Bakery Item – Special Features Of The Cake Boxes

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Bakery items are the most delicate and yet delicious at the same time. They are made with care and have a variety of sweetness and confectionary items. Bakers give in a lot of time and effort to make a delicious and beautiful cake for different occasions and events.

Although confectionary items are all enjoyed worldwide, cakes are the most of any occasion and bakery. To pack, deliver or serve these cakes, there are special cake boxes available in the market. Many bakeries use custom bakery boxes to enhance their bakery name and food items. These boxes are customized with vibrant colors, a logo, or the company’s name, which is an excellent way to advertise the title without the hassle and extra budget.

There are different materials available in the market for cake boxes. Carton material

  • Plastic
  • Glass

Usually, carton material boxes are used for cake boxes. There are variations in carton boxes, such as Paperboard, kraft /corrugated, rigid, and bux board material.

Paperboard is a lightweight material that is thin and does not support heavy products. The best example of such carton boxes is cereal boxes or biscuit boxes. You can customize these boxes with your choice of color, size, and shape. These boxes are readily available in the market as wholesale bakery boxes at economical rates.

Kraft /Corrugated board is thick and robust to hold heavy products easily. These boards are highly recommended in business for transportation and shipping purposes. These boxes are usually used as cake boxes to have the cake and keep it safe until it reaches the customer. Printing results on these boxes are clear and precise. You can easily customize them with your preference and customer needs. Kraft material is soft and can be easily molded into any shape and size. Its eco-friendly attribute makes it the first recommendation, as customers now understand the difference between harmful and packaging.

Rigid or bux boards are thick and stiff material. It is usually used to keep fragile and expensive products like perfumes, crystal decoration pieces. Etc. You can easily customize these cartons with your company logo and name. Vibrant colors and different patterns are used on it to make it outstanding from the market.

Plastic boxes are also available at different bakeries to pack delicate confectionery items like macrons, pastries, etc. These boxes have a plastic tray and a transparent plastic cover, keeping the food items safe from germs and containments.

Why cake boxes are necessary

Attractive packaging

Packaging is the first thing a customer before he sees what is inside the box. Ninety-five percent of customers are attracted by unique packaging; therefore, packaging plays a vital role in the success of every product. Cake boxes are designed with vibrant colors and beautiful designs; they are customized with the upcoming events. Wedding cake boxes wholesale are recommended as they are uniquely designed for the prestigious event. They are customized with your choice of design and color theme, and many of them have imprinted wishes and quotes on them. These boxes enhance the visibility of your cake and the company as well.

Keeping freshness intact

Kraft is an eco-friendly material that is safe to be around food items. Cake boxes are usually made of kraft material board which keeps the cake fresh, intact, and secure unless it is not delivered to the customer. It keeps the quality of the food to its grade and intact. It keeps the cake from surrounding accidents but also protects it from ruining its shape.

Easy delivery

These boxes are lightweight, which makes them portable and easy to carry around with you. The custom cake box is the best way to represent an occasion, especially birthdays and other important events. Many retailers often use cake boxes bulk for shipping or long traveling. These boxes are light in weight, which cuts the shipping cost compared to the other material boxes, which helps manage the budget. These boxes are easy to carry and load, unload from a vehicle.

Types of cake boxes

Windowpane boxes

These boxes have an exciting way to excite customers about their food items. These boxes are manufactured with a small window on them covered with a thin plastic sheet from which you can clearly and quickly look at what is inside the box. The full-color box often enhances the beauty of the cakes or confectionery items in it. You can adjust the window anywhere you want it to be, at the front or even at the top.

Gable boxes

These boxes have an attractive shape that allows them to form a handle on the box, making it convenient for them to carry the box. These boxes are colorful, and you can easily customize them with your preferences and choices. An excellent example of such containers is happy meal boxes from McDonald’s.