6 Main Reasons Why Australia is Worth Visiting

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You might ask if it’s worth taking that long flight just to explore one of the world’s most remote countries, the answer to that is a YES! One of those countries is Australia, which is a remote but highly developed country. It has charmed a lot of travellers with its unique natural wonders and peculiar wildlife. Australia is a beautiful country that whatever your travel budget, taste, or age is, it can surely provide a travel experience that can’t be found anywhere else. 

This country is rich with meaningful culture, pristine beaches, and rare path adventures to the outback! If you’re planning to travel to Australia for the first time, then here are several reasons why this place must be on top of your bucket list. 

1. Crystal Clear Beaches 


Australia is home to some of the clearest water in the world. Aussies are proud to say that they have some of the best beaches on earth. Australian beaches are perfect for scuba diving and taking several lovely pictures. From lively exciting shores to extensive stretches of white sand to authentic meccas for surfers, there’s a lot of things you can discover in this lovely country.  

The coastline of Australia extends for almost 37,000 km, boasting no less than 11,011 shores. If you’re looking for the best recommendations, consider visiting the striking Cable Beach in Broome, and Hyams Beach to see the whitest sand in the world, Kirra Beach which is legendary for its beautiful rolling waves, Whitehaven Beach closeby the Great Barrier Reef, and the fashionable Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas. If you plan to book a flight to Melbourne, we highly recommend visiting Brighton Beach, it’s the perfect place for sunbathers, surfers, and swimmers.

 2. Sparkling Cities 

Want to know an interesting trivia about Australia? It has a land area bigger than Europe, yet it has a surprisingly low population density! As a matter of fact, roughly 85% of Aussies live in cities along the coast. 

Sydney, a city that’s confused by plenty of people as the capital city of Australia, offers the most enchanting and pulsating cosmopolitan atmosphere in the country. Sydney’s active nightlife, beach lifestyle, and bright culture transforms it into a must-see destination for each trip. 

Although Australia’s metropolitan areas are scattered between rivers, wilds, mountains, and the ocean, these areas provide some amazing urban experiences. There are so many lovely things you can do in the city to experience Australia’s shining cities from Sydney’s exciting ambience, bold culture, and alluring beach lifestyle to Melbourne’s charismatic European touch and unrivalled coffee culture. 

3. Rich Nature and Wildlife 


Most of you probably know this for a fact that Australia still remains in its natural state and untouched. It’s the most ideal place to go diving at the Great Barrier Reef, sunbathe at wonderful beaches, relax in wide-open spaces, and camp encircled by wildlife. A lot of people think that Australia is absolutely a gloomy desertic landscape, and even though there’s plenty of that, you’ll be shocked that it’s filled with lush forest with tropical waterfalls where you can take a bath and relax. 

Aside from that, it also snows in Australia so you can definitely experience skiing there. The country has a superb diversity that allows everyone to enjoy an outdoor experience year-round. It’s fun because you can ski near Melbourne and sunbathe on a tropical beach in Darwin or Cairns, at a similar time of the year. 

Australia’s recognizable wildlife is certainly mind-blowing and eccentric. Koalas, wombats, cockatoos, kangaroos, and kookaburras are a few of the creatures you can see roaming around in their natural habitats. 

4. The Amazing Australian Weather 

Australia is known for having great weather. It has golden-sunshine weather just about year-round. Although it can get cold during winter in the south from May to June, the north part remains with tropical-like weather 365 days a year. Throughout this time of the year, you will see tourists and locals relocating from south to north. It’s where they can enjoy and have fun with activities like hiking, surfing, camping, and sunbathing at the beach any day of the year they like. 

5. The Enthralling Aussie Lifestyle

Aussie Lifestyle

There is just something about the Aussie Lifestyle that’s fascinating. The sweet laid-back ambience, vibrant art scene, together with the cultural diversity of its population, their friendly attitude, and high quality of life make the country a welcoming, beautiful country. No one can resist falling in love with how Aussies live their lives, their liberal thinking, and their dedication to outdoor activities. 

6. Unlimited Adventure Opportunities 

Australia is not only a country but a paradise as well, especially for adventure enthusiasts. If you’re the outdoorsy type of person, you will surely love to experience exploring the country’s outback wilderness, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, surf along its amazing diverse coastlines, navigate a yacht in the Whitsundays, or do something in between, you won’t be running out of options for enjoying adrenaline-pumping activities. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you book the best hotel accommodation that would help you easily explore many destinations. 

Have you already travelled to Australia before? If yes, did we miss out on some reasons in this blog? We like to hear your thoughts below! Read also “5 Favourite Destinations to Visit in Australia 2021.”

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