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Best Apps to buy, Sell and Invest Cryptocurrencies in 2021

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Cryptocurrencies have more and more followers and this is reflected in the great demand for mobile applications capable of exhaustive monitoring. There are those who do not want to lose sight of the market and its evolution, be attentive to the latest news and news and even save their cryptocurrencies in a wallet on their mobile.

Not everything is about the price and the market, crypto enthusiasts are also interested in getting new information on how to improve security, manage their investments, save their coins and tokens and even make payments with them. Now, you have apps that can help you do all of that and more. Without a doubt, it is a world that changes every day and, as time goes by, we have new tools with great functionalities. Do you want to know everything you can do on your mobile or tablet with this technology? Find out with us with the best cryptocurrency applications.

Best applications to buy and sell cryptocurrencies: invest from your mobile

Each user has their own needs, so they will choose one or the other. Or, on an already more professional level, you will want to combine the utilities of two or more of them. Be that as it may, there are some that have been pointed out on several occasions as essential, both by users and by specialized media. So, first of all we will talk to you about those that will help you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


We started this selection of the best cryptocurrency applications with Coinbase, a platform where trading cryptocurrencies is easier than ever. To do this, you will only need to register a bank account or a credit card, so that once done you can buy and sell and build your own portfolio.

The tool works with different cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP or USD Coin, among many others. Best of all, its system is very secure, adopting measures such as offline coin protection, multi-stage verification, or blocking the app with a passcode.


It is also an ideal app for beginners in which you can easily view information about the value of assets and keep abreast of movements with price alerts. And if you have any questions, Coinbase has a team of experts to guide you through your first steps.


Binance proclaims itself as the marketplace where the most cryptocurrencies are exchanged at your secret? It is an app with an extremely simple and intuitive interface, so that the user can manage all transactions without having extensive knowledge of these types of applications.

In this sense, with a single touch you can switch from the Lite (more basic) interface to a Pro with advanced trading functions for more expert users. The platform allows the purchase and sale of more than 150 cryptocurrencies with very low commissions, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano or Link Tezos. Of course, all of them are stored safely.


As for other functionalities, you can generate passive income on crypto, activate price alerts, configure automatic purchases, send coins to friends and family with QR codes and even buy in more than 50 million merchants with the Binance card (only in some countries) from accumulated Bitcoins without a doubt, a highly recommended option.


If you are looking for a transparent and secure platform to buy, sell and trade your Bitcoins and other virtual currencies, Bitstamp is one of the best options on both iOS and Android.


And how it works? First of all, you will have to create an account and link it to your bank account, so that once done you will be able to enter or withdraw money from the bank thanks to its secure Wallet system. It is a very intuitive tool, and in its index you can already see what the status of the most important cryptocurrencies.

The purchase and sale is very simple to carry out, with a commission that varies according to the purchase volume. In the Holdings section you can see the transaction history and how many cryptos you have and what value in dollars or euros they correspond. Likewise, Bitstamp is very safe, since it encrypts the data and has a system that deactivates the app in case of loss of the mobile. And you, did you know this alternative?


This is the alternative to traditional banking. This is how Xapo is defined, an app where you can not only trade with cryptocurrencies but also with traditional currencies such as US dollars.


Thus, Xapo works as a virtual wallet in which you can send, receive, save and spend real money and Bitcoins. To enter the money to your account, you will have the possibility to do it through a bank transfer, credit card or directly by Bitcoins transfer. In this way, you can create an ultra-secure savings account and only you will decide how to manage your money.

In fact, you can even share your account with trusted people and jointly manage your finances. You will not miss any details, since all the activity of your account is updated in real time. In short, a simple and very functional cryptocurrency application.

Kraken Pro

Tired of commissions when trading Bitcoins? Then maybe you are interested in Kraken Pro, a platform where you can enjoy up to a 0% share on your transactions. The tool is designed for advanced crypto exchange, although it does so in a very intuitive and well-crafted interface.

In the Kraken mobile app, you can view recent trading history and complete order, deposit, and withdrawal history. As for assets, its system includes more than 100 crypto markets, being able to buy and sell Bitcoins, Litecoins, Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic or Chainlink, among others.

On the other hand, among its advanced options, you will have the possibility to operate short or long in 8 different cryptocurrencies with a margin of up to 5x and also establish automatic orders to avoid a large loss of assets or to make a profit when the market is favourable. And of course, it has a completely secure system for all your withdrawals and deposits.

The best wallets to save your tokens on Android and iOS

The previous apps are more focused on being managers to know the value of one or more cryptocurrencies and act accordingly, but it is possible that the user is looking for the most complete portfolio. After all, without them it would not be possible to operate.

