What should I pay attention to when buying a used car and delivering it?

buying a used car

It must be the most difficult few days after confirming the selection of the car, buying the car and delivering the car. I think every prospective car owner can’t wait to hand in the car and go for a drive! Anyone who has bought a new car knows that before the business is delivered, the original factory will go through a PDI inspection (Pre-Delivery Inspection: pre-delivery inspection) to ensure that the vehicle is delivered to the owner’s hands. Perfect. However, there is rarely such a detailed delivery process when buying a second-hand car.

Generally, the car keys and certificates are delivered to the owner, and the delivery is completed after the license is verified. But be sure to pay attention to every moment before the transaction. Reputable and creditable car dealers will usually sign the ” Used Car Dealership Contract ” with you . The contract must specify a seven-day car review period. You can ask the business to let you first After checking and confirming that there is no problem, write down the body number, and then ask the business to help transfer the ownership, this is very important!

Don’t be taken away by the joy of buying a car and lose your rights. In order to let friends who buy second-hand cars have a clear understanding of the matters that should be paid attention to when delivering cars, we have specially compiled the delivery rules, so that prospective car owners can buy a good car with peace of mind! Please check the delivery confirmation form carefully, check carefully to confirm that the content items are in accordance with the check or fill in, and you can also make a similar form yourself so that you will not miss any details on the day of delivery.

1. Appearance and interior inspection.

This inspection is best done in bright places during the day, because the daylight is good, and it is easy to see the paint and interior defects of the vehicle in the evening or night. First look at whether the paint finish of the car body is good? Are the trim and trim parts of the car body intact? Then there is the opening and closing test of the door, hood, fuel tank cap, and trunk lid. The hidden corners of the car body must be carefully checked. In terms of interior decoration, check whether the door trim has fallen off? Is it intact?

2. Second, the car membership data confirm

confirmed the license plate, body number, engine number, vehicle registration and other information are consistent with your purchase of the car? If there is any problem, inform the salesperson immediately to ensure their own rights and interests. Check used car in Malaysia like honda civic

3. For the delivery of vehicle registration information, the vehicle

delivery personnel shall explain the insurance, vehicle inspection, supervision fees and other information. For insurance agent, please carefully check whether the content of the insurance policy and the actual purchase items are in compliance. When paying the insurance premiums and fees, the business must sign a receipt. Charged on behalf of. 4. Confirmation and signing of the purchase and sale contract.

The purchase and sale instructions with attachments are included. The formalized automobile purchase and sale contract should record and shall not record the items. It was announced on June 17, 1987 and officially implemented on December 17, and the purchase of a car must be filled in ” Secondary Automobile Sales” Two copies of the “Finalized Contract ”, the car dealer and the owner each keep one copy to prevent future consumer disputes, the government announcement of the contract shall prevail. Its very easy to buying second hand car in Malaysia check model like proton wira

5. Car payment delivery

is usually accompanied by the transaction process description at the end of the car purchase contract. The process is: place an order (pay deposit) → pay auto insurance premiums → pay the balance, and finally pay the car, the remittance account on the remittance bill confirms whether It is a company account and not a business personal account. The car payment must be paid and signed by the company to avoid losses due to fraud.

6. Delivery of the exclusive guarantee of this union

. The five major guarantee items of the car dealer are “No mileage meter car”, “No business taxi”, “No major accident car”, “No foam car”, “Illegal alteration of car without body and engine number “It is the most complete guarantee given to consumers by conscientious car dealers.

7. Description of Auto Warranty Alliance

Four major warranties: 1. Engine body, 2. Gearbox body, 3. Directional main engine body, 4. Compressor body, seven-day whole-car component appreciation and warranty is issued to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

8. Is the audio, air-conditioning, instrumentation and other functions of the vehicle unit normal? 

Turn on the doors, windows, wipers, central control locks, and power windows; test the operation of all lamps; are the plates (throttle, brake, clutch) stepped on smoothly? Does the parking brake work? Whether the seat belt and seat folding back and forth movement switch test works normally?

Nine, the delivery is complete

The condition of used cars will affect the price of used cars. This is the so-called “one car, one price, one price”. Basically, used cars also have a certain range of fluctuations in the market. “Polite inquiry, careful identification” There are many cars of the same model. It’s easy to tell the difference in price by looking at a few of them.

As long as you are not criticizing and bargaining arbitrarily, the value of each car will be explained carefully by the decent dealers. The price of a beautiful car must be higher. Check the customer, the car dealer earns the profit he should earn and provides warranty service, buy a car, please choose a second-hand car news certified with a ” good shop ” sign, a good quality car dealer with a good reputation, you can surely let you buy a good car No longer worry about the car condition.

Confirm that the license plate, body number, engine number, license and other information are consistent with the car you bought? If there is any problem, inform the salesperson immediately to ensure their own rights and interests.

The delivery staff will explain to the customer and accompany the customer to check whether the various functions in the car are working properly.

The appearance inspection is best done in bright places during the day, especially the hidden corners of the car body must be carefully inspected.

Appreciation of parts and components of the whole vehicle for seven days issuance of a warranty certificate to protect consumers’ rights and interests.

After carefully checking the contents of the delivery confirmation form, you can deliver the vehicle with peace of mind and go on the road happily.