7 factors to consider while buying an OPPO smartphone

7 factors to consider while buying an OPPO smartphone

OPPO is the leading smartphone manufacturing company that makes amazing smartphones. OPPO has gained overwhelming popularity in the Indian market due to its latest technology-based models that are budget sensitive too. The brand has a wide range of smartphones available in all price segments and embedded with the latest features that the customers search for based on their requirements. 

OPPO mobile phones are best known for their perfect cameras and stylish body build. Due to its outstanding camera quality, OPPO is rightly called the brand that offers the best camera phones. Due to all these features, it’s noteworthy that OPPO has been ranked globally at number 4 since 2016 among the best smartphone brands.

OPPO’s new phone launch packs numerous outstanding hardware and software features at reasonable prices. OPPO new phone launches like Latest OPPO A54, OPPO A9, OPPO Reno 2Z and OPPO Reno 6 have kept abreast with all the advanced features that customers strive for in the latest smartphone. Some of these models employ a 25MP front camera with AI beautification features to capture smart selfies and a facial unlock system.

Seven outstanding factors to consider while buying an OPPO smartphone

1) World-class cameras

OPPO is undoubtedly the go-to brand for all the customers looking for the best phone cameras, especially social media enthusiasts and video content creators. OPPO is the market leader when it comes to providing best-in-class cameras — from under Rs. 10K smartphones to the best camera phones encompassing the mid to premium segments. To give you an example, OPPO Find X2 has been hailed by many as the leading premium model with outstanding camera features.

OPPO’s cameras are referred to as their piece-de-resistance as OPPO mobile phones feature smart sensor-based cameras. OPPO enhances the software and the hardware to guarantee that users always capture stellar photographs, though the phone comes with only one or two cameras in the rear set-up. OPPO phones are equipped with a wide range of photo shooting modes and vibrant filters, which elevate the quality of the images to a magnificent level.

2) Premium design

Young customers always look for smartphones that are attractive, elegant and stylish. Youngsters give more attention to smartphones that look appealing and have all the latest functions. OPPO A53 smartphone is available at a starting price of Rs. 13,000, but it is imbibed with a 3D iridescent wave design and an integrated curved design, enhancing its elegant and stylish looks.

Other brands generally provide premium designs in their flagship models, but OPPO smartphones, being pocket-friendly, display fascinating looks and elegance in their starting models, which the young userbase strives for.

3) Master of Innovation

The biggest reason OPPO is the smartphone segment’s market leader is its ability to innovate at an unprecedented rate. OPPO’s innovation strategies include the integration of the latest available technologies in smartphone models, which enables it to provide smartphones with improvised features even in budget segments. 

OPPO has been following the same strategy from its onset, due to which the brand has presented many industry-first innovations in smartphones. The ability of OPPO to offer far-fetched features at pocket-friendly prices has transformed it into a dependable brand for young customers.

4) Budget friendliness

OPPO has a wide array of smartphones in all features and budget ranges. The budget segment of OPPO outshines all the other brands’ budget phones as the features provided in OPPO smartphones have no parallel competition. OPPO has a smartphone model for every pocket size, which is the reason behind its stronghold among youth and college/school-going population.

5) Improved user experience through ColorOS

OPPO phones run on ColorOS, which is its homegrown operating system based on Android OS, which enhances the user experience of its smartphone holders. Using ColorOS, the users can choose between software and gesture-based navigation buttons. This feature is unique to the OPPO handsets, which no other brand provides.

6)Long-lasting battery

OPPO provides a powerful and long-lasting battery in all its smartphones. These extra powered batteries support proprietary fast charging technology, due to which all the OPPO smartphones can run seamlessly for around two days. This feature makes OPPO mobiles sturdy and reliable, as the users can play games, click selfies, surf the internet or watch videos continuously for long hours on their smartphones.

7) Light technology – 3D structured

Among the best-rated models, the Find X model from the house of OPPO is an innovative handset for various reasons. The most significant reason is the 3D structured light-based technology which performs the function of facial recognition. 

OPPO has, in several instances, left behind its competitors in case of technological originality. The best example is the 3D structured light-based technology which offers enhanced security when compared to fingerprint sensors which are prevalent in other smartphones.

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