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Every day we see the sun. Sunlight falls upon our houses, and it turns dark after evening. It is so natural and obvious that we have stopped paying attention to how useful it can be if we harness it properly. Solar power energy solutions are the leading trend in the power generation field. People are now becoming increasingly interested in exploring more options available with this renewable source of energy.

Most of the conventional energy generation methods involved exhaustive minerals like coal. If we mainly talked about India, the dependence on state-run electricity grids is way too much. With the increasing demands of the population, it is impossible to generate the demanded quantity with only conventional energy generation sources. We need something more. Something that would not quickly get exhausted and would be readily available to the citizens as well. The best solution for this whole situation is solar systems.

Solar systems in India

If we talked a few decades ago, it would not be easy to find reliable and experienced residential solar installers. The companies working in this field were almost negligible. But gone are those days. Now reputed companies like urban solarise are dominating the power generation solutions sector. The latest solar technology, innovative methods, and ever-expanding service network have enabled the country to adopt solar systems. With the pace of growth we are witnessing now, it is possible that in a decade, the power generation scenario of our country would completely change.

What are the benefits of using solar systems in India?

Now that you know the current popularity of solar systems and the need for their adoption, you might be interested in the benefits you can get from this change. Let us elaborate on this point as well.

Save your budget

Electricity is becoming costly in India. As we are slowly exhausting our non-renewable resources, the price of electricity generation by the grades is becoming expensive. By the end of this decade, it would be difficult for us to manage if we do not find alternative solutions. Using a5kW solar system price in India with subsidy, we can ensure that we stay within your budget while fulfilling our energy consumption demands.

Low carbon footprints

Working with solar panels and systems, you can rest assured that they are not hazardous and suitable for the environment. Unlike other electricity generation plants, a solar system is clean and green. It does not generate harmful emissions like nitrogen oxides, mercury, or sulfur dioxide. This is why it is safe to adopt them for your household as well. You can take the help of top residential solar installers like Urban Solarise to get your solar system installed today.

Low maintenance costs

Solar systems are a cost-effective option. Once they are properly installed on your rooftop, you need not do much for their maintenance. With a life expectancy of over 20 years, you can get great returns on your investment with this option. Within a year, you can save up to ₹1.5 lacs in electricity bills.

Perfect for Indian climate

India lies close to the tropics, which means that we will always get sufficient sunlight during the daytime. At a place where sunlight is easily available, installing solar panels with the help of commercial solar installers, good not only to help you save your electricity bills but also make profits for an excess unit generation. Without having to do much, you will be able to have a perfect alternative for electricity worries.

Various subsidies and cost-saving offers available

To promote the adoption of solar energy in India, the central and state governments offer subsidies and cost savings offers. If you follow the strict procedures and guidelines given by the ministry, you would be able to avail of at least a 30% subsidy on the total costs of the solar systems. You can also connect your solar system with the electricity grid and export excess energy produced to get a discount on your energy bills. These options are very beneficial for hilly regions where the government offers subsidies of over 70 percent. You can get a consistent electricity supply without having to spend too much.

To advance the reception of sun powered energy in India, the focal and state governments offer appropriations and cost investment funds offers. On the off chance that you follow the severe methods and rules given by the service, you would have the option to profit of in any event a 30% endowment on the all out expenses of the heavenly bodies. You can likewise interface your nearby planetary group with the power framework and fare abundance energy created to get a markdown on your energy bills. These choices are helpful for uneven locales where the public authority offers appropriations of more than 70%. You can get a predictable power supply without spending excessively.


Installing solar systems is suitable for your power consumption needs as well as nature. In the long run, it would help our country to become progressive in the power generation field and help us become independent from the state-run electricity grids. More villages and cities would have electricity in India this way. Upon installation, the solar systems would not require much maintenance either; this makes it ideal for remote areas. Without occupying too much space, it would become beneficial for the place and the people. Helpful for the people, the nation, and nature.