Coinbase Wallet

If you are looking for a place where you can view all your virtual assets and control your transactions, Coinbase Wallet is one of the best options for both Android and iOS. In it you can store, send and receive cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens or ERC20 tokens, among others.

To do this, you will have a technology that guarantees the total security of all your movements, so that control will be solely yours and the app will not have access to your funds at any time. And if you don’t want to run the risk of running out of everything you have if you lose your mobile, you will also have the possibility of making a backup copy of your access codes to a cloud service (iCloud or Google Drive).

In short, Coinbase Wallet is a tool that will allow you to have absolute control of your cryptocurrencies and make payments with them anywhere in the world in a totally secure way. Of course, the application is only available in English.

Blockchain Wallet

With almost 30 million users around the world, Blockchain Wallet is another essential in this selection of virtual wallets. The app works with 4 different cryptos : Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM).

And why should you choose this tool and not others? First of all, it has different security systems to prevent your data from being exposed or stolen, such as:

  1. Exclusive control of private keys. These are never stored on the app’s servers.
  2. Ability to enable two-step authentication.
  3. Regular security audits.
  4. Access with fingerprint or 4-digit PIN.

But this is not all, but Blockchain Wallet stands out for its ease of use, since you can send money anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. Likewise, you will have the option to check the market price for each crypto, make currency changes and even buy and sell.

Celsius Network

Do you want to get a return on your investments in cryptocurrencies? If this is your case, you may be interested in Celsius Network, a Wallet-type app where you can store 26 different virtual currencies and have annual earnings of up to 11%, which are paid weekly all this without paying commissions or any other type of fee.

To use the tool and start investing it will be necessary to register and create a user account. Once done, you can buy your cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins, Celsius, Ethereum…) and keep track of them within the same app. You will even have the possibility of obtaining a loan with an annual rate percentage of 1%.

And it is that Celsius Network offers you different mechanisms to earn money with your cryptos, such as referrals (inviting a friend to the app) or promotion codes. And remember, all transactions are commission free!

Bitcoin Wallet

The app is not lacking in practically any ranking of how many have to do with cryptocurrency management apps. It is the free wallet, it is available for Android and iOS and does not need registration, has a cloud server or others. The wallet is peer-to-peer.

Among its main utilities, it allows displaying the amount of Bitcoins available in BTC, mBTC and µBTC, it has a national currency converter, it facilitates the sending and receiving of this cryptocurrency through NFC, QR code or Bitcoin links, it has an address book for save the most used ones, allows you to pay via Bluetooth when there is no Internet connection, etc.

It is, however, an app that is also essential.

Bread Wallet

It offers comprehensive control with private keys, then has an extra security for those undesirable occasions, for example, if the user loses their phone. In addition, it is defined as the best option to start with bitcoin, with a very simple design, ideal for both beginners and other more experienced users.

On the other hand, Bread claims to connect directly to the bitcoin network, so it does not depend on its servers. This means that you cannot see the user’s financial information, and that they are in control of their money 24 hours a day.

Cryptocurrency apps to always be up to date with prices and news

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies and learn how to get the most out of each of your investments, it is necessary that you have certain apps to know the behaviour of virtual markets and be up to date with all the news on the matter. For this reason, you cannot miss some of the following:

Block folio

What stands out about this app is that it allows you to create an alert system with valuable information, not only focused on market prices for individual currencies, but also calculating what is in the portfolio. In any case, this is not the only thing that makes it an interesting option.

The application interface allows the user to see all their investments in the cryptocurrency app at once, and find detailed information at once. It also has a section to keep up to date with the latest news, which will have a direct influence on the market. You can, therefore, anticipate and make better decisions.

The application is free and available on the main operating systems, although in English (like most of the featured ones). In addition, it works with more than 2000 cryptos, including the famous Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, but also IOTA, Monero, Litecoin, Qtum, Golem and many more.

Crypto News

Do you want to be up to date with the latest news on the cryptocurrency market? If so, Crypto News is the ideal app for it. With it, you will have access to hundreds of news and publications from up to 100 specialized sources on the subject., Twitter, Cointelegraph, Coindesk or Forklog are some of the most prominent.

The news is regularly updated and classified into different categories, with the option of consulting the most prominent ones in the “Top News” section. Likewise, as a user you will have the option to customise the “feed” and only access information from certain sources. Of course, it has a notification system so you don’t miss any news.

On the other hand, the application also has a CoinMarketCap tab, in which you can follow the prices of the main cryptocurrencies in real time and see their variations by hour, day or week.

Crypto News is exclusive to Android and is free, although with the PRO version you will have access to the news without an internet connection and you will enjoy a totally ad-free interface.


If you need to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio, we can’t think of a better app than CoinMarketCap, a totally free tool that will give you all the information you need to know about 2000 different virtual currencies.

