6 Web Host Factors Affecting Website Optimization

Web Hosts On Website Optimization

A website is mostly dependent on its host and the server that is on the host. The working of the website is only possible if the server is responsive to the user. Without these responses from the server, the user cannot take any action. Hence, a website is web host-dependent, and there are a number of factors that get affected when the web host is not performing well.

One of the factors that get affected is website optimization. A page ranking is dependent on various factors, and these factors are themselves dependent on the services provided by the web host. If your host cannot provide you good services, then eventually, the user of the website will not be entertained. That is why apart from many other page optimization factors, web host services and quality are also some of the factors.

Dig deep into this article to familiarize yourself with some of the impacts a web host leaves on the page ranking and position.

Top 6 Impacts of Web Hosts On Website Optimization

A website ranking is all dependent on how satisfied and happy your user is with the website. To improve the website users’ experience, the actions and operations of the website must work smoothly. This smooth working of a website is only possible if the host hosting it is efficient and providing all the necessary facilities. If the services are poor, then the ranking of the website will also be poor.

Following are some of the effects of a website host on page ranking and optimization

1. Location of web host

The location of the host matters greatly in the working and response of a website. If the host is in another country, then the response to the user actions will take a certain time. That is why you must acquire the services of local hosts for your website. The hosting services of other localities will work if the host itself is efficient and reliable. That is why most website owners prefer web hosting Dubai based services for quick and reliable hosting services leading to improved page rankings.

2. Dedicated vs. shared web host

There are two types of hosts for a website: one is a shared host, and the other is a dedicated host. Both types contain several benefits for the websites, but one of the most preferred hosts for better page rankings is a dedicated server. It is because the security level is higher when you have a dedicated host along with higher bandwidth. That is why search engines prefer ranking a website higher if it has a dedicated web host and server.

3. Server downtime

The traffic on your website keeps increasing if the users are getting the results they are searching or looking for.  If your server cannot respond to all the actions of the users, then the traffic will shift to other websites. The increase in server downtime means that there is a decrease in page ranking and web traffic. Your server must be available for the services 24/7 without causing any delays and errors. That is why reliable web hosts always have more than one server to increase uptime.

4. Page loading speed/ response time

Page loading speed or the response time is one of the significant factors in deciding the page ranking. If the page is taking too long to load, then it means the user will switch to other options leaving your website. If the page is taking minimum time to load, then it means that they can fetch the data from their servers quickly. If the loading speed increases, then it means your website is not getting quick responses from the server and is stuck in the traffic.

5. Data security

All the data of a website is under the observation and control of the web host. It is very important that the hosts you choose are secure and trustworthy to keep your data secure. While ranking a website, the search engines look for what type of protocols are used to run the website. That is why the host must have security protocols and ensure the security of the website data through encrypted data exchange.       

6. Update failures

Search engines rank your website on how updated your website and its content is. Not only the updated content matter for ranking but other security updates are also considered. Most web hosts provide automatic updates for websites. Those hosts that do not provide such facilities and do not keep updating the website tend to affect the wite ranking. Therefore, go for hosting services that will provide you security and other updates along with other services. You can also consider web hosting Dubai based services to acquire such facilities and services. Acquiring these services will enable your website to rank better and retain web traffic.

Keep your website optimized with good web hosts!

After reading all these points, one thing is understood: a website depends on various factors for its optimization. And most of the factors are linked with the services provided by the hosts. That is why you must make sure that the host you are choosing is trustworthy, secure, and provide all the services required for better page ranking.

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