7 Questions To Ask Before Enrolling In Yoga Teacher Training

RYT 200

Enrolling in yoga teacher training is the most exciting of idea for many. You come to a class that has students from all over the world coming together for a common goal. The class starts with the lead teacher giving out cues and instructions on practicing various yoga poses. However, behind all this, there is a lot that goes into choosing the right yoga teacher training.

Whether you want to enroll in an RYT 200 or advanced-level YTT, there is a considerable amount of time and resources that you spend on this. With so many courses and yoga schools, it can become a bit hard to nail down the right yoga teacher training program.Here 7 Questions To Ask Before Enrolling In YTT.

Considering the last statement, you should ask some vital questions before signing in on that enrollment form at the yoga teacher training.

7 Questions To Ask Before Enrolling In YTT

Do you want to become an accomplished yoga teacher and share this ancient art with others? Asking the right questions might help you accomplish that goal.

With that said, given below are seven questions to help you find the right yoga teacher training.

  1. How Many Contact Hours Will I Have?

The contact hours refer to the time you would spend with the lead teacher. For example, if you applied for an RYT 300 certification, you would not get 300 hours of face-to-face interaction. Yoga studios rely on you to do the homework as far as the course is concerned. Hence, you must find out how many actual hours you would get to spend with the teacher.

  1. Who Teaches What?

The most common practice seen in many yoga schools around the world is the lead teacher assigning the classes to other teachers to provide you the course. In one scenario, If the chosen teacher has the right knowledge, you can accomplish the RYT 200 program.

However, it is still important to find out who would be providing the yoga sessions and what is their background in this field. Moreover, you might also have a larger group of yoga practitioners broken up into smaller groups with each having a sub-teacher. This might work a little but you will end up having a different yoga teacher training experience than some of the other group members.

  1. What Type Of Experience Would I Have?

You should always ask about the qualifications of the lead yoga teacher and others who would take the sessions. The lead teacher at the RYT 200 certification should be someone with thorough knowledge of a wide range of yoga topics and specialized knowledge of this field.

Remember, a yoga teacher is not someone with just a certification, they have to possess complete knowledge of yoga styles, philosophy, origins, and a host of other yoga topics. In other words, you need to ensure the teacher knows their stuff before you sign-in on the enrollment form.

  1. Can I Check Out The Manual?

The yoga school has to carry with itself some form of written material like a manual which contains information on everything you would learn during the yoga sessions. Make sure you have a look at the course material of the yoga school before you sign on any papers.

  1. How Much Yoga Teaching Practice Is Allotted?

Remember, there is a difference between practicing yoga poses and teaching the same to others. The most important aspect of becoming an RYT 200 is knowing the art of teaching yoga. Teaching is how you discover and develop an individual style of helping others learn everything about yoga.

With teaching, there is a lot of ground to cover. You have to overcome the fear of public speaking, and give easy and clear instructions for practicing a specific yoga pose. Make sure the yoga school allots enough hours for you to learn teaching from the lead teacher.

  1. What About Extra Help?

At times you would need extra support during the yoga class. This can be in terms of doing a challenging yoga pose or understanding a tough yoga concept. You have to find out what measures the yoga school has in place to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

  1. What Does The Syllabus Contain?

To say it in one sentence – yoga is a big subject. It has a history spanning more than 5000 years, not to forget the numerous changes this spiritual art went during the last few years. Hence, the confidence in understanding every aspect of yoga and becoming an exceptional RYT 300 is not an easy task.

Always inquire about the syllabus of the yoga teacher training program. The syllabus has to contain a detailed list of all the topics you would learn during the program. The syllabus has to contain a detailed list of all the topics you would learn during the program.


Do you want to become the best yoga teacher? Make sure you ask these questions when looking for the best RYT 200 program.

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