And what data can be found on CoinMarketCap? These include the market capitalization, the positioning, the prices of each crypto and its evolution, the commissions of each exchange or the result of the currency conversion. To do this, the app will show you interactive graphics so that you can view everything more easily and don’t miss any details.

On the other hand, the application also has a price alert system that will notify you when your cryptocurrency reaches your established limit price and, in this way, invest at the most appropriate time. Nor can we ignore your news section, which are selected according to your interests.

As you can see, it is a very complete application that will help you at all times to make the best decision and not lose money on your investments. CoinMarketCap is free and available on Android and iOS.


An app that is also very complete, available for Android, and focused on the value-based management of the cryptocurrency in question. Its main attraction lies in its ability to track recent prices, find arbitrage opportunities, create a complete alert system or maintain the portfolio. It covers more than 200 currencies, including the proprietary Bitcoin and Altcoin system.

Delving further into its possibilities, the price tracker presents the information in price and volume charts, among which the user can navigate and interact, through actions such as filtering prices.

Acrypto also allows you to view the cryptocurrency wallet with all the cryptocurrencies you have, being able to track the total gains or losses in the last 24 hours. With this information and real-time pricing information, it is easy for you to find new opportunities.

On the other hand, the app offers different widgets on its home screen that the user can use, and in which constant updates are offered.


It is another heavyweight, an app that provides instant information about the latest news from the world of criptomonedas, in addition to displaying graphics, calculators or prices, in the form of notices and pictures. All accessible with an intuitive interface that has made a place for itself among thousands of users.

It is quite complete and is only available in English. However, the beginning cryptocurrency trader will soon notice that much of the information available, and much of the relevant information, is in such a language. It is better that you familiarize yourself, at least, with the terms of the world. The app is available for Android, while the iOS version has recently been retired.


Another cryptocurrency tracking app is Delta, a free app in which you can see how the price of Bitcoin and other 3,000 altcoins evolve to know what the result of your investments is. In this sense, you will have access to a detailed analysis of each currency with its price or market capitalization, among other parameters.

Among its many benefits, it is worth highlighting the “Portfolio” section, where you can view the total balance and what the gains and losses have been during a given period of time. Other features to take into account are the market and watch list, portfolio analysis, price alerts and, of course, the section with current news about the crypto markets.

One of the strengths of the application is that data can be synchronized between different devices without the need for an account, simply using a QR code to make a backup. Delta is free and has a PRO subscription with additional features.

Other useful applications within the crypto world

When it comes to cryptocurrency management apps, it is well known how much security matters. An experienced trader in the field should also have other useful apps.

Google Authenticator

What Google Authentication allows, both on iOS and Android, is to secure the account via 2FA. For itself it is extremely useful to have it, otherwise “you are asking to have your coins stolen,” they say.

Monarch Wallet

Monarch Wallet is more than just a wallet. It is a multi functional tool that offers you in a single app all the benefits of other separate applications, whether they are wallet type or asset purchase and sale.

One of its main characteristics is that its system allows decentralised payment, that is, without any connection with a bank or financial entity. In this sense, in the app you can buy and sell Bitcoin or Ethereum or exchange ERC-20 tokens with very competitive rates. On the other hand, you will also obtain benefits on your investments, which will be paid to you weekly.

Regarding its functionality as a wallet, Monarch Wallet works with 11 different currencies (including the most common ones), so you can send or receive virtual money at any time. And as if that were not enough, in the app you can also check the behaviour of the main markets and read the most outstanding current news in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Download it for free on Android or iOS!


We finish this selection of cryptocurrency apps with Crypto, a buying and selling tool in which you can earn up to 8% per year on your virtual assets and 12% on stable currencies. For this, its platform offers you a commission-free purchase if you do it with a credit or debit card.

To use the app, you will first need to create an account. When you have done so, you will be able to buy and sell more than 50 cryptocurrencies at real cost (Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin…), also having the possibility of operating directly through its official website Likewise, the application also works as a Wallet to save, send and receive cryptos.

Now, the main attraction of Crypto is its VISA MCO card, which will give you multiple benefits such as a 5% refund on all your payments, discounts on subscriptions in streaming services, withdrawals at ATMs without commissions or rewards of up to 10% in reservations on travel websites, among others.

The app is available on both iOS and android and its download is completely free. Take advantage of your investments!

Warnings and cautions

Trading cryptocurrencies is considered a high risk activity due to the volatility and fluctuation of digital currencies. It is not a low risk investment, nor can it be approached as a bet or game. This is a serious issue that can have consequences if not done responsibly.

Any good, virtual or not, can gain value and lose its value over time. The same principles apply to virtual currencies, the so-called cryptocurrencies. In fact, in the case of cryptos, their value varies by the minute, and they can be very important ups and downs in value in a very short time.

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