4 Common Car Problems that can be fixed on Road

Common Car Problems

Electricity breakdowns, motor, tire and traffic accidents are the elements that generate the most on-road fixes.

4 Main Car Problems that can be solved on site

1. Engine malfunctions

Engine incidents rank first in roadside assistance reasons. Specifically, 37% of those carried out by the RACE corresponded to problems related to the engine, many of them rectifiable. Those derived from breaks in the sleeves and ducts are the most common.

That have been successfully resolved thanks to the implementation of new products in the assistance services, which provide temporary solutions to be able to reach the destination without having to stop urgently in a workshop.

2. Electricity faults

With a percentage of 20% they occupy the second place in the list of breakdowns that received assistance. Many are failures caused by anomalies in any system controlled by the electronic control unit or any element that uses electricity, some of them with a solution that does not require taking the car to the workshop. Fuse problems and even some vehicle warning lights can give us the key to the problem.

3. Tires

Punctures, blowouts…. The lack of maintenance causes incidents with one of the most important elements of the vehicle since it is the only one in direct contact with the asphalt. In 2017, 13% of roadside assistance services dealt with problems related to tire repair.

It is one of the situations that are solved with greater success, since within the mobility solutions offered by the RACE there are some specific ones for the repair of punctures, and vehicles such as the RACE 10 have all the necessary tools so that the member can continue their march in a high percentage of cases.

4. Accident

They were responsible for 8% of the total calls. Many of these accidents have their origin in the bad maintenance of the vehicle and, therefore, they derive in a breakdown that causes an accident. A very clear example is that of the breakage of windows, which can be solved by installing an insulating film that temporarily allows us to continue on our way.

The key to success that the breakdowns that arise on a trip can be repaired from a car workshop lies in the technical-mechanical solutions and the equipment of the vehicle of the company in charge of providing the assistance service.