3 Ways to Check the Ink Level of the HP printer

Check the Ink Level of the HP printer

Have you used your HP printer frequently and need to see its ink level so you know if you should buy new HP cartridges ?

Well, thanks to this guide you will learn how to carry out this simple operation in total autonomy not only from a computer, but also from a tablet or smartphone.

How to see the ink level of an HP printer from a Windows computer?

If your computer has a Windows operating system , you can monitor the ink level of your printer in the following three ways:

  • Through the HP Print Assistant included in the printer drivers;
  • Using HP Smart software for Windows, as long as it is at least 8.1 and 10;
  • If it is a network device, through the appropriate web panel.

For the operation to be successful, it is essential that the printer is correctly installed, configured with the system and turned on.

HP Print Assistant

It is none other than the printer management program included within the official HP drivers.

If, during the installation of the device, you selected the intention to add the icon to the desktop , just double click on it, otherwise you will find it in the HP folder located in the Windows Start menu.

Once the management is open, wait for the computer to detect the device to see the ink levels by means of an icon located at the top right of the monitor.

If you want to have more detailed information about the consumable, you just have to click on the icon just mentioned.

HP Smart

HP Smart is software that can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft store within seconds.

Once installed, turn on the printer and start the configuration, at the end of which an icon representing the ink levels of the cartridges will appear.

If you want to monitor them in detail, click on the thumbnail and that’s it.

Web Panel

If you do not have the possibility to install any software on your computer, do not worry, as you just need to know the IP address of the printer through the Control Panel (you can find it in the Start menu).

Once the above screen is open, choose the wording ” View devices and printers “, click with the right mouse button on the icon of the printer you are interested in and select the item ” Menu properties ” that will open.

Then open the ” Web Services ” tab , write down the IP address, start the browser, click on the item ” Estimated ink levels ” and from this moment you can view the ink level of the chosen device.

How to see the ink level of an HP printer from a Mac PC?

If you have a Mac computer, the remaining ink level of the HP printer can be viewed either through the HP Utility or through the use of System Preferences.

Also in this situation it is necessary that the device is switched on, connected to the same network as the PC and that the drivers are installed inside it.

HP Utility

Once the software is installed, it must be started from the Launchpad (indicated by a rocket icon located in the Dock bar).

When the printer discovery has been completed, click on the Supplies Status item .

System Preferences

The system preferences allow you to see the status of the HP printer cartridges so much faster.

If you click on the gear icon located in the Dock, System Preferences will open, where you can select ” Printers and Scanners ” and choose the device of your interest.

Then click on the items ” Print “, ” Options ” and supplies and ” Supply levels “: in fact, the latter contains the information you need.

How to see the ink level of an HP printer from tablets and smartphones?

If you have a Bluetooth printer , you will have the possibility to check the ink levels of your printer also via tablet and smartphone.

The methods are HP Smart and AirPrint : the former is available for Android and iOS devices, while the latter only for the latter.

HP Smart

HP Smart is a free downloadable application from the Apple and Android stores .

First turn on the printer, launch the app and wait for the device to be detected.

Ink levels can be viewed from the ink level icon.


To use AirPrint you must have a compatible HP network printer.

The ink levels icon can be viewed directly from iOS by opening a photo / document that can be printed, selecting the share button (it is a square with an arrow pointing upwards) and tapping the icon Print .

Once this is done, choose the wording ” Select near the Printer item “, choose the one you are interested in and after a few seconds you can view the ink levels from a subsequent panel that will open.