Common Cake Baking Problems and Solutions in the Microwave


Baking is an art. Baking homemade cakes is always an amazing way to add a sense of customization to birthday and anniversary parties. If you are using a microwave oven to bake your cake, there will be some very common problems. It will not be easy to bake a cake. There will be some very common problems, and with the right solution, they can be easily avoided when you use the best convection microwave oven in India.

Today, we are going to discuss a few common cake baking problems and their solutions in the microwave oven. Baking a cake in the best microwave oven will appear to be much easier with this guide of problem and solution.

Too Dense

It is a common problem if you find that after baking your cake, it is too dense. This happens when the cake batter does not have sufficient air inside it. If you need to work on this, it is important to change your cake batter and find ways of adding more air to it. How can you do this? When you are preparing the batter, make sure you are beating it enough.

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The more you beat the cream batter and butter together, the more air gets trapped inside the batter. This makes the batter soft and fluffy. If you are using oil to mix the flour into the batter, make sure you make a smooth paste and there’s no bubble inside it.

Cake Overflows

If you find your cake overflowing from the edges of the baking tray, switch off the microwave oven and take the pan outside. This happens when the batter inside the cake pan is more. The best way or solution to avoid overflowing cake is to avoid filling up the entire cake tray with the batter.

Fill up the cake tray or pan with 50% of the batter. If you fill-up the pan entirely with batter, you will end up with a cake overflowing from the edge of the pan. The less batter you put inside the cake pan, the better shape you get.

A sunken cake

A sunken cake is one that has collapsed below the centre of the cake pan. This probably happens when you take your cake out of the oven and leave it in the air. You are not supposed to do this. When you take the cake out of the pan, let it sit away from the air for the time being.

When it is directly exposed to air, it gets sunken. A sunken cake will not be soft and fluffy. You will actually not be happy with a cake that has collapsed at the centre.

Cake becomes hard on the edges

If you find that your cake is soft inside and hard on the edges, it is because of the high temperature. When you set a very high temperature, the microwave is not able to cook in an optimal manner. Some parts of the cake are overcooked, and some are not at all cooked well.

Therefore, to avoid this, you need to set an optimal or medium heat temperature to bake the cake in the right way.

Cake stuck to the baking tray

This is a very common problem that you will face while baking your cake. When you take your cake out of the microwave oven, it looks picture-perfect and delicious. However, when you try to get it out of the pan, it sticks. You find that your cake is stuck on the bottom and edges of the pan. This is a common baking problem.

To avoid the cake sticking to the pan, you should use butter paper. When you use butter paper and then pour the cake batter on it, your cake will not stick. Another easy thing to do is grease your baking pan with either oil or butter. Just brush the bottom surface and edges of the pan with butter and then pour the batter inside. It will come out clean without sticking.

Cake batter is too hard

When you beat the cake batter, it may seem like hard cement. This is because the cake batter is too hard. You need to add more milk or butter to it to make it soft. If you are able to beat it well, only then will you get a fluffy, soft cake.

If you make your cake batter too hard, you end up with a sunken cake. Therefore, make sure you are adding enough milk or whatever liquid you are using for the cake batter.

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