CAT 6 Cables 101: Everything You Need to Know

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With time, we’re becoming more and more dependent on technological advancements and the internet. Consequently, innovation in data networking cables is needed for high-performance data networks and local area networks (LANs) to perform well. Because of this reason and the rising demand for high connectivity speed, the trend of using CAT 6 cable suppliers in ethernets is becoming common. 

The reason why the world is switching to these advanced cables instead of regular networking cables isn’t a secret anymore. Let’s take a look at everything about Cat 6 cables in detail:

What’s Ethernet Cable?

An ethernet cable is a type of data cable that you can use for networking. It helps in connecting different devices or systems to the internet or other networks. You can use these cables to connect different devices on LANs such as routers, switches and PCs. These days most of the networks use ethernet cables for connecting.

As ethernet cables are designed to connect to a computer, switch, or router, they come in various ranges. Initially, CAT3 were introduced during the ’80s & by mid-90’s the fifth generation, i.e., CAT5, was widely available. 

However, over the last six to eight years, the sixth generation CAT6 cable and connectors have become widely used to support the Gigabit network.  

CAT6 Cable

The standard version of CAT6 cable was released in 2002. These cables can support networking speeds at a speed of 1 gigabit per second and can adjust 10 Gigabit ethernet connections over a limited distance, i.e., for a single cable, the distance is 14 feet. 

Cat6 cables comprise four pairs of copper wires and make use of all of them to achieve their high-level performance. However, experts recommend that you should restrict the length of CAT6 cables to 100 meters so, they maintain its effectiveness.

CAT 6A Cable

An advanced version of CAT 6 cable, i.e., CAT6A Augmented CAT6 cable, is used for even higher speeds and efficiency. It can support up to 10 Gigabit of speed at a bandwidth of 500MHz. Moreover, CAT 6A cables come with additional and tighter twists with added insulation for reducing cross talk. Itcan also do backward connectivity like CAT6. You can easily connect professional writer cables with previous generations such as CAT6 CAT 5 CAT 5E & even CAT 3. 

In short, CAT 6A covers all the shortcomings of the CAT6 cable. However, if you want to enjoy uninterrupted network speed, you’ve to ensure that all the parts of your system can support gigabit speed. 

As with all different kinds of twisted pair EIA/TIA cabling, man or woman Cat 6 cable runs are constrained to a most advocated size of 328 ft for nominal connection speeds. Cat 6 cabling helps 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections, however now not at this full distance.

Because it grew to be handy on the market faster and provided applicable overall performance for Gigabit Ethernet at a greater less costly fee point, Cat 5e grew to become a famous preference for wired Ethernet installations. This price proposition, alongside with the distinctly gradual transition of the enterprise to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, appreciably slowed the adoption of Cat 6.


Other than this, there are some other factors that you need to consider when choosing your networking cables, such as your network components, etc.

Advantages of CAT 6 Cables

Now, let’s look at some of the advantages that users enjoy when they use CAT 6 Cables.

High Speed & Performance

The main reason why most of the networks have shifted to CAT6 cables is because of their high speed and efficient results. These cables can easily handle network speeds up to 250 MHz and make the performance as fast as possible. The introduction of 6th generation CAT 6 cables was to support Gigabit ethernet networks, so they work well with them.

Same As CAT 5 & CAT 5E

The structure of the CAT 6 cable is similar to that of CAT 5 & CAT 5E. This makes them easy to use in systems where they where the older varients were in use previously. By making changes to the system components can enhance the networking speed dramatically. 

Offers Backward Compatibility  

Another plus point of using CAT6 cables is that they provide backward compatibility with older variants. The plug and port of CAT6 cable are the same as that of CAT 5 & CAT 5E, this means that you can easily connect them together. 

Likewise, you can even connect CAT6 with the extinct CAT 3 as well.


Another added perk of using CAT6 cables is that you can upgrade them to a more optimal network. However, if you want to enjoy the high speeds of the CAT6 to its fullest, consider upgrading your other components to support Gigabit speed.

In all, these are some of the advantages of using CAT 6 cables, but if you want to appreciate the high speed and performance they offer, you need to upgrade your PDU systems. You can easily ask your PDU suppliers in Dubai to provide you with the one that supports Gigabit speed.