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A style guide – how to wear stylish sweatpants for men!

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Whether you’re one of those people who regularly crumple up the bottom of their sweatpants and tuck them into their shoes, or one of those people looking for inspiration on how to style sweatpants in a stylish way, you’ve come to the right place!

Sweatpants are back! With the advent of athleisure wear in today’s world and menswear mavericks who keep combining and experimenting with them, sweatpants are making a big comeback in the fashion world. In recent years, the humble sweatpants have evolved from a loungewear staple to a fashion statement. Today, more than ever, stylish sweatpants are a staple in a modern man’s wardrobe.

The origin of track pants

Sweatpants were first introduced in the 1920s by Frenchman Émile Camuset, founder of the world-renowned sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif. Although the idea of track pants was originally simple – the classic knitted gray jersey pants for athletes to work out in comfort, it evolved with further experimentation and the love for its versatility was born.

Get your A+ looks with different types of workout pants

Smart workout pants

Smart workout pants for men are cut to fit the natural shape of your leg. It has a tapered waist and slightly wider calves. This version of track pants takes into account both comfort and classic style. Since it is not too baggy or too skin tight, it offers a relaxed fit. Take it from me that they look similar to pants, ideal for semi-formal styling. A win-win situation, indeed! You can either wear a shirt with full sleeves and collar with them, or simply a t-shirt. Add a chic leather watch to complete the look.

Track pants suitable for everyday wear

Whether you want to pull off an airport look or just go on a brunch date with friends, everyday track pants are always a winner. No matter how you go about your day, these track pants offer unbeatable comfort and versatility. The acceptance for everyday workout pants is steadily increasing in the modern man’s wardrobe. Give them a try, and they’re sure to become your favorite piece of downstairs clothing, too!

Sporty Track Pants

Fugazee sporty sweatpants for men are very practical if you want to go jogging in a day and look good doing it. These can also be worn to the gym. Workout pants for the gym need to be both comfortable and stylish. Slim fit men’s workout pants are extremely comfortable for working out or just stretching! Known for their skin-tight, pocketless structure and cuffed hems, slim fit workout pants give you an athletic feel and are ready to take on the day. Men’s track pants can be paired with a lightweight tee and a zip-up jacket. To complete the look, wear athletic shoes or sneakers. Choose a top in a lighter shade with dark track pants for a cool look. If you wear a black jacket with it, you’ll still look chic!

Lounge training pants

Lounge workout pants come with a loose, airy and cozy fit. They are insanely comfortable. Whether you want to spend Sunday afternoon chilling out or spend the night in bed in front of the TV, these are the pants for your shift at home. Workout pants for men never disappoint.

Upgrade your wardrobe by styling them right!

Today, you can style your workout pants in countless ways with Fugazee. You can wear them for your everyday look or pair them with a blazer or jacket for a casual look. Here’s how you can dress them up or down with the right styling tips.

Sweatshirt and track pants

With the emerging trend of athleisure wear, a combination of sweatshirt and track pants can never go wrong. It can be a go-to look for a casual get-together with friends or a walk. The right color combination often adds fun to your look. Remember to wear the right shoes for a balanced look. When in doubt, reach for joggers to conjure up the look.

T-shirt and track pants

Track pants are originally made to look cool and comfortable. When you pair them with a t-shirt, you can create a simple yet smart and casual look. To get a tidy, clean silhouette look, remember to choose a well-fitting t-shirt and track pants with cuffs at the hem. For a classic look, you can choose a color scheme of black and white, black and gray, black and blue, and so on. Dark solid colors often look great for a weekend look.

Track jacket and track pants

A track jacket and track pants often go hand in hand when you want to create a serious sportswear look. This will give you an athletic look. Remember this one rule if you want to go for a complete tracksuit look – you need to pull it off with confidence. A pair of white sneakers will make for an unbeatable look. Wear a fanny pack around your waist for added glam.

Hoodies and track pants.

During the winter months, hoodies paired with workout pants not only keep you warm, but also create a stylish look. You can wear them on a casual day out or even for running simple errands. On colder days, you can also layer it with a muffler. For a slim fit look of men’s track pants, choose a zip-up hoodie and everyday track pants and for a casual, comfortable look, choose a pullover hoodie and baggy track pants.

