Best Air Coolers in India for 2021

Best Air Coolers in India for 2021

Best Air Coolers in India

Best Air Coolers in India for 2021

Maybe you have that little space in your home or office that needs cooling? Or maybe you live in a small heated apartment that doesn’t really get air conditioning, or you’re working in a warm, crowded room that’s pathetic because it doesn’t get much fresh air? Most of the time, a lot of people do with me! Many people turn to ceiling fans for such spots; However, fans probably won’t help keep your space cool. In fact, they just push around the same hot air. Well, why not try some cooler air coolers? Air coolers are much better than fans and sometimes better than air conditioners. so read more about the best air cooler in india.

Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler

The Symphony brand is dominating the air cooler industry with its outstanding features and superb technology. The Symphony Siesta 70 is one of their flagship products with a specially engineered front grille for optimal air provision, long uninterrupted cooling and exceptional appearance.

Moreover, this air cooler comes with a stiff and rugged body to withstand accidental hits and bumps. Also, it is designed specifically for air throw at body level to guarantee customers more effective cooling.

In terms of tank capacity, the Symphony Siesta 70 will not be easily lost as it comes with a large capacity with a capacity of 70 liters to guarantee uninterrupted and long-term cooling with the feature of auto refilling. This factor guarantees that the air cooler will not fall on the water at any moment.

In addition, this air cooler comes with a 16-inch power exhaust fan for an excellent and fresher air throw. The Symphony Siesta 70 air cooler can easily cool an area of ​​3700 cubic feet. Its excellent combination of auto refilling and large tank water supply together deliver hassle-free and uninterrupted cooling for hours.

And finally, it comes with 160 W of energy consumption. Its powerful cooling system allows users to use it indoors and outdoors. It also comes with mosquito nets to keep insects, especially mosquitoes, from hiding in your cooler. Its dust filters are guaranteed to provide clean and fresh air to the users throughout the day. It also includes Dura-pump technology, a powerful air throw with auto-swing for optimal diffusion of the cooling effect, a cold flow distributor for efficient cooling, and a caster to enable it to rotate around.

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  • Consumes less power
  • Runs on inverter power
  • Intelligent cooling
  • Good water capacity
  • Low noise production
  • Compact size
  • Comes with a cool flow dispenser


  • Quite pricey
  • Its pads are quite thick

Symphony Jumbo 70 Ltrs Air Cooler – with Trolley

Now you can say goodbye to uncomfortable days as you can now control the temperature around your home with Symphony Jumbo 70 air cooler. It is integrated with powerful airflow and thus cools easily in a large sized room. Its sophisticated and sleek design will complement any setting. In addition, it features high-quality construction, making it an extremely durable and sturdy feature.

In addition, the Symphony Jumbo 70 comes with 3-speed control that allows you to adjust its speed to your liking. Due to the high-intelligence and effective cooling, the room cools down in a matter of minutes. It comes with a storage capacity of 70 liters, which ensures that it does not run out of water and can cool for twenty-four hours.

The Symphony Jumbo 70 also uses dura-pump technology for extra durability. Honeycomb cooling pad aside, this air cooler also has humidity control. In addition, it comes with a user-friendly remote control to help you turn the air cooler on / off and give you the privilege of setting a sleep timer.

And finally, its mosquito and dust net protects it from sudden external damage. Also, by integrating the trolley in it, users can move it conveniently from one room to another.


  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Quiet performance
  • Incorporated with large pad area for superior cooling
  • Comes with 6 automatic vertical swings and a trolley
  • The excellent power output of 185W


  • The trolley must also be taken care of carefully as it’s quite weak

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Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler

The Crompton Honeycomb 88 liter is one of the best air coolers in the Crompton brand as it has some spectacular features that will make it one of the best selling air-coolers out there.

No matter how big your living room is, Crompton Honeycomb provides 45 feet of air at 4200 m2 per hour. In addition, it has a self-filling feature and the five castor vidarbhas produce a lot of sales in certain countries.

Now, users no longer need to check their water level frequently and peek into their cooler as it now comes with water level indicator as well as controller features to avoid trouble and distress. In addition, it is very easy to clean as it comes with a drain plug that helps reduce the amount of water inside the cooler during cleaning.

In addition, its cooling honeycomb pad is a cooling supplement and its body is made of thermoplastic and .bus. With multiple sophisticated features like an ice chamber and an easy to remove bee pad, this product keeps your room comfortable and cool throughout the day.

And finally, the Crompton Honeycomb 88-liter has castor wheels that help users move these heavy equipment from one place to another. Also, it can also turn on the inverter, customers can link it to their home inverter when the power goes off.


  • Excellent capacity of 88 liters
  • Compatible with inverter for less energy consumption
  • Incorporated with ice chamber for extra cooling option
  • Excellent air delivery of 4200 CFM
  • Comes with auto-swing lovers for all-around air deflection


  • Quite pricey