7 Ways To Make The Most Accentuated Custom Handle Boxes!

Custom Handle Boxes

Cardboard Handle boxes on their own are the newest trend in the market. However, there are some impeccable ways to ensure maximum sales and multiple returns on investments. It is so because now those custom handle boxes are a trend, the market is flooded with packaging companies manufacturing them. However, if you wish to stand out among them, these tips are for you.

Read below to know about all the amazing secrets to take your handle packaging up a notch in a shoestring budget.

Create A Framework

The first and foremost thing to do is to make a framework. It is so because a framework helps ensure a structure. The structure will make the process smooth for you. Not only will you keep track of all that is happening, but you can also make useful changes at any point. Moreover, the framework will help keep you and the company on the same page.

Hence, if you plan to work on these custom handle boxes, start making a framework right away. Include all the suitable steps and precautions you might wish to take. Along with that, have a fixed budget for the entire planning. The budget needs to be maintained by all means. In case you increase your budget, you are always prone to lesser returns.

Get In Touch With A Top Tier Packaging Company:

Once you complete the framework, hunt for packaging companies available in the market. There is no doubt in the fact that the market has numerous packaging companies. However, finding a suitable one is hard enough. Therefore, list down some top companies that you think might fit your requirements.

After than entire list, reasonably think out all the possible choices that you have. Narrow them down to one step by step.

  • Read reviews and remarks of all the candidate companies to know about their market standing.
  • Make them match your budget, or else find another one
  • Ask for prototypes before you place an order
  • Give a chance to any company you think is worthy of it
  • Keep in view the market worth of any company before you start working with them

Use Durable Materials

Using resilient and roust materials is one of the essential things to do. It is so because the material tends to decide the life of the products within. For instance, if you make custom handle boxes with thin and lightweight materials, they will last for a shorter period as compared to thicker materials like card-stock,

Henceforth, the market offers materials like card-stock, eco-kraft, and corrugated to ensure the safety of your products no matter what they are. Eco-kraft and card-stock are both strong materials to hold up the pressure of products within them. However, if you wish to ship your products, you can use custom handle boxes made with corrugated material. Corrugated material is one of the thickest materials available in the market.

Choose Impeccable Designs

For sure, custom handle boxes are already a piece of art because of the top handle. However, you can always add or remove something from them. For instance, you can change the design of the overall box, make it a display or tuck-end depending on what you need. On the other hand, the handles are placeable on all box designs. The idea is to make the boxes even more alluring than they were before.

Furthermore, the packaging companies offer boxes in custom sizes, so whichever size you are looking for, you can get it.

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Vibrant Prints And Color:

Since everyone loves vibrant and bright boxes, this is your time to shine. The packaging companies offer different printing techniques and color schemes to match your requirements.

You can choose from offset or digital printing. It is suggested to use digital printing for smaller turnarounds. It is so because digital printing lasts for a shorter while and withers with time. So if you are making prototypes for your customers, you must use them. On the contrary, if you are making custom handle boxes for far-off places or a long while, prefer using offset printing. The offset printing helps leave the color on the boxes for the longest of times.

Likewise, the obtainable color schemes are CMYK and PMS. CMYK preferably has 4 absolute colors to make shades of colors. However, it is hard to get absolute colors out of CMYK. You can always get numerous bright shades. PMS, on the other hand, offers a variety of absolute colors and shades. You can use any color scheme at your convenience.

Appealing Laminations:

Once you print your entire box in beautiful patterns and prints, it is vital to smooth them out. Thus, the packaging companies offer coatings in this regard. The gloss and matte coatings are available.

Each one of these coatings offers a different result but plays the same role. The gloss coating is ideal if you want shiny and glittery boxes. Not only will it give you a shiny box but also a smooth one. However, the matte coating is best for you to want luxurious and sleek boxes.

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Reasonable Marketing Strategies

Just like everyone else, you might also be looking for different marketing tactics to get your name out there in the market. Well, one of the best techniques is to use Add-ons. It is so because Add-ons are convenient and reasonable options that you have.

The packaging companies have various Add-ns to help reach a better audience in a much smaller time span. Even though a handle itself is a sign of luxury, you can play with some other Add-ons too.

For instance, you can enhance the logo of your company with either embossing or debossing. It totally depends on your preferences. Also, you can use a hint of spot UV on your boxes. It offers a touch of both gloss and matte coatings.

Play with the right amount of colors and Add-ons to make your boxes stand out among the rest. Now that you know, all these amazing hacks get to work right away.

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