an online logo is LogoYes. You can use this tool to create your own professional logo, and it’s extremely easy to use. There is no need to pay to register or enter any payment details until you are completely satisfied with the result.

Price: € 0.99.

20. Design Free Logo

Design Free Logo

Design Free Logo is a type of logo maker that creates three-dimensional logos that will make your logo stand out on any screen. You can choose between different templates (8 choice pages) to find the perfect logo to represent your brand.

Price: Prices are individual for each logo, but most logos are free.

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