6 Styling Tips With Hair Extensions To Twin With Your Mom!

6 Styling Tips - Indique Hair

Hairstyles are more than just a style, especially for people with curly hair. Hairstyles with Hair Extensions passion twists, cornrows, and crochet braids help keep thick locks under control in style, and people of all ages can wear them. Mother’s are a very important part of our life and unfortunately in the hustle bustle of life we forget to spend time with them. So why not do it now by trying on some amazing twinning hairstyles with her! Get your hair extensions on and let the fun begin!

Let’s take a look at the top twinning hairstyles ideas you and your mom can rock:

1) Sassy Cornrows 

Passion Twist hair extensions
Sassy Cornrows

Cornrows are stunning with intricate designs depending on what type of cornrow you are going for. Small cornrows are less complicated compared to other cornrow hairstyles but deserve just as many compliments. Look like a powerful duo with your mother either by letting the cornrows free or pop it in a high ponytail. 

If you go for small ponytail cornrows hairstyles, you can wear a cute pair of dangling earrings. Let your face be the main focus with this hairstyle!

2) Passion twists 

Indique Hair Extensions for Passion Twists
Black and metallic colored passion twists hairstyle  

What happens when box braids and goddess locks meet? Passion twists, of course. The beautiful twists created with two strands are stylish and protective hairstyles that can last as long as six weeks. With the help of extensions, you and your mom can create a stunning bohemian-inspired hairstyle with textures. 

Passion twists are versatile. You can only have the twists done halfway and let the other half loose free for a chic look.

3) Afro Hair Extensions

Indique Afro Hair Extensions
Afro hairstyle is like your own crown of hair 

If your mom loves wearing natural hairstyles now and then, an afro hairstyle might be a good idea. This hairstyle is a great way to embrace your kinky hair texture. Celebrities are rocking their afro curls left and right with either their mother or their children.  Be sure to use French Argan Oil on your hair to keep them frizz-free, soft, and shiny.

4) Long straight hair 

Straight Hair Extensions
Twinning Straight Hair Look

A long straight clip-in ponytail is a popular hairstyle that both mothers and daughters can carry. This Mother’s Day, rock this look twinning with your mother! A simple bracelet or pair of earrings is an excellent addition to your outfit. You and your mother can rock a simple yet elegant hairstyle in a polished style. Celebrities keep the makeup minimal when wearing sleek and straight hair, so the hair is the star of the show.

5) Wavy hair 

waves Hair Extensions
Wavy hair with Mom and Sisters

If you want body and movement in your hair, how about wavy hair? This hairstyle is effortless and face-framing. You and your mother can rock this hairstyle in any hair length from long, shoulder-length to lob hair length. The wavy hairstyle provides various styling options. You can use clip in hair extensions too for this look. 

Wavy hair is a great way to show off your high cheekbones and look effortlessly beautiful.

6) Curly hair 

Curly Hair extensions
Mother and daughter with curly hair 

The curly hairstyle will turn heads where you and your mom decide to wear the look this Mother’s Day. You can let them free or tie them in a half ponytail for a volumizing effect. A curly half ponytail will accentuate your facial features, and you can complete this look with a pair of cute hoop earrings. 

If you need hair extensions, then don’t look any further because Indique hair is one of the best places to get your hair extensions from as they have the best virgin hair and are made from Indian human hair and are the best in the town ladies! They are my favourite and I hope you like them too!

Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions!

Taking care of your hair extensions also depends on what type of hair extension it is.You must take care of your extensions to avoid Hairline problems Also ladies it is important to take care of these extensions as they honestly cost a lot! Here are few tips to follow:

1) Store Them Properly! 

Storing your Indique hair extensions
Storing your Hair Extensions

It takes only a few minutes to put away your  Hair extensions, and those few minutes can make all the difference to the quality and lifespan of your extensions. After removing your clip-in hair extensions, ensure that all of the clips are closed shut. Always make sure you store your extensions in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. 

2) Drying !

Indique afro hair drying
Drying Affro Hair

I don’t recommend blow-drying your extensions after every wash as doing this constantly will make them dry and more vulnerable to breakage. If you must blow-dry your extensions, be sure to use a heat protectant spray prior to blow-drying to extend the lifespan of your hair extensions. If you need to use your extensions immediately after washing them, the most important thing is to ensure that you are blow-drying on a cool setting to prevent any heat damage and that you don’t brush the hair until it is 90% dry. Store your wigs properly ladies!