Denim jacket and track pants

A denim jacket is a great addition to sweatpants if you want a casual yet dressy look. You can achieve a structured look with this combination. Choose a denim jacket that matches the color of your workout pants. When in doubt, opt for a darker pair of jeans to pull off the look effortlessly. If you want to keep the look modern and stylish, opt for slim-fit sweatpants. To keep the look clean, opt for sneakers.

Biker jacket and sweatpants

Are you an avid biker who wants to keep your clothes comfortable yet stylish? A combination of a biker jacket and sweatpants is the answer! Although you may want to wear jeans with your biker jacket, we suggest trying track pants next time. Comfortable track pants paired with a solid faux leather jacket make for a modern biker look.

Blazer and Track Pants

 Have you ever imagined pairing a blazer with sweatpants? Surprisingly, you can! The unique combination of a blazer and track pants gives you an eye-catching look. It is a good outfit option if you are planning to go on a run with your colleagues. Wear a casual t-shirt under your blazer and opt for a less structured blazer. It’s good to opt for a neutral color palette for this look. Overall, the outfit will give you a striking appearance.

Polo shirt and track pants

If you want a sporty look, go for polo shirts. It is a great choice as they effortlessly create an athleisure vibe. For a casual look, choose casual and lightweight track pants, while for a polished look, you should choose track pants with a slightly heavier fabric. This will help achieve a structured look. Remember, it’s all in the details! To balance out the look, choose a patterned or plaid shirt if your workout pants are in a plain dark color. This will instantly make you stand out from the crowd.

Bomber jacket and track pants

Regardless of your style, a bomber jacket is an essential part of your wardrobe. It is a must-have garment on your versatile wardrobe shelf. It gives you a calm athleisure vibe and adds the right amount of style elements to your look. Remember to choose a shorter length of bomber jackets to keep the look edgy. A black bomber jacket would go well with most colors. Pair it with a basic t-shirt or a shirt in a neutral hue and dark toned track pants. Add loafers or sneakers depending on the occasion.

Color scheme for moods and occasions

Casual or formal, we know you want to put on the best look no matter what the occasion. Often choosing the right colors can be difficult, but don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ve tried to cover a plethora of color combinations to help you choose. The next time you don’t know which colors to combine, this guide will help you out.

● Trust neutral tones.

You can never go wrong with neutral tones. Neutral tones are versatile and can be combined with most other colors that are out there. A few examples include black, white, beige, ivory, gray, tan, browns and so on. So, are you already thinking about how many of these shades you have in your closet? If you have even a few of them, you can mix and match them with many other dark and light colors. You can combine them with colors like red, burgundy, orange, navy, pink, purple and so on. With the right combination of neutrals, you can easily create a variety of looks for any type of event. For a finished look, wear a watch and shoes in a different color.

● Go Monochrome

The term monochrome is made up of two parts: “mono” means solid color and “chrome” means color. A monochrome outfit consists of two pieces of clothing in one color. You can try this idea with any color – black, white, red, etc. You can also try wearing clothes of the same color but in different shades, for example, a light brown shirt with dark brown track pants. For a color accent, you can add an element in a different shade. For example, if you are wearing a black shirt and black workout pants, you can try adding a beige tie or a blue scarf. Add a jacket over a monochromatic outfit for that extra glam.

Aside from these color combinations, you can always experiment with a variety of colors and let your creative juices flow. You can take inspiration from top fashionistas and try your hand at it yourself.

Wondering what shoes to wear with sweatpants?

This shouldn’t be a tricky question. When in doubt, white sneakers or high-top shoes are always a good choice, especially if you want to pair them with sweatpants. However, we recommend that you keep your shoes clean and spotless to create a polished look. Loafers are also one of the best options if you want to create a semi-formal look. Remember that shoes that can be worn without socks will give you the best deal. If your clothing is in a neutral color scheme, choose dark colored shoes to add the right element of pop to your look.

Key points to consider when styling track pants

● Keep your aesthetic minimalist-casual and relaxed.

● When in doubt, layer with a jacket for a stylish look

● Experiment with different textures

● Keep a pair of your favorite sneakers on hand to wear with your workout pants

● It’s best to rely on well-known brands in the market for comfort and style. You can find a diverse selection of sweatpants on 

The fashion makeover of sweatpants has made its way into both dressy and casual wardrobes. The availability of versatile sweatpants today will not only exceed your expectations when it comes to comfort, you will also style yourself like a fashionista all year round!

Whether you’re a student, an intern, or a working professional, these cool combination ideas for track pants will help you on most days.

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