The Best Ways To Launch An E-scooter App Swiftly 2021?

Bird Clone App

Ever since the introduction of mobile applications, transportation operations have entirely changed. Uber was the first to start this trend with its taxi booking app. Thus began the taxi app revolution. Now, the taxi app market has flourished with many key players. 

Uber is the forefather of on-demand apps, and whenever it comes with a new concept to the market, it creates a revolution. As a result, Uber for X has become the most popular model among entrepreneurs to start their business. 

Now, entrepreneurs are focusing on recreating the services given by Uber’s E-Scooter app called the Jump. E-Scooter apps have become the latest trend globally and also have wide recognition. 

The emergence of E-Scooter apps 

Taxi booking apps are for people when they would like to travel long distances, but it is not economical for people who want to travel short distances. This was when entrepreneurs came up with the concept of an E-Scooter sharing app. Through this app, the users can book their E-Scooter rides.

These days E-Scooters have become the most accessible mode of transport. However, driving vehicles amidst heavy traffic commotion is the biggest challenge faced by the commuters. E-Scooters are the best way to tackle this traffic problem. 

The former subsidies of Uber started their E-Scooter app – Bird in San Francisco in 2017. Uber launched its E-Scooter app to help commuters reach their destinations hassle-free. The core concept is to help people reach their goals that are not within walking distance.

How do these E-Scooter apps work?

  • Initially, to get started, the users should register with the app.
  • The users can create their profiles and log in to the account.
  • The next step is to enter the payment details in the app.
  • The users can browse through and find their nearby rides.
  • The app will send all the information on the bike viz., its working, and battery conditions.
  • Through the map, the users can reach the place and get their bikes.
  • The users can unlock their bikes using the app. By scanning the QR code of the bike, the users can start their ride.
  • Riders can tap the lock button on the app and again tap on the lock option of the app at the time of ride completion. 
  • The riders will get a brief detail about the fare details of the trips. 

Future of E-Scooter apps 

E-Scooter apps have garnered wide recognition among people globally.  However, the rapid urbanization, carbon fuel emissions and increase in population are some of the factors that have led to the demand for E-Scooters. As a result, millennials have become more conscious of the environment and started following sustainability.

The global E-Scooter market is projected to reach $41.98 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 7.7 per cent. The Statista report states that around 10 percent of the smartphone users in Brazil have started using E-Scooter apps to schedule their rides. After tasting success in the American market, Uber launched its Jump in the European market in 2019. 

You can start your career in the market with a ready to launch Uber for E-scooter app. But, first, have a look at the various E-Scooter alternatives to begin your venture. 

Bird clone 

The Bird was launched in 2017 in Santa Monica. Currently, Bird has registered more than 10 million rides in its debut year. In 2018, it was one of the leading E-Scooter apps to adapt dockless electric kick scooters for its users. 

At present, Bird is offering its services to more than 100 countries globally. Therefore, the Bird clone app will be a perfect start for entrepreneurs to kick-start their business in the E-Scooter app market. 

Jump clone 

Uber launched its Jump app for E-Scooters in 2017, and followed by its success; it has spread its services to many countries globally. The Jump clone is a replicated version of the standard Jump app. However, the Jump clone also comes with several distinctive features like a keyless lock and live tracking capabilities. 

Lime clone 

The Lime scooters are the leading service provider in this market. Lime was downloaded by millennials more than 6 million times in May 2021. However, the Lime clone will be a technically sound application that will perfectly suit you to start your business from the ground up.

Some of the key features that are mandatory for your Uber for E-Scooter apps

Map integration 

When it comes to ride-booking apps, this is a vital feature to include in the app. Through maps, the users can locate nearby scooters and can hire these scooters effortlessly. 

QR code and unlock ride. 

The apps and E-Scooters should be integrated with a QR scanning code. This will help the users to scan the QR code from the scooter to start their ride effortlessly.

Smart locks 

The intelligent locks or keyless locking option is a must-to-have in the app. The users, upon completing their ride, can lock the bikes with their app instead of keys. This will help the other riders to take the scooters without any disturbances,

Payment integration 

The users can choose their payment method at the time of registering with the app. The app should have comprehensive payment options like debit/card payment, net banking, mobile wallet integration, etc. 

Wrapping up,

Unlike taxi booking apps, E-scooter apps have gained more popularity among people to schedule their rides. On analyzing the present market demand of E-Scooter apps, it looks promising for entrepreneurs to launch their E-Scooter app in the market. So, hire the best developers from the town and launch your Uber for E-Scooter app.