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20 Blogs You Can Find As Your Best Career Guidance

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Career blogs are ready-made guides for examinees whenever they are in a harsh mental blockade due to examination pressure. Also, these blogs provide job options, tricks and hacks of answering, assignment management, assignment writing service, etc. Some blogs are created only in question-answer format. Here is a list of 20 career blogs that contain information regarding your career titbits. The list is prepared considering the total content of the blog, career options, genuine student help and growth options for professionals. 

1. A Better Interview 

It is mainly related to the preparation, guidance and nitty gritty of the interview. This blog’s topics include curriculum vitae, resumes, probable question and answer, solutions of tough questions, attire, and anxiety issues. In addition, you will find interview tips from human resources to production to all different kinds of jobs. 

2. Avid Careerist

Its main forte is relevant to job searches for professionals, executives and senior managers. It also provides LinkedIn profile management. Many interesting blogs regarding the employer and employee relationship, human resource management, essential tips for updating your CVs etc. There are even lists of contacts of several hiring managers and recruiters. 

3. Ask a manager 

Ask a manager is more about the daily workplace issues that workers experience all the time. The founder of this blog is Alison Green. Some examples of topics are exclusive advice on your boss, learning to cope with coworkers, internship challenges, office networking, layoffs, searching, offers etc. 

4. Big interview 

The founder of this blog is Alex Andrei and Pamela Skillings. Its primary focus is online audio-visual training and mock interviews. This is best known for preparation blogs for freshers. Thereis practice software which is exclusively made for interviews and selection criteria. It has several podcasts too. 

5. Best job interview

It is another blog for interviews and provides in-person communication and training for job seekers. It mainly relates to the common questions at an interview and how to ace them without fearing them. If you are nervous before an interview, there is a separate action dedicated to that. The methods of dressing and salary negotiation are also unique attractions of the blog. 

6. Carer attraction 

This blog is dedicated to helping employees get career options and the proper compensation for their abilities and experience. There are many tips regarding changing work environments, LinkedIn hacks, network creation etc. There are many workplace management options such as finding space at a crowded office, strategies to derive outcomes at the end of dedicated efforts, etc. 

7. Careeba

Careeba is concentrated on professional help and career knowledge. There are many career growth services and management courses online. You can learn the basics of planning, skills, and management techniques. There are mental health-related topics, such as “how to deal with office politics:” or “how to tackle rejection and move forward, etc. 

8. Career enlightenment

This blog focuses on the complexities of job search in job portals and websites. It makes job search super easy and accessible. You can learn about social media job search, Twitter job searches, Facebook and online optimization of search etc. There are unique topics such as jobs for military and retired people. 

9. Career tips to go 

These blogs suggest political ideas, ongoing challenges at the workplace and ideal responses in adverse situations in the office. Many articles are dedicated to resolving bad situations when you are on the verge of losing your jobs for your little mistake. 

10. Fourhourwork week 

The creator of this blog is Tim Ferris. Some of his associate blogs are “Four hours body” and Four Hour Chef. This blog is a little different from usual career blogs and works with a particular philosophy. The main focus of Ferris is how to eliminate all the other engagements to focus on only one of them. 


Chris Guillebeau is a travel blogger and focuses mainly on trips you can find easier and rebooting for your daily office life fatigue. He also provides a series of blogs called “Unconventional Guide Series” about travelling as a career option and earning more. 

12. Corporette

This blog is related to fashion and lifestyles and the career options related to that particular professional background. It mainly focuses on women and provides many little hacks for professional fashion design and ramp walk. 

13. GenTwenty

This blog is mainly centred on twenty plus boys and girls; to make their career, personal development strategy and financial options to find necessary investment. 

14. Fire me I Beg you 

This blog serves as a better look at what are the possibilities when we leave a job. Also, it suggests how we can quit a job peacefully and resort to a better career option. 

15. Ivy Exec

Ivy Exec is about how senior professionals in any field, starting from steel, mining, IT, to academic writing service, must follow some strategies to find a percent growth prospect. 

16. Jobacle

Jobacle is mainly a blog and content writer’s advice page. It teaches you a range of options to post online content to earn more and put out career postings. In addition, it has a range of job options, study tips and professional course guidelines. 

17. Learn How to Become 

Learn How to Become suggests students tips regarding their first jobs, future career prospects and how they can land optimally in the job market. It starts from school guidance to reaching the top ladders of an organization. 

18. Levo

Levo is a mentoring blog that directly connects many network and professional tools to sharpen the talent and make specific arrangements for growing the career graph. 

19. The Everygirl

The founders of this blog are Daniella Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski. It is focused on gathering more women in workplaces and living a balanced and stylish life. It also provides a first-hand account of possible career options for women. 

20. The Prepary

The Prepary is created by James Petanic. This blog’s intention is to empower people to find better jobs and academic options. This is more centered on proration of careers than providing options. 

Hopefully, you have an insight into the different career growth blog sites.

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