5 Amazing Fashion Trends For Your Furry Friend

Fashion Trends For Your Furry Friend
cute Cavalier wearing princess dress

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There’s a lot more room for you to explore for your furry friend except dog grooming as a pet parent. Most owners give a haircut and nail cut every month to their dog and think their job’s done. Well, it isn’t enough. You must be wondering: what are we trying to convey here? So, let’s cut to the chase and talk straightforward. Besides dog grooming, you should focus on making the right outfit choices for your dogs, too. 

Your dog’s vogue is as important as yours, and making their wardrobe worthy is entirely in your hands. If you have the liberty to pick pet clothes, don’t second guess and get inspired by Montreal’s best-dressed celebrity dog – Tika The Iggy. The dog owns around 200 designer outfits, according to her owners, and gives major dog-styling goals! 

Whether it is to make your pup Halloween-ready, keep warm during winters, or just dress up for an evening stroll, you can do it all with a zest of fashion in it. So follow this piece till the end and gift yourself five fashion trends for your furry friend. 

1. Bow Ties Look Beautiful On Dogs

If you are ready to Shop Dog Fashion now, look for the best bow ties available on the market. Like you, your furry friend can also have his favorite bow ties collection. We have seen many cheerful dogs in the boroughs with their kaleidoscopic bow ties on. Not only do they look smart and colorful, but they also make new human friends. You can do the same with your lovable dog. 

calm dogs in festive bow ties

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The good news is, bow ties now come in a huge range of tones, patterns, and types. You can find a bow tie in every color from rich red, yellow, blue, orange, purple to sophisticated black and white. Also, you will see abstract prints, cartoon characters, funny patterns, dots & lines, and bone shapes on a dog’s bow tie. So the next time you want all the eyeballs to turn around your furry friend, just make him wear an eye-catchy bow tie! 

2. Plaid Makes Your Pup Perfect

Plaids are all-time leaders of the pet fashion game. Dogs with tartans on them look pretty and preppy. Whether you’re taking your pup to a school graduation party or casual meet and greet, a 90s inspired plaid on him will keep “you” in the spotlight. The best thing about plaid shirts is that no matter what color coat a dog has, plaids always look classy on all the breeds. Moreover, besides being chic for a while, plaid coats keep your furry friend warm inside. And that’s what makes a plaid worth investing in more than once. For making your dog’s closet plaid-ready, stack all from coats, bandanas, vests, harnesses, sweaters, to pajamas. 

Siberian Husky wearing a scarf

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3. Shirts & Jumpers Never Go Out of Style

Shirts and jumpers are one way to make your dog look stylish while being in his comfort during summers. You can check out gorgeous prints by Paws & Claws. The sunflower patterns or the floral shirts are perfect for your dog to vibe in the summertime. Similarly, jumpers are great outfit options for dogs to suit up in warm weather. They come in all fabrics like velvet, woolen, and cotton. The more they come with natural materials, the better they are for your furry friend. 

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4. Trench Coats Are Always Good For Furry Friends

If humans can slay the winters with their long-tailed trench coats, then so can their dogs. A faux-fur coat paired with knee-high boots for your dog can make a great competition with Tika The Iggy. Well, trench coats are more than just looking slick and stylish on dogs. During winters, they keep your pup cozy and comfy. Like coats, snow jackets can also win at both games – keeping pets warm and fashionable. Today, you can even purchase anxiety-calming coats for your furry friend to help him stay calm, cut aggression, and eliminate fear. 

black labrador retriever in red coat

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5. Hoodies & Hats Are Pet-friendly Ensembles

Hoodies are racing up the dog fashion speed-o-meter. Is it because of their bright hues like red, yellow, orange, purple, grey, blue, or white? Or is it because they elevate the fashion game when appropriately paired? Whatever the reason may be, one thing’s sure; hoodies can up the fashion game. Small pups like Pooches, Poms, Shih Tzu, Spitz, Beagles, and Chihuahuas can slay it with their vibrant hoodie colors. However, giant dogs like Alsatians and Dobermans look charming in sober shades. While you may love to make your furry friend wear a hat, only friendly breeds like Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, and Labradors allow such fashion accessories on them. 

brown and white short coated dog in red hoodie

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The US pet industry alone rose to a whopping figure of $103.6 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach $109.6 billion by the end of 2021. In addition, Americans spend over $8.1 billion every year on dog grooming, clothes, and toys. This figure will soon rise to $9.7 billion by the end of 2021. 

This proves how concerned pet owners are for their pet’s fashion and related wearables. If you are also one of them, follow these five trends for your furry friend and keep your eyes on the upcoming ones because fashion never dies!