5 Reasons Why People Love Online Quran Teaching Academy

Online Quran Teaching Academy

Students’ lives have been made easier by online quran academy memorization programs. If you want to become a Hafiz, you can now Hifz Quran online from the comfort of your own home. We provide you with a variety of online Hifz Programs. So, whether you want to memorize the entire Holy Quran or just a portion of it, you don’t have to leave your house.

Not only that, but you’ll find out who can memorize the Quran online. But first, take a look at our Ramadan Discount to online quran academy.

Online Quran Teaching Academy

However, it contains several sub-courses. When you hire an online Quran academy, they will typically ask you what type of online Hifz Program you require. There’s no need to be perplexed. Here are the five types of online Hifz Courses offered by Quran Schooling.

1) Hifz Complete Quran Online

This type of online Quran Hifz course is available. They aspire to be known as Hafiz. In this course, you begin memorizing the Quran with one Juz and sequentially work your way through it. You will have learned the entire Holy Quran word for word by the end of the course.

Generally, online Quran teaching websites do not explicitly state that they also offer other types of online Quran memorization courses. However, some of them allow you to Hifz Quran according to your preferences. Let’s take a closer look at the other types of online Hifz courses available to you.

2) Online Quran Juz Memorization

Juz is short for “part.” Each Juz is also referred to as a “Para.” The Quran has a capacity of 30 Juz. To put it another way, the Holy Quran is divided into 30 Juz.

You can Hifz online whether you want to memorize one or more verses of the Quran. Choose the online Quran memorization course when hiring us. Then please tell us which Juz or Azz (plural of juz) you want to learn. After completing this course, you will have memorized the entire Juz of the Quran that you chose.

Get Ramadan Offers From Hifz Quran!

If you think we only offer 20% off to a certain age group or area, you’re mistaken. Our Ramadan Special is now available to order online. We offer courses for two age groups: QURAN FOR KIDS ONLINE

Quran classes for adults

The Ramadan discounts are not based on age. Whether you learn online quran academy as an adult or enrol your child, you will save 20%.

We also don’t care where you are. You can save 20% on our Quran memorizing course during Ramadan.

Is it possible to get a free Quran online during Ramadan?

Please use our FREE online Quran memorization classes. Whether you fast or not, these classes are free.

Our online classes are always free of charge. You can see our Quran teachers’ credentials as well as our excellent online Quran classes.


Ramadan is an excellent time to pray. We can assist you in purchasing Hifz Quran online during Ramadan. Join us to learn the Holy Quran for free.

3) Online Quran Chapter/Surah Memorization

Another way to categorize the Quran is through its chapters or Surahs. The Holy Quran is divided into 114 chapters, each of which is a different length. You can memorize a single chapter of the Quran or multiple chapters online. For instance, I prefer to

But that isn’t all. We are also available to assist you if you want to Hifz any other chapter of the Quran. Tell us which chapter or chapters you want to memorize when you hire us.

4) Online Quran Manzil Memorization

Manzil is the name given to one of the seven parts of the Quran.  The main goal of dividing the Quran in Manazil is to recite the entire Quran in one week. Some people want to Hifz Manzil’s Holy Quran.

Some students prefer to memorize a single Manzil, whereas others prefer to Hifz multiple Manzils. Whatever the case may be, Quran Schooling is here to assist you. When you choose our online Hifz Program, let us know which Manzil you want to memorize.

5) Learn to memorize any part of the Quran

There’s no need to worry if you don’t want to use any classification. You can Hifz any part of the Holy Quran at random. We are prepared to assist you in memorizing it. Tell us which part of the Holy Quran you want to learn when you sign up for our online Quran memorization course. Our qualified Quran teachers will assist you.

Who Can Hifz Quran Online?

People have a common misconception that there is an age limit for memorizing the Quran. That, however, is not the case. You can learn the Online Quran Tuition regardless of your age. We have created separate courses for children and adults.

  • Online Quran Learning for Children
  • Adults Can Learn Quran Online

Memorization courses. Because we charge you every month, the charges will be the same. Whether you Hifz the entire Quran, a chapter, or just a portion of it,  So, based on your requirements and budget, choose the best online Quran package for you.