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How to Convert Youtube to MP3? 8 Tools to Convert Youtube to MP3

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Are you looking to Convert YouTube videos to MP3 format? We’re pleased to inform you that there’s a fantastic online tool to assist you in doing this.

You can download audio from YouTube videos in order to turn them into podcasts that you can listen to when you’re driving or exercising or share the audio of your own YouTube videos with other people then this website will help.

An online tool to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files.

YouTube to MP3 Converter converts youtube videos to mp3 (Opens with a fresh tab) and is a simple-to-use free site. It is compatible with the majority of well-known web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera as well as Android Mobile browsers.

How to convert youtube videos to mp3?

Convert Youtube to MP3 (1)
  • The first step is to find first the link to the YouTube video you wish to hear the audio to be from. After that, go to the YouTube site.
  • Copy and paste the URL hyperlink of the YouTube video into the box located at the right at the very top and then click the “Go” link.
  • The video should appear in the background. Then, click the drop-down menu and select which quality MP3 you would like to download.
  • The choices are the 64kbps MP3, 128kbps Mp3, the 192kbps MP3, the 256kbps MP3 and the highest quality MP3 at 320kbps. It’s a common rule that the higher number of bits (the amount) will be, the higher the quality of the music. But, MP3s with lower bitrates are typically smaller, so you should consider this alternative when space is a concern for you.
  • Make sure to wait until the conversion has been completed. After that, you’ll be presented with three button choices. The first can be “Download,” which downloads the audio file to the default downloads folder of your computer.
  • The third option will generate a unique QR code you can scan on your smartphone to listen to your audio while on the move.
  • The third option permits you to save your file on your Dropbox account.

8 Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters in 2023

To make it easier for you to complete the conversion process without hassle, we’ve put together the top 8 Free YouTube conversion tools for your MP3 files. They’re safe and simple to use. Learn how to convert YouTube Videos to MP3 on this blog.

If you find that similar names make you confused, it’s suggested to use the YouTube converters to MP3 in this article.

  • SnapSave
  • AceThinker
  • YT Convert
  • JoyConverter
  • 4K YouTube to MP3
  • MP3Studio
  • SnapDownloader

1. is a website specifically designed to assist with YouTube video conversion. What makes it different is that it is able in converting YouTube to MP3 absolutely free of charge and without restrictions. This YouTube conversion to MP3 converter gives you six choices for outputting MP3 audio with high quality. It is not necessary to register for the conversion of files.

To convert YouTube music or video to MP3 audio format. You need to add the YouTube URL into the converter and then press Start. Select your preferred MP3 quality and hit Convert to download and convert the audio file. Make sure that the YouTube conversion to MP3 converter on top is selected prior to your beginning.

2. SnapSave

SnapSave is a site that lets you convert YouTube into MP3 format online for no cost. The YouTube converter to MP3 is compatible with any device, including tablets, PCs as well as iPhones. Converting the YouTube video into the format of an MP3 file is simple. Copy and paste the copied YouTube URL into the input box, then click Download, then select the audio quality.

SnapSave allows various audio outputs, such as audio formats like MP4 or OGG. It also functions as a Facebook or YouTube downloader.

3. AceThinker

AceThinker is among the top Free YouTube converters to MP3 and downloaders available online. It’s designed to convert any YouTube video or music in 320kbps or higher MP3 format at no cost. Before downloading the MP3 file that you converted there is an overview of the YouTube music or video. The free service permits users to change YouTube to MP3 five times a throughout the day.

As well as acting as in addition to working as a YouTube in MP3 conversion tool, AceThinker supports downloading MP3 audio from a variety of video streaming sites. AceThinker also offers solutions for editing videos and recording.

4. YT Convert

YTConvert is an amazing tool to use for YouTube to MP3 conversion or YT converts YouTube to MP4 in addition to YouTube downloading videos. It’s browser-based and allows users to convert an unlimitable quantity of YouTube videos into MP3 files free of charge. To complete the conversion, just insert the video URL in this YouTube conversion tool, type in the address then select your preferred bitrate, then click Download.

Before making the conversion from YouTube to MP3 the final MP3 file size will be displayed. The YouTube converter can also create WEBM files. It can download videos from TikTok and other websites also.

5. JoyConverter

One of the most effective free converters that change YouTube in MP3 formats is JoyConverter. Like other free online tools, it’s compatible with a variety of devices, such as iPhones, Android phones, and Windows PCs. The steps required to download YouTube in MP3 format are much more simple than other converters. More than just a YouTube conversion tool, JoyConverter can download videos in various formats from YouTube including MKV and MP4.

6. 4K YouTube to MP3

The 4K YouTube MP3 converter and downloader application. It allows you to change YouTube into MP3 for use on PC, Mac, and Linux. This converter is equipped with an elegant and contemporary interface. The most appealing feature is its ability to convert complete YouTube streams and playlists. Additional features let you download MP3 music from popular websites like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you download the trial version of YouTube to MP3 converter you can download 15 audio downloads in one day at no cost. There is no credit card requirement. Other output formats, such as M4A and OGG are also available. However, in order to improve the speed of conversion and unlock the full potential you’ll need the Premium version.

7. MP3Studio

If you’re interested in converting YouTube music or videos to high-quality MP3 audio offline, take a to MP3Studio. MP3Studio application. It’s one of the top YouTube conversion tools to MP3 converters that work on PC, Mac, and Android. It is able to convert multiple videos into MP3 files at the same time. Its free edition of the MP3 converter is free of ads but can only perform three conversions. After that you will need the month-to-quarterly or the lifetime premium version will be required.

YouTube to MP3 converter can be used for changing entire playlists in just the simplest of clicks. It can convert up to 99 videos simultaneously. It also comes with an MP3 player that lets you listen to music without having to switch to another app. If required you can transfer YouTube videos in a variety of formats like MP4 MKV, MOV, and MP4.

8. SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader is one of the top YouTube to MP3 converters that have a fast speed of conversion. It’s capable download and save many YouTube videos or playlists. YouTube to MP3 converter, YouTube converts, and YouTube to MP3 is available on CNET and other software websites and provides a free 48-hour trial. To change YouTube to MP3 using it, simply you can copy-paste your YouTube link into the program, select the output format and begin converting and downloading.

After conversion and downloading after conversion, listen to the music on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android as well as any of the other devices. SnapDownloader is not just a YouTube converter to MP3, but it can also download video from over 900 other websites. It also converts and downloads your favorite video clips to MP4, AVI, WMA, AAC, and some other formats.

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