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20 Californian Wicks for Brunettes – The Most Beautiful Highlights

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Undoubtedly, the Californian highlights for brunettes have been a trend in terms of the most flattering looks changes for tanned skin. Here we will leave you 20 of the most beautiful that we have found.

We will give you some tips to apply them and we will tell you which one suits you the most, depending on whether you have cold or warm skin, long or short hair, and your age.

20 Californian highlights for brunettes

1. From light brown to blonde

From light brown to blonde

It is a youthful, fresh, vibrant, natural and very attractive style that every woman between 18 to 35 years old can use.

It is extremely versatile in attracting natural luminosity to the face, giving life to the hair and making you look like a whole summer goddess.

Although we recommend this style for brunettes with a warm complexion, if you have a cold tone, you can vary it by using dyes with pink pigments or ash colors.

It may be one of the most used Californian wicks for brunettes 2022, but it is due to the naturalness that stands out from this look.

Plus, its low maintenance is ideal for women who need to look great but don’t have the time to go to the salon frequently.

2. Fire

Californian highlights for brunettes Fire

With such a name you can imagine a rebellious and daring style. While it is perfect for young women with well-defined features, you can also use it if you are over 30 and your spirit is indomitable.

The colors of this look are ideal for brunettes with a warm complexion, thanks to the golden pigments of red used in the highlights. If you are a cool brunette, swap the red for one with pink pigments to bring radiance to your face.

3. Copper

Californian highlights for brunettes Copper

It is a softer version of the previous style, but in the same way it seeks to express the rebellion of your young spirit. It looks perfect no matter your age or hair length.

By leaving the base in chestnut or chocolate, you will look much clearer.

4 Light ash

highlights for brunettes Light ash

Do you want to be blonde but you don’t dare to dye all your hair because of your skin color? Perhaps this is an excellent option, as it lightens hair with a natural transition to blonde that just looks gorgeous.

This particular style is ideal for cool-skinned brunettes, as the ash tones bring out the natural glow of the skin.

5. Natural transition from dark to light

Natural transition from dark to light

We believe that these will continue to be a trend in highlights for brunettes 2022, since they are beautiful, low-maintenance, illuminate and look great on all types of women regardless of their skin tone, age, hair length and face type.

To do them, you just have to bleach the strands using the Californian technique. It is important that, after each bleaching, you apply moisturizers to keep your hair healthy.

6. Natural and subtle

Natural and subtle

If first time you dye your hair or want a change of look simple, this could be the perfect choice for you. It looks great on women of any age, regardless of hair length and any skin tone, as it is also a discoloration.

The difference with the previous one is that the bleaching time will be much less than in the natural transition from dark to light.

7. Californian blue

Californian blue

Fantasy styles are also present in Californian women and this is one of the most beautiful looks you can find.

It requires continuous and rigorous maintenance (hydration and dyes to maintain color), so if you don’t have the time or budget to go to the beauty salon every time you wash your hair, these California highlights are not for you.

It is important to clarify that blue is better on cold brunettes, since it makes them look whiter. Also, it should only be used by young women as it could harden your features and make you look older.

8. Pink fantasy

Pink fantasy

This is another option in the fantasy range, but much more youthful. It is perfect for all those who want to get rid of a few years without losing their indomitable spirit.

The base to be used should highlight your skin color, so if you are a warm brunette, we suggest dark colors with golden pigments such as intense chocolate. However, if you have a cool complexion, anything with pink pigment (like burgundy) will suit you.

9. Midnight blue

Although it is a fantasy color, it is a perfect shade for women who have black hair and want to enhance their beauty in a magical way.

It is not a recommended style for those with short hair, as its beauty will not be appreciated to the fullest. Nor should it be used by those who seek to rejuvenate with a change in appearance, since the objective of this color is to highlight sensuality and mystery.

10. Emerald green

It may remind you of a mermaid’s tail or the beautiful hair of a forest fairy, but no matter what inspires you, this style is ideal for young women (15-35 years old) with cool complexions.

They are Californian wicks that mix the rebellion of wearing a fantasy color, with the subtlety and elegance of a jewel tone to form a balanced look .

11. Dorado sunlight

It has always been said that the goal of highlights is to give the appearance that the sun’s rays illuminate your hair to attract light to your face.

If you are one of those who prefer a classic style, these highlights that were a trend as highlights for brunettes 2022 could be the ideal option for you.

They are perfect for brunettes with a warm complexion, although they could also be used by those with cold skin, using a base in dark ash brown and reducing the intensity of the golden highlights.

