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The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

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Are you wondering which are the top Cryptocurrencies of 2022? Here are six options that are worth looking into. With a myriad of Cryptocurrencies on the market, it’s difficult to discern between promising projects with a long-term potential for growth and other projects that, in the short-term and, while offering rapid profits, they cannot be able to withstand an economic downturn.

The general rule is that altcoins are more risky investments when compared to Bitcoin that typically offer greater yields in an uptrend. In contrast, altcoins tend decrease in value faster during bear markets. The general rule is that cryptocurrencies with less market capitalization tend to be more volatile than the larger established, well-established cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as well as Ethereum.

In assessing the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies as well as its development team, position in the market, and its price growth, we’ve created an inventory of the most desirable cryptocurrency that you can invest your money in. The coins in this list are among the top 100 cryptocurrency with each having an estimated market capitalization of $1 billion.

The best cryptocurrency to buy

  • Best cryptocurrency to save money: Bitcoin (BTC)
  • The market is buzzing with excitement. markets: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Layer 2’s Most Promising Token: Polygon (MATIC)
  • Best Decentralized App: Sushi (SUSHI)
  • Best coverage against ETH: Solana (SOL)
  • Highest growth potential: Chainlink (LINK)

What are the most popular cryptocurrency?

The most popular cryptocurrencies of 2022 aren’t just coins They are also an investment in many of the best projects and startups in the world of finance.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest

Mark Cuban and Andreessen Horowitz have a large stake in altcoins and specifically Decentralized Financial Investments (DeFi) which have become popular in the last year.

Here are a few of some of the most exciting VC-backed cryptocurrency to invest in in 2022.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

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The most coveted of all cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is the very first, and is one of the most well-known on the market. It has the biggest market capitalization, and is one of the most frequently traded cryptocurrency and provides the liquidity of investors. Furthermore, Bitcoin is king when it concerns institutional and retail usage.

The majority of altcoins are likely to follow Bitcoin price trends and, therefore, in the event that Bitcoin is not performing well, the altcoins are likely to be drained too.

If you consider that the value of Bitcoin remains below record highest levels (over $64,000) purchasing now could be a wise investment moving into the future.

There will be only 21, million Bitcoins (of the 15% that are being thrown away) and, as the Bitcoin users continue to expand and so does the price of the cryptocurrency.

Presently, Bitcoin has an inflation rate of 1.7 1 %.

This rate is cut in half every 4 years, which is called “bitcoin halvening.”

2. Ethereum (ETH)

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As the platform and currency that has made “smart contracts” part of the language in the world of cryptocurrency Ethereum has seen huge gains since its launch in the year 2015. It is currently just behind Bitcoin in terms of cryptocurrency. market capitalization. Ethereum is now among the top talked about cryptocurrency currencies in the world.

A group of the largest brands in the field which includes Microsoft, Intel, Chase along with JP Morgan, is building ready versions for the market that will be compatible with Ethereum software. With the current market momentum and excitement behind Ethereum, and the enthusiasm behind Ethereum program, potential investors must think about it as a an element of their portfolio of cryptocurrency.

3. Polygon (MATIC)

Start selling and buying Polygon quickly and securely with eToro the most trusted platform for trading cryptos and Binance, which is the simplest to utilize.

Polygon is an Ethereum sidechain that is expanding at a rapid pace. The high cost of gas for Ethereum has exposed the network’s struggle to transition to Eth2. Ehereum founder Vitalik Buterin has expressed support for solutions that scale to a second layer of the same which handles transactions in a chain that is a second level one that is part of that Ethereum blockchain. In the end, customers pay much less transaction fees and complete transactions in a matter of minutes.

Sidechains (side chains) Layer 2 play a crucial role in the scaling of the ethereum network, and Polygon is among the first to implement this. Assets have to be connected to the sidechain, and there are some cost of switching which will make people stay with Polygon over the long haul.

4. Sushi (SUSHI)

Start selling and buying Sushi effortlessly and safely using eToro the top platform for trading in crypto and Binance, which is the simplest to utilize.

Sushi is also known as SushiSwap was initially launched as an exchange decentralized (DEX) that was in competition with Uniswap. Since its launch the developers have improved the application to incorporate various features that help make it more efficient.

What distinguishes Sushi in comparison to Uniswap is the fact that Sushi gives dividends for Sushi owners of tokens. SUSHI holders can put their tokens on the platform and benefit from 0.05 percent of the commissions for trading through the platform. Alongside SushiSwap’s DEX app, the decentralized application hosts loans markets as well as token launch pads and even leveraged trading.

Sushi intends to start Shoyu the NFT platform that will compete against OpenSea which is the largest market for NFT currently. Shoyu will cost an 2.5 percent Commission to NFT sellers. The commission will be paid out to SUSHI owners of tokens in the form dividends.

