I’ll just come out and say it: your Instagram reach

I'll just come out and say it: your Instagram reach

Instagram, To see how bad it is, jump on a free service like Instagress (no affiliation with this blog), which will run an automation service for you. Unfortunately, even running my account this way yields abysmal results compared to how many people follow me. Your problem lies in how you’re doing your promotion; let’s go through each of the significant three ways and how they fail:

Posting to the Explore page does not help us directly grow our audience. We can use hashtags and get some real exposure, but unless we have many followers already, there aren’t enough people seeing our posts here yet to make much of a difference.

If you’ve already got an extensive profile and can post to the explore page, don’t write about how to market on Instagram or get more followers; write about how your account can be helpful. This is how SKT Welfare does it; they know their target audience will want good content, so they create it then tag some relevant hashtags for exposure. If you’re new and still working on growing your following, posting in this way will not help much beyond getting yourself exposed to new people who may follow your accounts.

Just posting at random times doesn’t lead to many results either. On your account, you’ll only get a handful of likes or comments on average. It’s no wonder that the people who you’ve been randomly following haven’t been very responsive either- how would they know what to think? Start putting some strategy behind how and when you post; if it doesn’t help at least a little, there’s something wrong with how you’re doing it.

A little strategy on how you advertise

Once we take the time to schedule our posts for more effective times, we can try tagging them more effectively. If you’re not making much progress getting engagement directly from Instagram after using these methods, then perhaps it’s time to give paid advertising a try. As I said before, doing this right requires don’t pay to advertise your post unless it’s relevant to the people who will see it. Don’t just write something because you think it’ll get someone’s attention; dig a little deeper into how that person identifies with their interests or personality and market there.

For example: if I’m advertising for an indie rock band, then maybe I should include a quote from the song (or album) along with their name in my post; this way, when they’re scrolling through their feed, they might stop long enough to recognize where they heard it before and check out more of what the band has going on. That said, don’t make your posts TOO specific if you can help it- these how to advertise on Instagram accounts like this one know how to post in a way that doesn’t alienate people while still getting them involved.

This could get you banned from the platform; how do you think paying to advertise your posts might look?

For example, if I’m running an e-commerce store, I want my audience to go through all of their messages and comment on their most recent purchases- how can they help other people find out about it? What is relevant information here? There’s a lot of different things to consider with how you promote your products or services. If you’re not sure how to approach it beyond using what’s already working for similar accounts, then there are plenty more blogs out there that can give excellent marketing advice on how to advertise on Instagram.

Best way to advertise:

As I said before, if you’re not sure how to advertise your products or services using Instagram, then it’s time to step up the game a bit and take yourself seriously as a company. Your marketing shouldn’t be something you approach half-heartedly just because you’ve already got an account; how do YOU get your business out there in the ways that will most effectively reach potential customers? How many people have seen what you can do through social media? How many people have seen how well your products are received by those who buy them? You could be doing all this stuff right now, but if you still aren’t reaching the level of sales quantity or quality you want, why wait any longer? 

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