They can be used regardless of age, face type or hair length. You will always get the same result: a fresh, summery, youthful appearance and highlighting the tan of your skin.

12. Candy

The highlights for brown skin in caramel color may be among those that provide a more natural appearance, without neglecting the objective of a radical look change .

They are low maintenance and can be used in any season of the year, regardless of hair length or age.

13. Chocolate

They are perfect to vary the classic brown highlights and, in turn, give a radical change to your hair. The technique used to make them is dirty, which considerably reduces ongoing maintenance.

They are perfect for brunettes with a warm complexion, as it has golden pigments. But if your hue is cold, don’t worry! You can use it bleaching a little less so that the chocolate is a little “more washed.”

Although it is a style that looks very good on all women. We recommend it if you are between 25 and 45 years old, since being such a dark base. It could harden your features a lot.

14. Fuchsia

If what you are looking for is a fantasy Californian, perhaps this is your style: fuchsia is synonymous with femininity, youth, rebellion and beauty.

All the rules are broken here: no matter if you have a warm or cold complexion, you are 20 or 50, your hair is long or short… it will be beautiful anyway!

The only advice when choosing this style is to adapt it to a haircut that suits you; For example, short hair with fuchsia Californian looks good regardless of your age; But long hair in this style could make you look older than you really are.

15. Californians in coffee

Among all the natural-looking Californian highlights for dark hair that we have seen, this is one of the most beautiful not only for its simplicity, but also because it attracts luminosity to the face, provides a more feminine and youthful appearance by softening the features.

Other important aspects to highlight are that it does not need much maintenance, it can be used regardless of hair length, at any age and regardless of skin tone.

16. Red Californian

Some consider red to be a fancy color, others don’t; But the truth is that this style is extremely precious: it makes you look young, attracts the natural glow to your face and looks great at any age.

Does this look have buts ? Yes! You need to go to the salon every time you wash your hair to touch up the color so that it always looks bright red, so it’s an important thing to consider if you’re considering getting this dye done.

17. Burgundy

You could say that it is a more mature version of the previous style, but that it does not age the person who wears it. The goal of this dye is to exploit your sensuality to the fullest, so we recommend it for women over 18 years of age.

Like the previous one, you will need to go to the beauty salon every time you wash your hair to touch up the color.

18. Gold

Do you want some Californian that represent your fashionista and avant-garde spirit but that is not through fantasy colors?

Maybe this is the style you are looking for: the intense gold that looks like a mix between caramel and honey will automatically bring the glow to your face.

It is a style that looks great on all brunette women. It gives you a fresh, youthful and very fashionable appearance.

19. Toasted caramel

It is a more conservative style but equally attractive, youthful and fresh. The highlights should be a gradient of the color of the base, but using the dirty technique to achieve that uniform and natural tone.

20. Dark Brown

This is another gorgeous style for those who have black hair and want to lighten it up a bit by using auburn in their hair. This look manages to rejuvenate by softening the features, attracts luminosity to the face and provides a very feminine appearance.

Californian highlights for brunettes short hair

You always see highlights on long hair, but the truth is that you can use them regardless of whether you have a long hair or not. In fact, California highlights for short hair brunettes have the ability to make hair look longer than it actually is.

Here are three examples of how good they look:

1. From caramel to ash

It is perfect for brunettes with cool complexions: it attracts radiance to your face, softens the features, rejuvenates and adds femininity to the appearance.

2. Intense gold

It is one of the best Californian highlights for brunettes with short hair that have a warm complexion, as it gives them a chic, feminine and relaxed appearance.

3. Copper

These highlights are a very good option for young women who want to appear younger than they are. If you have a cool complexion, choose a copper tint with pink pigments; but if you are a warm brunette, look for the ones with golden pigments.

Californian highlights for brunettes with black hair

Black hair is an excellent base for doing Californian highlights, as any color you use will highlight, bring shine to your face, soften your features and most importantly, make you look gorgeous.

Here we leave you two options that we love:

1. Mahogany

This color is a mix between copper, chocolate and caramel in perfect balance to bring youth, femininity and a touch of natural shine to your appearance.

2. Grays

Who said gray couldn’t be used in California highlights for brunettes? It is a spectacular color to make a radical change to your appearance. Contrary to popular belief, it rejuvenates and provides femininity.

We hope we have inspired you with these 20 ideas of Californian highlights for brunettes, the most beautiful you have ever seen.

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