4 Reasons Why You May Lose Your accident at work claim

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where you work is to be blamed, you can file an accident at work claim. Any knee injury case must be documented inside three years of the date of the mishap. You may need a knee injury claims specialist after you file workers comp claims. You might be able to avail yourself of the legal services of the worker’s union if you are a member of any such union. If not, your best shot is an expert and well-experienced work injury claims specialist

You have a legal right to file workmans comp against the insured employer to get the compensation for your injuries. The employer of the company is legally obliged to remunerate you for any kind of injuries you undergo at work. You then file a type of claim accordingly. For instance, if its the back injury, you may file a head injury at work claim and if you have hurt your back then back pain at work claim. And in case of RSI, you may be able to file repetitive strain injury compensation claims. Either way, it is on the company to compensate you for your losses. To increase your chances of winning the case, it is recommended to hire a work injury claims specialist. 

Most common workplace injuries 

There are many types of work injuries that people usually experience. There could be many factors at work that can become a cause of injuries. If it is the incompetence of the company that is to blame then that makes you eligible to file an accident at work claim with the professional help of work injury claims specialist. It is the duty of a company to take every measure to ensure the safety of its employees. If it doesn’t and the carelessness leads to severe or even minor injuries of the workers, the company can get sued. Here are some of the most common injuries at work that makes you eligible for filing a work injury claim against the insurance company of the employer. 

  • Slips, trip, and falls (falling from a height, or slipping over slippery surfaces)
  • Muscle strains due to lifting heaving items or objects
  • Being hit hard by objects falling from a height 
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI) due to the repetitive motion of the joints
  • Collisions and crashes 
  • Lacerations and cuts due to tools used at work
  • Injuries and complications occurring due to inhaling toxic fumes
  • Industrial deafness due to exposure to loud noise 

What to do after the accident at work?

If you ever undergo any kind of injury at the workplace and intend to file the accidents at work claim, it is important that you: 

  • Guarantee the mishap and injury is documented in the organization accident log book. If not then make sure that the details of the incident are entered in the company’s computer system.
  • Seek immediate medical attention or go to the Accident and Emergency if the situation worsens. Take photographs of your injuries as proof and keep the backup
  • Ask your associates, colleagues or anyone who saw what happened to send you an email narrating what they saw. The organization where you work has no right to take any actions against the witnesses for doing so. 
  • If the company where you work keeps a training log and you find that yours has been removed, try and get the evidence of the lost log to strengthen your case. 
  • Regardless of whether you have no prompt side effects of the injuries you underwent, you must document each and every detail. It is because in case of some injuries the symptoms take longer than usual to surface. The documentation of them will help authenticate your claim when need be. It will also help prove that your injuries are the result of the accident at work. 

The employer of the may try to send you to their own physician or clinical expert known as Occupational Health. But you can refuse, and if they still manage to have you examined by their doctor, see your personal doctor as well. It’s wise to see your personal GP that you can trust regardless of whether your boss demands to see the company’s doctor. This way you will get an accurate diagnosis of your injuries. Furthermore, take help from a work injury claims specialist to deal with tricks of the insurance company. 

Hire a work injury claims specialist

If you are clueless and have no idea how to pursue your case, it is advised that you hire a well-experienced work injury claims specialist. The claim specialist knows how to deal with the insurance company and save you from all the hassles of the tiring process. Besides, they also ensure that you get the maximum compensation out of your claim. Hence, make the process of filing a claim simple for you and hire a reputable work injury claims specialist to file an accident at work claim.

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