5. Solana (SOL)

Start selling and buying Solana effortlessly and safely using eToro the most trusted platform for crypto trading, and Binance, the most simple to use.

One of Ethereum’s biggest rivals, Solana, has seen massive gains in 2022. From a low of $1.20 in 2022 Solana is currently trading at more than 200 dollars. It has billions worth of cryptocurrency residing on its platform, making Solana among the biggest blockchains that can be used for decentralized finance. Many investors are using Solana blockchain to manage as well NFT as well as DeFi.

Solana’s primary advantage over other blockchains for smart contracts is its emphasis on the ability to scale. Solana makes use of a consensus based on proof of stake model, which is paired with proof of historical records to handle thousands of transactions every second. In addition, the transaction fees on Solana are about 99% cheaper than Ethereum which makes it an ideal choice for traders with a retail business who do not have the money to pay for the gas costs of three figures on Ethereum.

6. Chainlink (LINK)

Start selling and buying Chainlink effortlessly and safely using eToro the top platform for trading in crypto and Binance, the easiest to utilize.

Chainlink (LINK) is an Ethereum token that powers the Chainlink decentralized network. The Chainlink network allows smart contracts that are based on Ethereum to securely connect to data sources from outside APIs, payment systems, and other systems.

Chainlink began trading at the beginning of 2014, under the brand name After a short time it changed its name into Chainlink to better reflect the market it serves.

Chainlink has formed a strategic alliance with Google in the year 2019. The partnership secured the Chainlink protocol in the Google smart contract strategy. The move was viewed as an incredible win for investors because it allows people to access Google’s two most well-known cloud services.

The most trusted cryptocurrency exchange

The most reliable cryptocurrency exchange is dependent on the requirements of investors. No matter if you have longer-term investments or you trade throughout the day The security of the currency you choose to use should be one of your most important concerns. Exchange houses that are based in the US are more secure. They typically provide two-step authentication as well as cold storage for the digital files you have.

Some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges for beginners include Coinbase, Binance, or eToro.

eToro lets you practice your skills because each new account is rewarded with a USD 100,000 virtual tests, which means you can try your hand at 0 percent risk. It also has an online tracking system which allows you to imitate the professional traders who have years of experience and an established the trajectory.

Gemini lets you earn interest on the cryptocurrency you hold only for the purpose of keeping the asset in your possession. If you’re an investor who has a long-term commitment Gemini is an excellent method to build up your bankroll.

However, Coinbase has the best user interface. Its Coinbase Learn program pays cryptocurrency investors to educate themselves about blockchain technology.

Explaination of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the first digital currency to be used in the world. It was developed in 2009 by a lone developer who went by an assumed name Satoshi Nakamoto.

Even today the market doesn’t know the real nature for Satoshi Nakamoto. But that hasn’t stopped the foundations laid by bitcoin’s creation Bitcoin from opening the way for future digital currencies.

Bitcoin is also the primary factor behind the rising acceptance of cryptocurrency as a way to invest and as a means of exchange. It is a means to transfer money securely from one person to the next without the need of banks or traditional financial institutions.

They are created to function just like conventional money. The concept is to provide an alternative to official currencies of the world, which are issued by government agencies because a large portion of these are destroyed by inflation or are at possibility of being confiscated by governments. For instance: Greece, a country that has a tax rate of 45% rate, is able to seize nearly 900 banks each day.

The nation of Cyprus which is a booming financial centre, was struck by the effects from Greek credit defaults. The authorities of Cyprus to take over the savings of savers in order to remain financially viable.

In Venezuela the rate of inflation is higher than 46,000 percent. This financial crisis threatens the existence of Venezuela’s families. Cryptocurrencies may be the solution to these issues.

Benefits of cryptocurrency

There are many advantages to cryptocurrencies over traditional banking services transfer, money transfers as well as official currencies.

  • Privacy: Many cryptocurrency platforms have been designed to ensure the privacy of both the person who issues and receives money in mind. The same is true for cash.
  • Decentralization: The owners of cryptocurrency use a wallet to access their currency. They can transfer funds to or from an address for their wallet that utilizes an encryption key to gain access. There are also cryptocurrency exchanges (companies that trade (sell and purchase) cryptocurrency for the storage of coins, however this comes with additional risk. The currency register is on the blockchain and has copies stored at every node, which is a system which maintains an internal ledger, and also syncs across other online computers. Your money isn’t at a single institution and is not even spread across several. The fact that cryptocurrency accounts are not centrally managed account books means they are less susceptible to being seized or risky for individuals like fire or failure of the hardware. The information is not only stored off-site but also transferred to all nodes in existence.
  • Shortage: Bitcoin has a set supply . It is estimated that there are 17 million Bitcoin. But just 21 million Bitcoin will be around in the future. It is part of the currency’s code. Fixed supply offers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency features that are similar to silver, gold and other metals that have traditionally been used to create money. Contrary to the US dollar and the British pound, or another official currency once the entire supply is circulated the currency will not grow in value, thereby reducing the purchasing power for the coin.
  • Smart contracts: Certain cryptocurrencies come with a distinctive feature that isn’t duplicated in official currencies. Ethereum is one of the top examples due to its strong assistance for “smart contracts”, essentially software that reside on blockchains and are able to be used for managing transactions, as well as various other purposes, some of which we might not have thought of in the past. In the beginning they are able to replace mediators and escrow services. The smart contract is able to manage the details of transactions by releasing the funds only when certain conditions are satisfied.
  • Transfer costs: The costs of cryptocurrency transfer could be either a benefit or con, based on the kind of cryptocurrency, method of transfer and speed at which the transfer is made. Bitcoin for instance, isn’t cheap in the event of fast transactions. Costs are not an issue for smaller transactions. Different types of cryptocurrency like Ripple can be transferred swiftly and at a low cost, leading financial institutions to increase their use of Ripple-based payments and the associated technology.

