Avira Prime Review, Not Just Antivirus

avira prime review

Avira Prime is the one-size-fits-all solution that solves all computer and mobile device problems

I have known Avira for many years. I have used it several times in the free version and have always considered it one of the best antiviruses around. Over the years it has been desired, trying to meet today’s needs and solve all the problems that a user faces in the use of various devices, from the computer to the smartphone.

Avira Prime Review, Not Just Antivirus

Today the computer is no longer used by just a small percentage of users, but it is present in every area of ​​our life, whether it is the student who has to do some research on the web, the professional to run his own business or the housewife who has need some recipes for lunch.

Nobody can do without a computer or any other smart device to use applications and information online. This is why the classic antivirus is no longer enough. But a complete solution is needed, to protect the device from malware, correct any problems, protect privacy and avoid tracking.

avira prime review

To meet everyone’s needs, Avira has created three different packages. There is Avira Antivirus Pro for malware protection, Avira Internet Security for online threat protection, and Avira Prime which offers access to all Avira products on all devices, from PC to smartphone.

Among all the packages I chose to try Avira Prime, because it is the one that best meets the needs of those who constantly use a computer or smartphone on a daily basis. Any tool you might need, Avira Prime has it, from the driver update program to the ad blocker. It offers all the tools to protect us and solve all the problems that the digital user may encounter.

Why choose Avira Prime

When we go to the Internet we can run into malware threats that can be downloaded from websites or through fraudulent e-mail messages, but there are many other risks too. Today, ransomware that can take your PC hostage is more scary, and Avira Prime offers protection for this threat as well.

When we are online, personal information is at risk. Continued use of social networks puts our privacy at risk. All the services we use on a daily basis require a password, and passwords can be lost, forgotten. Over time, the programs we install / uninstall and the files we download make our computer slower and flooded. For all these problems and more, Avira Prime offers a solution.

What Avira Prime offers?

The Avira Prime interface is really very simple and intuitive, well organized with easy-to-find tools: even the user who is not familiar with these software will have no difficulty in using it.

The main window allows you to check the status of your computer and possibly start the smart scan to detect problems on your PC, not just those related to malware. This is the first step you need to take after installing Avira Prime. The following times, however, it will be possible to act on one of the intervention areas.

1. Malware protection

There are three on which you can act. The first concerns security , where it is possible to find tools to detect viruses, check and possibly update the software installed on the computer, a fundamental aspect. As everyone should know by now, malware often exploits software bugs to install itself. One of the actions to take to protect yourself is to update drivers, software and systems to correct flaws and minimize these risks.

2. Protect your privacy

The second area of ​​intervention concerns privacy , which is one of the most sensitive issues today. We all use the web for everything on a daily basis. We use the internet to communicate with friends, shop, check bank accounts, book flights, check newspapers and even do the shopping.

Our whole life takes place on the web and if we are not careful, there is a risk of losing control of personal data. Our online activities are often tracked, and companies collect our data and then use it in ways that aren’t always easy to know. To avoid all this, in the Privacy section Avira Prime provides a series of tools designed to avoid the risks that can be incurred when surfing the web.

We then find the tools to block tracking and ads. There is a password manager to save all the passwords we use securely, without running the risk of forgetting them or falling into the wrong hands. Then there is a VPN with unlimited traffic that allows you to surf the internet anonymously: in this way no one will be able to track our activities on the web or spy on us.

With the VPN made available by Avira Prime, you can also select the country from which you want to obfuscate browsing so that you can access those services that are not available in our country because they have regional blocking.

Also in the Privacy section there is the function to delete files safely, so that they cannot be recovered even if you use a recovery software. It is a feature to prevent Windows and applications from sharing our personal data.

3. A Doctor for Your PC

The third and final section is that relating to performance . We are all used to seeing our computer slower and slower over time. This problem is usually not due to the computer getting old, but to the fact that the system becomes heavier and heavier due to the constant installation / uninstallation of applications and the files we save on our disk.

Avira Prime has thought of this too, providing us with a series of tools to make the computer faster. There is the Optimizer function that allows you to free up space deleted unnecessary files, that to find duplicate files and the tool to update drivers in order to improve and speed up your computer. An update often introduces new features but also corrects any incompatibility issues between peripherals and software. If you then use Avira Prime on a notebook, there is also a tool to optimize battery life and monitor its health.

In addition there is a section dedicated to advanced optimizations where there is a tool that controls the startup time of the computer and allows you to block and reduce the number of applications that are loaded with Windows.

4. Complete, Powerful but Simple

One of the things I liked the most about Avira Prime is that it can be used by a person with very little experience with using a computer, as well as by the geek user because each tool has a fully automatic mode but also offers an advanced mode for apply any corrections manually with complete control of what you are doing.

Those who purchase the license for Avira Prime have the possibility to use the whole package on 5 different devices, and many of the tools can also be used on a smartphone, such as the VPN.

Specifically, if you have an Android smartphone you can install and protect your device from malware, you have the optimization tools to free up space and make the device faster, the password manager and also the Phantom VPN application with unlimited traffic. With iOS, however, the tools available always concern the VPN, the password manager and then the Mobile Security Pro to block phishing websites and unwanted calls.


I found Avira Prime very complete and easy to use. It does not particularly burden the system. It’s not free, but with a single purchase you can protect not only your computer, but your phone or tablet as well. The subscription costs about € 99 per year, a more than sustainable expense considering all it offers.

You have all the tools you need to protect not only your computer but also your privacy from all the threats we encounter daily while surfing the web. And the VPN alone pays for itself. If you do a quick check on the VPNs out there, plenty of them cost almost as much as the entire Avira Prime package.