Did you know that by donating water, you can help a charity?

Did you know that by donating water, you can help a charity?

If your answer is yes, donate water with us and get tax benefits for your contribution charity. From now on, anyone who donates will be able to claim tax deductions under the Renewable Energy Scheme.

To donate:

Take a jug of non-drinkable pure water from home or tap water that has been boiled. Fill up the jar using any tap in the world within five seconds. Write down “Water donated” and sign your name with black ink over it. Submit this document to Water for Life organization before December 31st of the current year (the date is subject to change). We will donate US$0.03 to the water charity of your choice on your behalf and send you a receipt via email for the tax benefits.

The water jug will be scanned and stored in a public database for anyone to donate, use, or donate from. Therefore, you are prohibited from donating more than once under one email address. If you present with someone else’s email account, it is counted as your first donation only. 

To qualify, the following requirements must be met:

1) You cannot donate any filtered water such as boiled or distilled one;

2) You can donate the same water again after 5 seconds;

3) After filling up the bottle with tap water, please wait for 10 seconds before taking it out of the tap; Our data shows that the US$0.03 tax deduction on average cost per litre of pure untapped city tap-water ranges from USD 0.008 to 0.015 depending on your location, the average donation will cost around USD 0.017-0.045 per litre of water donated;

4) Please donate only one type of drinkable pure bottled water, and please do not donate any other kinds of drinks (including tap-water); Chapter 2: Donation address for registered charity As we mentioned in chapter 1, it is possible to donate the exact amount you donate by clicking a button on our website. However, it requires the charity’s information to be registered here before others can donate the money to them through our website. 

To make it easy for people who want to donate a considerable amount of money, we have listed the following four significant charities which are willing to work with us:

1) Water Aid

2) Water for Life Charity Foundation

3) Charity: Water

4) The California State Polytechnic University Scholarship Fund For more information concerning donations to these charities, please visit our website. We will donate your amount to a charity you choose and send you a receipt via email so that you can claim tax deductions on the fiscal year of donation. 

Please donate now because we are running out of time!

Please donate at least one gallon a day, preferably 2 gallons or more per day if possible. For those who donate more frequently, like every week or month, please donate at least one full jug after each donation period. Or donate through other ways that can be claimed as a tax deduction in some country. 

No matter how many benefits you get from donating water with us, we hope everyone will donate water to buy time for all people worldwide facing a life-threatening thirst for clean and safe water today!

If you wish to donate by offering your valuable time, expertise and energy for our cause, please present your time to put this program into action!

Donation of US$0.03 is a legal tax deduction under the Renewable Energy Scheme in China now:

For those who hold or will obtain a valid personal identification card issued by China, you can donate US$0.03 each time you donate water. This amount is equal to the unit price for renewable energy generation units purchased from China’s subsidized market (US$0.03 = 0.0027 RMB/kWh).

Those who donate less than US$0.03 each time they present water may still contribute to us for tax benefits. However, it is not a legal tax deduction in China. If you donate US$0.03 by mistake and make your donation tax-deductible, please get in touch with us at info@sktwelfare.org; we will correct the amount on your receipt for future reference so that you can claim. This is a legal tax deduction in China next year!

Receipts for donations:

Please download receipts from the https://www.sktwelfare.org/ receipts Download page and fill them out within 30 days after the date of donation (date is subject to change). Your account information will be kept confidential and used only for official purposes. For more information, please check our donate page. If you donate to a charity, donate water with us and donate US$0.03 or donate in other ways that can claim as tax deductions in some countries.

water donation at the subcontinent is needed very badly. Because people of some areas especially in Sindh, Thar Desert. Where people are so poor and they have nothing to eat and drink. They are waiting for the donations from them the doners. So they can improve their lives and live a good life.