The 5 Best Android Apps to Create Memes

Best Android Apps to Create Memes

Memes continue to evolve, and sharing them has become more accessible through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Whether you’re sharing for humor or spreading an idea, memes are the go-to option these days.

Creating memes is also quick and easy, even on your mobile. After downloading any of the available Android meme apps, all you have to do is select a template or upload images from your smartphone. You can add text and other visual effects to get the look you want before sharing it on social media.

Here are our picks for the best Android apps for creating memes:

1. Mematic 

Mematic is one of the most popular Android apps to create memes on the Play Store. It offers a wide collection of meme templates to get you started and allows you to quickly add titles to your images.

You can also use this app to create inspirational quotes or celebrate a milestone in your life. The Mematic app is easy to use. You can add quirky texts to any image with a few taps on your mobile to create a funny meme and share it with your friends online. There are also many customization features in this meme generator app.

Arrange texts, add stickers, or use one of the quick styles featured in this app to create a classic meme in seconds. You can also enjoy different fonts with various colors and watermarks. Once you learn how to create memes with these Android apps, you’ll be laughing every time you go online.

2. Memedroid

With Memedroid, you can enjoy creating, rating and sharing memes with your friends at any time. You can interact with other funny meme creators around the world and contribute your best and funny content to make even more friends.

Show your sense of humor by creating memes and GIFs with this meme generator. With several popular templates, you can create memes or edit existing ones to make them your masterpiece. Some popular templates include dogs, cats, celebrities, and funny screenshots that you can use. You can also use images from your own gallery and edit them into your own unique memes.

You can also rate and comment on different GIFs. Memedroid app also allows you to easily share on social media and other messaging apps with your friends. It also includes fun challenges with rewards like unlocking an achievement or receiving a meme medal.

3. Memasik

With the Memasik app, you can generate memes with text, stickers, and emojis. You can also immerse yourself in a nice community of meme lovers and discuss with other like-minded meme creators.

Memasik regularly updates popular and classic memes so you never get bored. The interface is simple and fun to use, with the ability to save memes to your phone’s storage.

You can quickly share on social media once you are done creating your masterpiece. Others can also be posted on your wall so your followers can access them for your daily laugh. Quickly filter your newsfeed by new, top, and trending memes. This app also has an internal currency of meme coins that you can use to boost your posts to other users.

4. Memeto

Memeto is one of the most accessible Android applications to create memes in a few minutes. Quickly customize your memes with meme style, layout, text colors, fonts, and sizes. You can also add more than 1000 stickers to make your memes unique.

Choose from photos in your gallery to create a background or use the meme maker to create funny memes. With Memeto app, you can also create troll quotes, inspirational quotes and funny quotes on your mobile. Explore your creativity and personality by creating different memes that resonate with how you feel.

You can share them on Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, email or Snapchat. Meme design is simple and easy to enjoy making hundreds of memes. You can also use websites to find new and trendy memes and add your own flair.

5. Memes Maker & Generator

Memes Maker & Generator is a great app to create memes with a few taps. This app also has a video and GIF maker, and they can be created with little effort. You can choose from your gallery images or edit one from the library of current and popular stock photo memes. Create fried memes with this app too.

Includes easy-to-use fry editing tools. These run your images through multiple filters and edits to give them the fried look that was popular a few years ago. After exaggerating memes, they end up looking grainy or pixelated to give them an artistic flair.

You can adjust the speed of the videos according to the desired effect you want to achieve. Add text and stickers to your photos, videos, and GIFs to make your memes easier for your audience to identify. With this app you can also add multiple photos for a meme collage and include your watermark. Watermarks are essential to branding – you never know when your meme will go viral!

Through the community in the Memes Maker & Generator app, you can enjoy the memes of your followers and discover others that you may like. Like and add comments to memes you care about and make new friends in the process. Making videos and GIF memes will make it difficult to close this app.