Business Suits for Women- Best Formal Wear for Women

Business Suits for Women

When you read- Business suits for women, what comes to your mind? A simple yet elegant three-piece suit with a fitted blazer and a casual white shirt, right? That is why I am here to bust the myths and introduce the types of business suits for women and how you can style them.

Also, when you buy a suit, you generally think of the purchase and then the alterations. But, there is a key point we all forget- How to Take Care of a Suit? Yes, how many of you know how a suit should be stored and how it should be cleaned. Well, no worries! I am here to help you with that too.

In this article, along with telling you about the types of business suits for women, I will also tell you how to take proper care of a formal business suit and make it wearable for a longer period of time. So, buckle up your seats and get ready to dive into the world of suits because nothing suits a woman better than a business suit!

Types of Business Suits for Women

In this section of the article, I will tell you about the types of female business suits.

There are mainly two types of business suits for women, and they are mentioned below-

  • Classic Formal Women Pant Suit– To date, when someone talks about formal wear for both either men or women, the first outfit that comes to my mind is a formal pant suit. This is the classic example of a business suit and the most preferred one by the ladies too.

A formal pant suit is generally a three-piece suit with leg-fitted pants, a matching blazer and a formal plain shirt. Sometimes, working women also pair it up with a tie to give a more professional look.

  • Formal SkirtSuit- There are some working ladies out there (including me) who generally do not feel comfortable wearing tight-fitting pants ever. And, when we have to wear a formal business suit for a formal event or an official meeting, a formal skirt suit comes for our rescue!

There is not much difference between a formal pantsuit and a formal skirt suit when we talk about these two. A formal pants suit is worn with fitted pants, and a formal skirt suit is worn with formal skirts for women. The rest of the suit remains the same and is equally professional and accepted part of the women’s formal wear world.

Every lady out there has different opinions and different comfort zones. Some may like to wear pants and some may not, some may prefer wearing formal skirts to the office and some may not. That is why you can find your comfort zone and choose among the two types of business suits for women.

Here is a tip- Whether it’s a formal pant suit or a skirt suit when worn with high pencil heels can enhance your personality and make you look even more classy and sassy.

Now that I have told you about the types of business suits for women let me tell you how to take care of a business suit when you finally buy one!

How to Take Proper Care of a Business Suit?

In this section, I will tell you some amazing tips following which you can take proper care of your formal business suit.

Below mentioned are those tips that will help you make your formal suit wearable and last longer!

  • Use proper coat hangers
  • Assign proper space for your business suits
  • Must use cedar

Before I go further and explain the points mentioned above in a little detail, some of you might be thinking that why is it even necessary to take care of a piece of clothing? Well, here are two simple reasons for the same-

  1. So that whenever you wear your formal suit, you look your best
  2. So that it lasts longer and can be worn multiple times.

Well, I hope these above given two simple reasons are enough for you to understand why it is important to take care of a piece of clothing. Now, moving further, I will explain to you the points I mentioned earlier in detail.

Here I go-

  • Use proper coat hangers- Hangers to store your business coats; you may have them, but are they the right ones for your coat? A right hanger will be appropriate as per the size of your business coat and not larger or smaller.

A proper hanger for your business suit is the one that keeps the suit in a proper shape and allows the suit to drape, and also protects the shoulder part of your business suit.

  • Assign proper space for your business suits- As above, I have advised you to use a proper hanger size for your business suit; now, you may have to assign a special and sacred storage space for your suits.
  • Must use cedar- You might be thinking that why do you need to place a pack of cedar with your business suits, well below mentioned are the simple reasons for doing so-
  • Cedar is a natural moth and insect repellent
  • It absorbs residual moisture

Keeping your female business suits as fresh as the new ones!