The disadvantages of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are accompanied by a checklist of factors that could help to make investments more secure.

It’s true there isn’t a thing as a secure cryptocurrency at this point in time. However, with careful planning you can construct an investment plan that minimizes risk but still allows you to leave the trade in the event of a need to exit.

The market is adapting:

The awareness of cryptocurrency is growing however the majority of attention has been focused on Bitcoin. Very few merchants accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods, however quite many are in place. has announced that in 2017, they would accept cryptocurrency as a method for payment

Payments will be restricted only to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Monero and will give all the remaining 1,500+ cryptos their due. allows more than 50 currencies which allows users of cryptocurrency to purchase pizza in local eateries. The evolution of the market for cryptocurrency payments has been slow, and choices are limited however this could change in the near future.


Around 1,000 cryptocurrency coins have already failed, and there is a chance that more will fail. The most frequent kind of failure occurs during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which saw many coins enter an untapped market with the same characteristics as previous ones, leading to doubt from investors. 

In some cases there was a chance that the ICO was simply an attempt to steal cash that saw the creators run off with investors’ money. In the present, ICOs have not been controlled.

The cryptocurrency projects have been were abandoned. The majority of investment capital for cryptocurrencies is concentrated on a small number of currencies. If investors aren’t interested projects are able to be abandoned, leaving investors with a void of digital currency.

Regulation risk:

In the case of cryptocurrency, the risk of regulation is double. In the US cryptocurrency, they are not subject to regulation at the federal level, giving states the choice of creating rules and regulations in regards to blockchains or cryptocurrency that act as the foundation for cryptocurrency

However there are some financial experts have expressed concern about future regulations for cryptocurrencies that could lead to an increase in demand, or even eliminate it completely.

Risk of liquidity:

The less well-known cryptocurrency and investors might not have a lot of buyers, which can cause problems when trying to close an investment.

Risk of volatility:

There are few investment options that can match the cryptocurrency market in terms of price volatility. Prices can rise or dramatically down in just one day, causing the difference between making or losing money.

The risk to third parties: 

Mt. Gox is a Japanese-based Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange and one of the top exchanges in the world in 2014, was breached, leading to the loss of more than $500 million in Bitcoin. The total loss was estimated to be 850,000 Bitcoins belonging investors vanished, eventually leading the exchange to fail.


Cryptocurrencies are usually stored in a digital wallet that is protected by an extended code or lengthy sequence of words. As opposed to your bank or investment account, there’s no way to recover your account if you forget your password . If you don’t have your password the cryptocurrency wallet and its contents are not accessible.

What are the Characteristics of the Most Popular Cryptocurrency?

  • Adoption rate: The cryptocurrency market is highly speculative and the best returns can be found in the newest currencies or those which have made their way into the market, like is the situation with Ripple. Less cautious investors might choose to examine the rate of adoption and the investment on cryptocurrencies employed in real-time transactions.
  • Market capitalization: There are many different ways that the market capitalization of a particular cryptocurrency is in line with liquidity. Cryptocurrencies that are still developing may not make it to the market, thus preventing investors from selling their stakes profitably.
  • A promising technology that is emerging: The two cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Ripple have owe their massive growth in 2017 to technological innovation that has been that is built on their own platforms. putting these two cryptocurrencies apart from the market of often identical offerings.
  • Security and anonymity features: Technologies, like smart contracts that are present in Ethereum as well as other cryptocurrency, make transactions more secure as it provides an established set of rules for every transaction. Certain cryptocurrency, like Monero are focused on anonymity, obscuring who is the person who sent and the recipient of the funds.
  • Utility for the industry: Ethereum as well as Polygon are two good examples of cryptocurrencies that have an added benefit beyond being an exchange instrument. Ethereum is the basis of the decentralized financial revolution and Polygon is the second level of this revolution, in which smart contracts and transactions are able to operate at a larger the scale of.
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