All you would like to know about Tosh Trek

tosh trek

Ever visited the land of your dreams? If affirmative then it’s time to go to stop by this place and if no then this can be it. The beauty you’ll be able to notice here can trance you and compel you to go to this place again and again. The place is so pretty that you just won’t be ready to take your eyes off them, its aiming to add on in your reminiscences. The best part being with each minute you’ll find one thing new and exciting and can keep you rejuvenated for the entire time. Its so soothing that you would want to stay there forever. The cool breeze, mild sunshine, and gorgeous sunrise are a dream for everyone to watch and it may come true here. 

Backpacking to Tosh is the most convenient way to start the trip if you never did. You’ve been awestruck by the winter scenery. Tosh is located in the Parvati valley, one of Himachal Pradesh’s most famous places. The mountains are lush, with pine trees, deodar trees and oak trees.

It is 7,874 ft above sea level. The base camp is in Kasol, as Tosh also precedes a trek in Kasol. The Himachal Pradesh Secret Gem is known to Tosh as less tourist crowds make it a great escape from the hectic city life.

This excellent town is situated close to the popular waterway of Parvati with the foundation of wonderful mountain pinnacles and lavish green valleys. Tosh town is effectively open by street and is all around associated with every one of the significant towns of Himachal Pradesh

As of late, Tosh town has become a popular worldwide vacationer location with an enormous number of Israeli travelers visiting each year. The town is loaded with vacation spots spread out close to the town of Tosh. From journeying trails to sanctuaries, there are a lot of activities in Tosh. 

Individuals of the town are well disposed and their way of life is exceptionally novel contrasted with the remainder of the towns in Himachal Pradesh. The conventional customs and social celebrations of this town are exceptionally energizing to look for the vacationers.

About the place:

 A village at the top of the Parvati vale in Himachal Pradesh. bosh is located at a height of 7874 feet and ends up in the attractive Pin Parvati Pass. The bosh river of the Parvati River suckles into the most rivers at Pulga. A tremendous purpose to notice here is that the vale of bosh is home to a tributary of the River Parvati that goes by the name bosh. This suggests that you make the trek to bosh wherever a smaller watercourse stream is feeding its waters into the grand Parvati vale you have fallen upon the start of. 

Amidst the busy town life, one longs for peace. Several mountain peaks surround the bosh ice mass. Papakura, White Sail, Angduri, Pinnacle, and Devachan surround the bosh ice mass. I will be able to know that Parvati vale is the best weekend destination in the north. alternative treks in Parvati vale in Kheerganga Trek and Grahan Village Trek

If you’re looking for a lot of intense trekking you’ll be able to choose for bosch ice mass through Kuala Village. it’s a 25 km trek with no search and homestay. therefore it’s suggested to bring a guide and own food and backpack tents.

Why should one visit the place?

What to expect on bosh Trek; Early summer can greet you with flowers like Himalayan blue poppies, buttercups, primulas, marsh, flower, and Balsam flowers. Whereas in winter ranging from November until February you’ll be able to witness snow. Their place has several psychedelic parties and trance parties unionized through the year you have to be a district of 1 of those parties.

Difficulty on the bosh Trek

-Tosh trek is that the most snug of all the close treks and you’ll be able to cowl bosh glacier. As you head towards bosh ice mass it begins to travel through rocks, dust makes it tiring to scale.

Most of the cafes in bosh Village have North Indian, Italian and European food however they’re pricey because it takes further effort to bring foodstuff to bosh. therefore grabbing a paratha or two with tea is that the best plan to pay for an evening. conjointly this restaurant ahead of Jamdagni Temple was cheaper than another restaurant at the time of my visit that served U.S. tasty chicken curry and veg dish.


You are aiming to fancy lots up here and there are bound things one shouldn’t forget to stay before going for a trip anyplace and conjointly confine their mind. Patients with heart, kidneys, bronchial asthma, and brain disease should take further care of themselves through the trip. you should not forget to stay a torch with further batteries, backpacks and good quality shoes at the side of caps, hats tracks and waterproof luggage to stay garments. many foods, water, and money ought to be there just in case of emergencies or inaccessibility.