Causes of students’ poor performance and their remedies

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It is a painful experience when a student fails to attain expected good grade. There are many causes of failure for students both internal and external. The external factors that causes poor performance are those which are caused by other persons or things.

The external causes of poor performance call for external remedies while the vice-versa is also true. Well performing students can testify that accessing course work writing services online help to add value to their academic journey.

Responsible students should take measure to reverse the situation. The first step is discovering the causes of poor performance at individual level. They include;

1. Lack of discipline

Discipline is crucial in a student’s life and contributes to academic performance. A disciplined student is bound by rules and regulations that guides their life. Student who lacks discipline is a law breaker.

Student who lack discipline is prone to punishments such as suspension from group, school, expulsion, or sanctions. Punishment wastes a student’s time for studies and resulting to poor performance.

2. Stress and depression

These factors render the student incapable to learn due low concentration as a result of mental disturbance. Stress becomes depression if not addressed properly. Student under stress and depression performance poorly.

3. Substance abuse

 90% of students who abuse drugs such as marijuana, cocaine heroine, tobacco, alcohol among others perform poorly in academic. Such drugs contain harmful substances that are dangerous to brain and general mental health, including physical health. Students under the influence of substance lack the capacity to study effectively.

4. Poor peer relations

Peer relation among students is important and contribute to performance. Poor peer relations including conflicts breaks the relationship. The student involved may be secluded by the peers which lowers self-esteem and may impact negatively on performance.

5. Poverty

Poverty is lack of resources for livelihood. Students from poor background lack access to essential learning materials, therefore they are at disadvantaged positions to achieve academic goals. They do not afford books, revision materials, writing materials, and technology that is required to access essay writing help online.

6. Negative learning environment

Learning environment cultivates negative mentality in the student. This causes poor academic performance. Negative environment involves a setting where students needs are not prioritized, is disorganized, and this results to disorganized minds.

7. Lack of motivation

It is the role of parents and teachers to motivate the student. Some of the ways to motivate involve giving presents when they improve.  It also involves encouraging them to keep trying even if they fail.

Other ways of motivating a student is by studying with them, asking then about their studies frequently and giving individual attention.

8. Poor time management technique

Time is a valuable resource to students. Time management skills make the difference between an achiever and a poor performer. Student priority list and time table are the main time management tools for student.

Lack of priority list or daily plan and timetable means a lot of time is wasted. Time waste leads to loss of precious time to study and causes poor performance.

Remedies to students’ poor performance

Draw a priority list and a time table to guide your studies through the day. This will help prevent time wastage and avoid poor performance.

Observe discipline – discipline enable students to coexist with the teachers, colleagues, and staff while observing rules and regulations. Being disciplined help students avoid punishment that are time consuming and taints reputation. This emanates to good performance

Avoid substance abuse– backing off use of drug substance keeps you sober and maintains your capacity to study effectively. It helps you stay healthy and fit for learning hence preventing poor performance.

Manage stress and depression– While these factors render a student incapable of studying, managing them on time and in the right way help prevent further mental damage. Remedies include, visiting a counsellor for counselling services, and keeping your mind engaged in other helpful activities. In addition, sharing your issues with a trusted friend of family, and keeping good peer relations help reduce stress.

Availing learning materials in school – The school management and the government should ensure schools are equipped with learning materials and technological resources. They should be accessible to all student. This will help students from poor background to have equal opportunities to perform well.

Students should be motivated – Teachers and parents should take the step to motivate the students. Encouraging the students to keep working hard and gifting them when they achieve. It is also important to show concern on their daily academic work.

Final remark

Students poor performance is not always caused by personal issues. The stakeholders such as government, teachers, school management, and parents determine the academic achievement of a student.

The remedies to poor performance cannot be established if the cause of poor performance is not discovered. If the remedies provided in this blog are followed, students’ performance will improve.