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Explainer video is a good thing to have when you’re on a digital business. It can be a customer onboarding videos, product videos, or anything. Let’s explore the best channel to host your video today.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Before we talk about video hosting sites, here’s the benefits of having an explainer video for your business:

1. They show off your brand identity

2. They build audience trust

3. They increase audience retention

4. They’re extremely shareable

5. They boost your brand’s online visibility

Explainer videos increase your online presence and brand awareness, and research shows that explainer videos can capture the attention of viewers for 70% of the total length of a video. Embedded video descriptions on social channels and websites will increase the rankings of search people more time to engage with your content.

Explainer Videos Hosting Sites

This article is the last part of our three-part series on how to upload your explainer videos onto arguably the three most popular video hosting services.

As we are coming to the end of our mini-guide, we would like to compare these three video hosting services. Every service has pros and cons, some of us use both or even all of them for different uses, and we will describe why in this article so you can decide which service is the best for you.



YouTube is the most popular video hosting service on the internet. It is a free service, and it can deliver huge traffic to your video since it generates almost 4 billion views per day. If you have an awesome video, it can make your video go viral. YouTube also offers free HD video hosting, and you can upload your video as many times as you’d like. You can also use copyrighted music tracks on YouTube. They will just add a banner to your video.

Hosting your videos on YouTube can also improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Because YouTube is a part of Google.


YouTube is made for social media sharing. It is intended for social interaction between YouTubers. It was not made for marketers, and it does not offer the tools needed by Internet marketers. It can’t do white labeling, for example, and it doesn’t have in-depth analytics tools.



Vimeo is a great video hosting platform that is well known for its superb services. They are also popular and already widely use by professionals in the creative industry. It is also an ad-free video hosting service, so you won’t find any ads on Vimeo’s website.

Vimeo also comes with an amazing video player. If you are a premium user, you will be able to put your own logo on the embedded video.


Free services only support 720p HD video. If you want to get more from Vimeo, you’ll have to upgrade your account. For non-business use, you’ll pay $59,95 annually. If you want to use your account for business use, you will have to pay $199 annually.



Wistia is targeted directly at Internet marketers. Nowadays technology, it has great analytic tools that can provide deep analysis for Internet marketing purposes. You can use your own brand at Wistia, or it can be white-labeled. The video player looks amazingly neat and clear, and you can do free customization on your video player, as well as call to action. Moreover, Wistia has an email harvesting tool that can collect your viewers’ email addresses and convert them into your customers.


Although they offer a free service, it is very limited. If you want to use Wistia’s full features, you may have to spend $30 – $300 per month. A little bit expensive.


If you are an Internet marketer, Wistia will give you more advantages than the two other competitors we talked about. Most importantly, all of their built-in marketing tools will come in handy. Vimeo is more like a place for professionals who work in the creative industry. If your main target is social media sharing, of course, YouTube is the best platform for it, with billions of minutes played by the hour and support from their parent company, Google.

So what’s the best option? You’re going to get excellent service from all of them, but of course, if you’ve still got any questions, feel free to get in touch with us, and we can help you find the perfect home for your video and help address any other business needs.

You can also use all three of them at once and gain all of the advantages for your explainer video. But, if you want to save time and keep your life easy, just contact Breadnbeyond.

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