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6 Modern Mediums to Better Advertise your Packaging Business

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Retail shopping is both emotional and rational, and the emotional behavior of users begins with the design of the packaging. This is why many premium wigs and hair extension brands spend a lot of time and money on customizing product packaging.

The user’s first impression of the product begins with the packaging box and printouts. If your box of hair extensions fails to stand out or fails to keep pace with market development, you may be behind your competitors.

There seem to be endless options when it comes to promoting new products or services for your business. It is difficult to understand where to start and which promotion method will bring you the best results.

The fact is, there are many low-cost ways to promote your business, and the effective method can depend on your industry, product, and audience.

Let’s see the modern ways of advertising which can help to improve the hair extension boxes business.

1.  Use special Introductory Offers about Hair Extension Boxes

Not only can you announce your new product or service, but you can also use it as part of a special introductory offer. The offers can take many forms, including:

  • Favorable price
  • Boxes or packages at discounted prices
  • Co-promote with complementary activities
  • Vouchers or coupons can be used at the time of purchase
  • Buy one get one free transaction
  • If you have a loyalty program, double your points
  • Each referral can receive a gift

Regardless of what promotion you have, be sure to point out that it won’t last forever. Customers whose purchasing power is limited by time or inventory will feel more urgent to buy.

2.  Use Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing emphasizes education about hair extension packaging rather than sales to influence buying behavior. This strategic marketing method focuses on creating and distributing information related to potential customers. It needs to attract people who are most consistent with your hair extension product and they are most likely to buy.

As communication is ongoing, the content can be customized to reflect the potential customers you have learned over time. It includes various formats, such as web pages, podcasts, videos, blogs, webinars, and ebooks.

Keep in mind that content marketing is not similar to inbound. It is an integral component of the overall inbound strategy. It doesn’t compliment other marketing methods to maximize the value of your content.

Content marketing is effective because:

  • Attract potential customers through sales channels
  • Improve brand awareness, credibility, and desirability
  • Align your target market with relevant information about your hair extension

3.  Host a Social Media Contest about Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale

Social media contests are a fun and relaxing way to connect with customers and attract more fans/followers and potential customers. Each Facebook campaign attracts 34% new customers on average. It is a great way to combat the platform’s low organic reach.

In terms of ranking, the winner of your Facebook or Instagram giveaway should have a chance to get your hair extension packaging first and get it for free or at a discounted price. Make sure you post content from all marketing channels, not just the social platforms used to run the main campaign.

This includes your other social media channels, your website, email newsletters, and even paid advertising.  In addition to generating more excitement and buyers for your hair extension, more interaction with social media accounts can also increase website traffic.

4.  Write a Blog Post about Hair Extension Packaging

When promoting hair extension packaging, you may not have a login page for customers or subscribers. After all, your new product might just be an upgrade on an existing platform or account.

It may be that your goal is not to attract more customers. You may want to engage existing customers or re-attract dormant customers. Writing a blog about a newly released hair extension is a great way to get information on all the details, features, and benefits.

There are options to share links to the blog post via email or social media channels. Even if you have a landing page, blog posts are still a great channel to promote your hair extension and give you plenty of opportunities to link to your landing page.

5.  Account-based Marketing and Retargeting

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a B2B strategy that uses highly personalized campaigns to focus on a range of target customers. These include faster sales processes and cost-effectiveness.

However, for all content, ABM is very important. You can think of it as not similar to the targeted outbound marketing. Using methods like online repositioning to marketing efforts is more strategic.

The redirect uses the browser’s cookie-based technology. It helps to identify users who visit your website but have left before completing a transaction or conversion.

Retargeting is an effective conversion tool. It can repeatedly make your hair extension brand appear in front of an audience interested in your products.  Relocation is effective because it can:

  • Retrieve the attention and purchasing power of the buyers
  • Generates a high click-through rate
  • Suitable for visitor segmentation and personalized messaging

6.  Image and Video SEO about Hair Extension for Visual Search

Customers can search for images and videos about your hair extension by typing in keywords. You can still submit existing images about your hair extension for search or even take original photos and search for context. As more and more users discover these visual search technologies, the overall pattern of SEO usually changes.

To take advantage of the increase in visual search volume, you need to make sure your image and video SEO campaigns are at their best. For beginners, you can apply the following basic points:

  • Include alt text in the description about the image
  • Add hair extension packaging images to your sitemap or create an image sitemap
  • Include target SEO keywords in the image filename
  • Use high-quality images and videos, including HD
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