Best Ways To Embed Facebook Reviews On Website

facebook review widget for website

In the past few years, we witnessed a sudden rise in the popularity of social media platforms. During this growth, many platforms were introduced and have successfully established themselves. However, even in this tough competition, Facebook still stands as the king of social media platforms. 

Being one of the oldest platforms in the social media landscape, it still holds relevance and popularity. And that is simply because of regular upgrades by the platform. In addition, with such a huge user base, Facebook holds a great impact in the market and reviews provided by the users can make or break a brand.

Reviews over Facebook are very important for a business. It helps the brand with great visibility and increases brand awareness. Using a Facebook review widget for website is a smart strategy for gathering more audience and enhancing brand recognition.

What are Facebook Reviews?

Facebook provides the freedom to its users to express themselves regarding any topic and by using any medium. Because of this freedom, users often use this platform to share their experiences with a particular brand or provide feedback on a particular product. These Facebook posts containing opinions and feedback are Facebook reviews. 

These reviews are the best example of user-generated content and are very helpful to win the trust in the market. Reviews can be in any form; it can be a written blog, picture or video. Whatever their form is, the main objective of these reviews is to spread awareness about the brand and help people in their buying decisions.

Why should you use Facebook Reviews Widget on website?

As mentioned above, Facebook customer reviews are one of the prime examples of user-generated content. And by featuring them on your website, you enhance the credibility of your brand.

People trust the words and feedback of past customers, as they provide an honest and true opinion about the product and share their unbiased experience with the brand.

You can easily display these reviews on your website by using the Facebook widget. The Facebook widget helps you gather all the content related to your business from Facebook and display them on your website.

By displaying these reviews on your website, you appear transparent to your visitors. In addition, it enhances your reputation as you will appear as a brand that cares about customers and considers their opinions. Various other benefits of embedding Facebook customer reviews on your website are :

  • Enhances your credibility.
  • Makes your website engaging.
  • Brings vibrancy to your website.
  • Increases website traffic.
  • Decreases the bounce rate.

There are many tools in the market that provide you with the feature to embed Facebook review widgets on your website. Here is the list of the best tools that are currently available in the market and provide amazing results.

Best tools to embed Facebook customer review on your website


Tagembed is the best social media aggregator in the market which provides a dedicated Facebook review widget for websites that helps you to gather Facebook posts related to your business, allows you to curate and customise them and then displays them beautifully on your website.

It is a coding-free tool that doesn’t require any coding skills to install or run. You just have to copy the code and paste it into your website’s backend. Thus, it saves your time from searching for all the posts related to your business and saving your money as you do not require any specialist to run this widget. Moreover, the widget automatically provides the latest content on the feed; you don’t have to refresh the feed manually.

Many people misuse the freedom to express themselves on the platform and post abusive or unwanted content about a brand. The moderation feature saves you from displaying these kinds of content. You can keep an eye on the content that goes on for the display and filter out all irrelevant and spam content. Furthermore, you can even use a profanity filter to restrict the content containing the mentioned words or block the posts from a particular Facebook account. All these measures help you to maintain & grow the quality of your website.


The best way to attract people to your website is by providing them with a vibrant and lively looking website. And Elfsight is the perfect tool that offers you various customisation options that makes your website appealing to visitors. Moreover, it is compatible to display all kinds of media. You can even create a photo or video gallery on your website with the help of this tool. It is one of the most popular tools in the markets and provides some amazing features.

It also helps you display the chosen reviews, allowing the visitor to know more about your brand. Moreover, you can even restrict the number of reviews that goes for the display. Thus, it provides complete control over the feed.


EmbedSocial is one the most talked-about tool in the market. It provides 10+ Facebook feed templates that can match any website design. You can also moderate the content with the help of the moderation feature. It is an amazing tool that helps to drive the audience to your website and helps you to convert them into your customers.


SocialKIT helps you make your website more eye-catching and appealing to visitors by displaying Facebook customer reviews on your website. It showcases a responsive feed compatible with all screen types, so it does not matter whether your visitor uses PC, tablet or mobile. Your feed will be running without any interruptions.


A potential customer always looks for reviews & social proof of any product before buying it. You can provide all the needed information to your visitor all at one place, by showcasing the Facebook reviews about your brand. Broadly helps you display these contents smoothly, makes your website more engaging, and increases your chance of attaining more sales.


Reviews are vital for any business, it not only helps you know your market reputation but also helps you win the trust of your potential customers. You can showcase these reviews on your website by using the tools mentioned above and prove your credibility to your visitors. These tools are very easy to use and provide great assistance to your business in obtaining more visitors to your website.