Armed Security Guards vs unarmed Security Guards


Armed security guards can be considered professional guards who have completed training in safe weapon handling. They can provide security and defense for your specific needs. On the other hand, unarmed security includes one or more authorities protecting you, your family, or your business without carrying weapons. It may be a bit strange that an unarmed security guard would be chosen for your protection, while an armed guard has the added benefit of having a gun. Unarmed guards may be a better option for your protection needs than armed guards in some states.
Employing an unarmed or armed guard for security services is one of the most difficult business owners’ decisions. Because there are many features, it would be difficult to determine what is right for your business. So instead, you should think about what type of security guards you will need and whether they meet your needs.
What are the pros and disadvantages of armed security services?

Armed Security Guards


Armed security guards are authorized to carry a weapon. They will also have additional certifications, training, licensure, and licenses. As a result, businesses with high-crime areas, large assets, large budgets, or deal with large numbers of people will benefit from a higher level of security. In addition, employing a security guard has the advantage of being well-equipped to deal with a higher-level, possibly violent emergency.


Although higher security and weapons can be positive, some businesses may find them to be negative. You should consider that clients and staff might be nervous if a firearm is present. In addition, armed guard services can be expensive and out of reach for many businesses, especially smaller ones.
What are the pros and disadvantages of unarmed security services?

Unarmed Security Guards


Unarmed guards services don’t carry weapons and are therefore more affordable for business owners. These guards may carry non-lethal firearms (e.g., Batons) to act with force if necessary. Unarmed guards can act as an optical deterrent, and they can also be used to prevent bad actors from committing misconduct. Unarmed guards might be a good option for businesses that are in low-to-medium danger.


Unarmed security guards cannot carry weapons and are therefore less effective in protecting possessions with high criminality rates. An unarmed guard might not be able to provide satisfactory defense if you have a large business.
Your business is unique, and you know it better than anyone else. You are, therefore, more competent at identifying security threats and requirements. However, for someone not working in security, the task of determining whether an armed or unarmed guard is appropriate can be challenging. Therefore, you need to hire professional Security guard services if you need assistance evaluating your security requirements and deciding the right amount of security for your business.

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