best Xbox gaming headset Review in 2021

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Are you looking for new headphones for the Xbox One or Xbox Series X headset? It is now our best choice, from a budget of less than $ 50 to a state-of-the-art licensed business.

Music fans know that having the best and highest quality gaming headphones is a big difference. Play is important if you want to talk to your teammates or with a bully. If you play games on the Xbox One or the new Xbox Series X, you can connect two headphones with a microphone and a 3.5mm microphone for control, but with special gaming headphones you can get the best experience. Investing in wireless headphones can also prevent you from getting on cable and losing the game.

In fact, with a good microphone, others can hear you better when you’m in the middle of a long playing session – even when background noise is high. Most of us stayed home, that is, intentionally fled home. Having headphones that separate the sound and microphone tracking can be the difference between a successful attack and a shameful success caused by lower noise.
Most people who have an Xbox console, be it an Xbox One or an Xbox One X, choose to go with a wired headset simply because it can be connected to a wireless controller. It’s also good to know that most, if not most, of the available options for this type of working headset work well on the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

However, if you want to loosen the cord that fits your headset, there are many options for headphones. The good thing about choosing a Xbox wireless headset is that most do not need a USB dongle to connect to a cable (most PS4 wireless headsets do). Microsoft Wireless With Microsoft Technology, you can quickly connect to your Xbox Sans Dongle. (The types of wind that require a dongle are usually found below.)

In making these choices, we have focused on a few different variations, including design (room level), comfort and sound quality, as well as other features (think sound attack, microphone removal and Bluetooth connectivity) and price. We’ve also considered it well, because it’s important if your game plan requires team planning. If You Can’t Hear It, You Can’t Explain It!

Finally, as far as we know, all of the Xbox One wireless headphones listed below will also work on future Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S devices.

Basic settings talk about the best Xbox headphones. These are the results of our own internal audit, which is updated regularly and includes some of the options suggested by GameSpot’s list of best gaming headphones.

Nothing improves your gaming experience or a good headset. In addition to bringing the game straight to your ears, the good headphones deliver surround sound – allowing you to watch the surrounding sounds – with a built-in microphone and great comfort, especially for long gaming sessions. Our Xbox One Series X top five headphones satisfy all three and more. Microsoft will be launching its official Xbox Wireless Headset soon, and while all the features it sounds great sound, we can’t recommend it until we try.

Why we chose SteelSeries Arctis 9X:

SteelSeries Arctis Pro headphones make our best choices for the best gaming headphones. The Arctis 9X is basically the same headset inside, with just a few different features tailored specifically for the Xbox X Series. And the features are special. Unlike many gaming headphones, you don’t need an adapter with the Arctis 9X. It can connect directly to the Xbox X Series. Even better, you can connect another device to the headset at the same time via Bluetooth.

Internally, the Arctis 9X uses 40 mm neodymium elements with a frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. While the frequency range is not as high as some hearing aid headphones, it can still hold up in the hearing department. The Arctis 9X’s wide sound image gives players much more location awareness and, combined with a digital audio overload solution, even more. The headset itself is stereo, but you can use Windows Sonic Spatial Audio as a Dolby Atmos device for your Xbox Series X headphones to get virtual surround sound.

Outside, the Arctis 9X has a signature SteelSeries hanging headband – very comfortable even after hours of play – and large, soft headphones. In addition the headphones have a ClearCast-certified Discord microphone that you can pull into the headphones.

Why you need it: If you’re an Xbox user, the new Xbox Wireless Headset looks great, feels great, and comes with a long list of useful features. And at $ 99, it’s a convenient, functional, and patented peripheral.

The minimalist design boasts black leather and green rings around the headphones, each with a rotating dial to control specific functions. Rotate the right cup and left cup to increase or decrease the volume to adjust the chat mix so you don’t listen to all your teammates speak out loud.

The padding covers the headphones and the bottom of the headband, making it easy to carry for long periods of time. The headset also has a USB-C charging port, a dual power and pairing button, and a manual microphone mute button. It’s the best simplicity, and it doesn’t take long to control one or two buttons and rotating headphones. The leather microphone is adjustable and easy to blow out when you have nothing to say – even if you can’t remove it.

But that sound costs this headset $ 99. The bass grows and you can adjust the sound settings using the Xbox Accessories app. It confidently handles music, dialogue, and general sound effects, but you can try Dolby Surround in a free Microsoft trial that will run until September 2021 (after which it will be a one -time fee of $ 15).

The microphone mute function also helps people with family, roommates or ship dogs, and the headset automatically switches to one of three levels, depending on your background noise. Of course, you can always just press the mute button if you think you have been exposed.

Microsoft says the battery lasts 15 hours on a single charge, though we usually charge it before it dies, so we can’t say that directly.