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Be mindful of your business etiquettes grow professionally

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Many people relate the word “etiquette” with using a fork and spoon in the right manner or saying thank you after receiving a gift.

In the UK, in a business, the way you conduct yourself and make others feel says a lot about your professionalism. 

Even the slightest of mistake can turn your career upside down and make things go haywire.

Nobody wants to be associated with someone insensitive or inconsiderate. It is important to be conscious of your actions and behaviour while being in a social setup, especially in a business setup.

With changing time, the social or business norms are also constantly changing. Therefore, surviving in a business world is majorly based on your attitude and performance.

Having the right attitude and behaviour towards people can help you reach heights in a shorter duration. There is an availability of people with high business acumen, but will you prefer to work with someone who is not professional in their behaviour?

Hence, it is very important to follow basic business etiquettes while dealing with other professionals.

Business etiquettes for your Betterment

Here is a list of few business etiquettes that should be followed in a business set up at any cost:

  • Introduce yourself with your full name

Many people are terrible at remembering names and identifying people with their actual names. For example, a person who has met you last year at a conference cannot recall your name.

Wouldn’t that be annoying? To make the first impression correct, always introduce yourself by your full name as it will distinguish you from other people they have met.

If people remember your last name, it is easier for them to find you on professional websites to stay connected.

  • Always go for a firm handshake

A firm handshake is rare. Many people handshake in a loose manner that is not very appealing. A firm handshake not only shows your interest but also makes you confident, approachable and polite.

It also indicates a future professional relationship. Mostly, people get away with a simple hello or nodding their head in a casual work environment.

Making that extra effort of the handshake is worth the effort to stay relevant and in other people’s eyes.

  • Importance of “Please” and “Thank you.”

“Please” and “Thank you” are the basic etiquettes that should be practised in every setting, such as formal or informal both. But, of course, this basic form of courtesy is important in a simple setup too. 

In the age of digitalization, emails are the new contact method, but a written thank you note is a personalized touch and can do wonders for your business image.

  • No interruption

Most of us are always eager to present our views and opinions even if we are not asked. Over talking and lose talking has become a practice. In eagerness to present our views, we often forget the basic etiquettes and interrupt others.

It can be difficult to stop ourselves not to interrupt, especially in heated discussions. However, interrupting everywhere shows disrespect towards others and does not send a good message across.

There is a fine line between aggression and assertiveness, and aggression that should be taken care of..

  • Watch your language

Have control over your language and choose your words wisely. Be conscious of what you speak. Nowadays, verbal and written communications have become a bit less formal than in the past times.

Rude or derogatory language is unacceptable in any professional setup and should not be used. 

  • Double check your mails

Sometimes, the right message may be sent to the wrong person. To avoid confusion and miscommunication, check for the right recipients, grammar, spelling checks, and the language used.

There is no space for typos. Also, before sending, go through it again to ensure if the message being sent is conveyed in the same tone that you want. The use of smileys in a professional setup is a strict no.

  • Inform before you visit someone’s workspace

If you are planning to visit someone’ office, always convey them beforehand or rather make an appointment for a meeting. It may seem disrespectful to walk into someone’s office without being in their knowledge.

In case of length, discussions prefer to schedule another meeting or ask for a convenient time. Do not stay for longer hours at someone’s workspace.

  • No gossiping

Sometimes you may not like a person in your office. You may wish to talk to your friend or colleague and indulge in gossip. Just remember, no gossip is harmless.

It is a chain of negative thoughts that are being fed again and again as you gossip. It may not affect the person whom you are talking about but may reflect your loose personality.

It is normal human behaviour to be interested in another person’s actions, but it is disrespectful to indulge in gossiping.

Final thoughts

It is important to be respectful towards your colleagues. There may be issues but overlook those issues and move on. It is important to carry out business with proper etiquettes. Starting a business is easy with availability of high acceptance loans but its survival is task that has to be done tactfully.

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