Common Questions Your Gynaecologist Would Ask You

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For those seeing a gynaecologist for the first time, it might be a bit unnerving. This is normal since who would be comfortable to strip down in front of a stranger and have them poking and looking inside your lady parts? To make the visit a bit better for you and your gynaecologist, condition your mind that you are doing this to make sure everything down there is in order. It’s because you want to lead a healthy life not worrying about serious medical conditions that affect women.

Preparing beforehand about common questions a gynaecologistasks their patients would also make it easier for you get comfortable talking to them (and for the visit to be over soon!). Below you will find the list of these common questions.

When was your last period?

This is the standard and most probably the first thing that would be asked of you no matter the reason for your visit. Remembering when your last menstruation was should not only be done whenever you are about to see your gynaecologist.

Make it as a habit to monthly track your period because it could be one of the indications if something is wrong. Especially if you are having your period regularly then suddenly your period became irregular. If you are having a hard time keeping track, you could download some mobile apps to help you remember when your last menstruation was.

Do you feel any pain?

Another indication that something is wrong is if you feel any pain in any organs of your female reproductive system. It might be the reason for your visit or you sometimes feel pain that you think is nothing to be concerned about.

But you should relay every symptoms or discomfort that you have felt or feeling when you visit your gynaecologist. Chances are it’s nothing that you should worry about; nevertheless, it is better to get yourself checked. If you are looking for a gynecologist Melbourne has numerous gynaecology clinics you can visit.

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Do you check your breasts on a regular basis?

If you still haven’t done so, similar to tracking your period, you should also check your breasts on a regular basis. Remember that prevention is always better than cure and when you go and visit a gynaecologist, they’d appreciate that you are also doing your part as their patient.

If you notice anything peculiar about your breasts, no matter how seemingly unimportant it is, tell your gynaecologist when you go see them. If your breasts are hurting and or there is a mole that seems to be getting bigger or there are nipple discharges that are out of the ordinary.

Other common questions that your gynaecologist might ask you include, how severe are your cramps (if you experience them), if you are sexually active and if you are in a monogamous or polygamous relationship, do you use any birth control etc. Some of these questions might be a bit personal to your liking but remember that they are not asking it to judge you, rather your full disclosure could help them gauge how to care for you better.