6 Improvement for Better Printed Gift Boxes


Printed gift boxes are extremely useful in presenting your presents as tints of remembrance. They give a touch of exclusivity and elegance to your gift products with their illuminating appearance. They can be designed on the theme of various gift-giving occasions and festivals with a blend of various colors and graphics. They are extremely flexible, due to which you can stylize and shape them according to special requirements. They are available in illustrative sizes and can be customized to have inserts. Gold or silver foiling boosts their display value and makes them appear shiny and bright. Impressive add-ons like die-cutting and handles at their lid seize the attention of customers at first glimpse. Gloss and matte laminations work efficiently to preserve the delicate artwork printed on them and assure complete visual prominence. You can add a tactile feeling as well by coating them with velvet and smudge-free laminations. 

The printed gift boxes are central to making an impression on the clients? So, why not make it a good one by considering certain details? It is quite daunting, particularly for beginners, to print these boxes in a professional way. There is a lot of preparation work and planning that goes into printing these boxes smartly. With our expert tips, you stand a better chance to bring improvement in the printing of your packages. 

1.      Ditch The Corners:

One of the cardinal rules in printing gift boxes is to leave ample space on the corners. Adding printing elements too close to the edges of packages is too dangerous. The printing machines tend to move the cardboard layers by a 5mm size on each of the sides. You may have added a branded element such as a logo or a tagline on the edges. That element or graphic may get cut once the printing machines are used. Another reason to comply with this tip is that your printing elements would not get lost in the design. There is always a chance of customers ignoring these elements because they see them at the center of boxes for details. 

2.      Opt for the Right Material:

It is quite challenging to select the most suitable material during a print project. For the printing of gift packaging, both cardboard and Kraft are rendered as the best choices. But, most of the time, cardboard is preferred over Kraft. Cardboard tends to be more porous, due to which it absorbs and retains inks well. Kraft is a little bit glossy, due to which there might be an issue for better ink absorption. So, it is always better to go for a cardboard material as it promises excellent printing results. 

3.      Utilize Best Inks:

If you have planned a mesmerizing graphic for your gift packaging, you cannot achieve it with the wrong ink selection. Petroleum-based inks are prevalent all across the packaging and printing industry. But they provide inefficient results, due to which your design can get compromised. Moreover, they contain volatile organic compounds that are harmful to the health of customers. It is best to go for the soy-based inks that are made from soybeans. They may be slower than many inks for drying, but they always assure the provision of accurate colors for printing. Moreover, less quantity of soy-based inks is required for the same design elements than other typical inks. 

4.      One-Color Approach:

A golden principle to remember for the printing of gift packages is to follow a minimalistic approach. As a designer, you might be tempted to add everything in the design ranging from the colors to graphics. But, this approach will produce too much visual noise in the design that may distract the customers from the original message. According to experts’ studies, it is best to stick with a single-color approach wherever possible. If it is really the requirement, you can design your packages with multiple colors but make sure that they seem pleasant to the eyes. It saves you from paying additional printing charges as well, especially when you are tight on the budget. 

5.      Correct Printing Method:

There are plenty of printing methodologies, but you cannot select all of them for your printing project. A careful selection is dire need of the hour in this matter. Various factors need to be kept in mind before you reach any decision. If you are eyeing to print designs that are mostly text-based and involve a single or two colors, for instance, digital printing is an ideal choice. You cannot use this printing technique for designs that are too detailed and consist of multiple colors. Doing so will increase the number of printing plates that might hurt you from the budget perspective. If you desire a detailed design having high-resolution graphics, lithographic printing is a model choice. For short-run print jobs, digital printing technology provides the best and efficient results. 

6.      Finishing Techniques:

A fine way to improve your printed gift packages is embellishing them with a special finishing technique like spot UV. It is a method used in print finishing that puts a high-gloss UV coating on a specific part of the packages. This type of finish produces an illustrious shine in the direction as well as subdued light. It also brings a higher clarity to the design that makes the printed details more readable. It provides the design with absolute protection against the effects of smudges and fingerprints. Several packaging vendors offer gift boxes wholesale supplies finished with various types of laminations and coatings. You can look out for various options from them to find the best finish for your packages. 

No one can deny the significance better-printed gift boxes can have for a retail brand. When printed right, they can enable you to create a model impression on the target audience. All of these factors are important and must be taken into account to print your gift packages in an impeccable way.