9 Superstar Traits Every Salesperson Needs to Beat Fear


Public dealing can be overwhelming. It can channel a whole lot of emotions, especially fear. The profession of sales involves interacting with clients and vendors on a daily basis. You cannot be a successful sales person if you are shy or have a fear of public speaking. Some get nervous even at the very thought of interacting with a large number of people simultaneously.

In order to become a stellar salesperson, you need to learn ways to overcome your fear. Whether you work for a staffing agency denver or sell insurance, you should know the art of rising up to the occasion. Develop these nine qualities and you’ll be able to get a grip on your sales career development.

1.      Keep a Positive Attitude

Ever heard of attitude determines altitude? Now you have. There’s a saying among the indigenous folks that puts great emphasis on the importance of making every day productive. One way to improve productivity is to develop a positive attitude.

Be someone who inspires and encourages others to develop a positive attitude towards both personal and professional life. Or you can be the guy who just sits around at work and complains all day. It’s entirely up to you. You have what it takes to develop a positive attitude. Another important thing is to keep your temper under control.

2.      Be Empathetic

Long hours spent on meetings and dealing with clients can drain your energies. Salespeople have to keep up with the hectic schedule. The nature of the job is such that it can make people lose their temper even on little things. But sales isn’t the only job that can be tiring and frustrating. Nor should you be using workload as an excuse to treat others indifferently.

Being able to empathize with colleagues and clients is one of the first and foremost qualities of an effective salesperson. Customers tend to buy from companies that provide a great buying experience and after sales services. Your customers should feel valued whenever they purchase something from you.

3.      Develop Resilience

Life isn’t all fair. It comes with challenges, setbacks and failures. It isn’t about how many difficulties we face. It is about how we rise up to the occasion and respond to challenges. An effective sales person knows how to bounce back from failures. There may be instances where you’ll be unable to close the deal at the last minute. Such untoward situations can be extremely challenging if you don’t know how to respond to them.

 A good salesperson always asks for feedback. Develop a habit of seeking feedback from both your company and clients. This way you’ll be able to know the reasons in case your sales fall flat. Look out for ways that work and be prepared for the unexpected. Getting accustomed to small failures can set you on the path towards continuous improvement. Remember, self-reflection will enable you to develop resilience in the face of adversity.

4.      Be Authentic

It can be difficult to stay true and authentic to your inner self in the cosmetically-altered reality of today. We are living in a world where people have become obsessed with the thought of becoming perfect. And what is the result? Lies, fake promises, broken relationships. There’s no denying that social media has convinced people that faking appearances and behaviors is for their own good.

Being honest with yourself can help you find your authentic personality. You do not need validation. You do not need others to tell you how to dress or how to act. A good salesperson knows their qualities as well as their flaws. And they consistently work to improve themselves in order to succeed in both personal and professional life.

5.      Be Passionate

You cannot come to work half heartedly and expect your boss to praise you for even showing up to work. If sales is the career path of your choice, then strive to become the best salesperson in your organization. Do not be afraid to explore new sales tools and programs. If you’re passionate about your work, you’ll be confident enough to rise up to the occasion.

6.      Be Confident

Confidence is key to ensuring a smooth interaction with clients. But you should know where to draw the line between being confident and being reckless. Outbursts of overconfidence carry with them strains of ego. And that can break your deals at the last minute. Also, you won’t be able to empathize with others. Strike a balance between confidence and self-esteem to achieve best results.

7.      Show Commitment

Good salespersons are committed to their work. It is one of the top qualities of every top-performing sales person. But it doesn’t mean that you should start sidelining your team members by being hyper competitive.

8.      Be Focused

You can’t expect to achieve your goals if you aren’t focused on the task at hand. Keep track of your appointments and other tasks.

9.      Improve Self-discipline

Following a disciplined lifestyle will help you fulfill your tasks in a more effective way. Self-disciplined salespersons put in the work rather than whine and complain about it. They prioritize their professional commitments and promises.