5 Secrets of Great Employers in Creating a Happy Workplace

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Want to know a big secret? If you want your company to be successful, you must make your employees happier. A workplace is supposedly a place that consists of an environment that inspires and motivates a person to deliver their abilities and skills for the complete development of the company and also for the professional growth of every employee. 

However, there can be times that employees struggle to deliver their duties and responsibilities when they are working in a negative environment. With that being said, here are some of the top tips we want to share with every employer out there in order to have a good place to work. But before that, let’s discuss first the characteristics of an ideal work environment. 

Characteristics of the ideal work environment:

The work environment is one of the main factors for organizational productivity. When a company has a great work environment, higher is the chance for employers to achieve a better place to work. Having this “better workplace” motivates employees to work efficiently, therefore, supporting the company to meet success. 

Here are some of the characteristics of a great place to work at: 

  • The company has clarity with its vision and mission. 
  • Everyone can communicate effectively. 
  • Flexibility in employee growth. 
  • Encourages meritocracy. 
  • Fosters collaborative culture. 
  • Smooth access to leadership advice. 
  • No politics and try to avoid it. 
  • Always open to honest feedback from employees. 
  • Maintains a fun atmosphere. 
  • Great leadership that’s honest and unbiased. 
  • Trustworthy HR support
  • Filled with employees that are passionate and dedicated. 

1. Great leaders must continue to encourage people

great leaders

It’s important that employers feel great about their working environment, and in order to achieve that, they must begin encouraging employees so they are able to work in a better manner and produce quality results. This is why it’s necessary to motivate employees of your company through some type of professional encouragement like promotions or performance appreciation. Doing these things will support an employee to feel inspired to do their work well and tell themselves that they chose the right company. 

2. Greet your employees or ask them how they are doing 

Your simple hello can go a long way in the workplace. All team members want to feel that they’re cared for and want to be happy, so don’t be a snub and give them a little nudge every morning with a big genuine smile that assures them that you’re happy they’re with you in the company and you want them to love their work. 

Try to check around the office from time to time and see how everyone is doing with their work. You may also have a short chit chat with them about their weekend and check-in to see if any of them need some help with ongoing projects. 

3. Give recognition and praise for hard work 


One of the most obvious reasons why people leave their jobs is when they feel underappreciated at work. Plus, other factors like low salary, inadequate flexibility for work-life balance, and limited vacation days only make it much worse. This reason needs to be front of mind for bosses and leaders. By providing your employees with the praise and recognition they need, they will feel more excited and motivated to contribute to company-wide initiatives. 

For you to make this more effective, you may ask team members how they want to be recognized for a job well done. You can either send a short email about it or commence a team meeting to get their feedback on how they want to be complimented when and where credit is required. Some employees are very simple if you say a shout-out like “Great job!” or “You did it!” during a meeting, they’ll highly appreciate that. Or for some, it would be best to have a one-on-one positive feedback session. 

4. Don’t forget to have a work-life balance 

Nowadays, the idea of a work-life balance has turned into a priority for many organizations. Team members need to know that you value them as an employee who’s loyal to the company but also as a person who has a lie outside of work too. 

You can have a work-life balance by offering work-from-home Fridays, health and wellness programs, unlimited vacation days, and even childcare options. You may also give incentives that can enhance an employee’s overall quality of life which will show that you care about them and the importance of their wellbeing. 

Meanwhile, if you are still confused with how you can come up with this type of work-life balance environment, pause and think about the things that make you happy outside of work and what perks you would want personally to enjoy. Once you do this, you’ll have more ideas and your team members will most likely want the same exact things. 

5. Hire “happy employees” 

happy employees

If you have a happy work environment, you’ll attract more great people, and also it’ll be easier for you to promote a culture of productivity and accountability. You don’t want to have an environment that’s too stressful, it can surely destroy the company’s culture. 

The secret to avoiding this is to hire and get people that you think can create and contribute to a happy workplace. These types of people can help improve productivity and motivation for the whole organization as a happy, jolly, and positive attitude is contagious. So, try to be wise and observe facial expressions, genuineness, and responses when interviewing potential candidates. Read “How to build a positive and healthy workspace relationship?” for more tips.

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