CPAP Machine vs Oxygen Concentrator: Which one is Better?

Different between CPAP Machine and Oxygen Concentrator

Obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder found in most people. To treat this disease a machine is used. To overcome this disorder, (CPAP) continuous positive airway pressure therapy uses a machine that helps a patient to breathe easily while sleeping. This machine’s function is to increase your throat’s air pressure.

The breath-related disorder becomes difficult sometimes, you have no choice but to take medicines and even an inhaler does not work. Breadth-related disorders are treatable with an oxygen concentrator. The oxygen concentrator is effective as it helps to provide oxygen to patients suffering from breathing problems.

The device is also effective for those patients, whose oxygen concentration in their blood is low, an oxygen concentrator is effective for them. Either its (CPAP) or oxygen concentrator, both are effective to treat sleep disorders. But the question is, which one is best among them? Let us discover some amazing facts about both of them so that you can select the best one for yourself. 

Low Blood Oxygen Symptoms

Low blood oxygen leads to multiple health disorders. Low blood oxygen can occur if someone has an asthma problem. If you experience shortness of breathing, then it is the right time to consult your health physician. Unhealthy life, restlessness, and even over physical activities can lead to weakening the immune symptom.

As a result, low blood oxygen levels can trigger inside your body. Chest pain and confusion also leads to this problem. You have to keep on checking your blood pressure. Ignoring these signs and symptoms can even make your health worse. Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner and sanitizers kill almost all the germs into the CPAP mask and hose. The low blood oxygen level can be treated by using the CPAP and oxygen concentrator technique. 

CPAP Machine

Continuous positive pressure airway therapy (CPAP), this machine is specifically designed to treat sleep apnea. It provides a continuous air supply with maximum pressure. The best part of using a CPAP machine is that the airways will remain open while a person is sleeping.

By using the CPAP machine, a patient can have a sound sleep for a whole night long. The symptoms of getting up at midnight from difficult breathing will reduce. By using a motor the CPAP machine will first draw in the air, the air then pushes in towards your mouth and nose using a tube. A CPAP machine is one of the best machines when it comes to sleep apnea.

Oxygen Concentrator

The oxygen concentrator’s function is almost similar to that of CPAP. This medical device is specifically designed to treat breathing disorders. A person who suffers from low blood oxygen levels needs an oxygen concentrator to overcome the oxygen low level in their blood. Once you are diagnosed with the disease, then your doctor will recommend you to buy an oxygen concentrator.

This device is equipped with sieve beds and filters that are useful in removing Nitrogen gas from the environment. This provides satisfaction that pure oxygen is delivered to the patient. The oxygen concentrator also comes with an electronic interface, so that you can adjust the level of oxygen concentration. Using a special mask and nasal cannula, a patient can inhale the oxygen easily. 

(CPAP) Vs Oxygen Concentrator

For home oxygen therapy, oxygen concentration is the best choice. A small study was conducted, in which the supplemental oxygen compared with continuous positive air pressure, as a result (CPAP) was found effective as it reduces 24 hours blood pressure. But supplemental oxygen was found less effective than CPAC control.

These two oxygen devices are mandatory for people suffering from respiratory disorders. Even many people have experience using CPAP machines with an oxygen concentrator. 

Using (CPAC) and Oxygen Concentrator Together

Pulmonary diseases and sleep apnea are common these days. Even manifold reasons have been shown for these diseases such as polluted environment, excessive cold environment, neck circumference, family history, excessive use of alcohol, smoking, and much more. To treat this disease with more power, you can use this continuous positive airway pressure machine along with an oxygen concentrator.

If you want to use these two machines together, then you must take good care of them. It is recommended to have purified oxygen at a higher level than flows of the CPAP machine. To keep the throat and airway open, it is important to increase the level of oxygen.

This oxygen therapy is the best choice to treat your sleep apnea disorder. Now you can easily fit the nebulizer nozzle into the CPAP line. Nebulizer supplies to CPAP and oxygen concentrators are important. Nebulizer use is more effective to sleep, apnea patients. Fighting germs and healthy life should always be a priority. 

Benefits of Using both Therapies at a Time

While sleeping, you can benefit from both oxygen therapies at a time. Just port your oxygen tube into the CPAP Mask. By using CPAP and oxygen concentrator, it helps to keep the airways open for your comfort to breathe normally. It also helps you to breathe more supplemental oxygen.

Remember your mask must have a hole to connect the oxygen tube into the CPAP hose. The oxygen-rich adapter can help you in that case. With a special adapter, the oxygen can be fed into the CPAP hose. That gives you the maximum benefit of both therapies. 

Taking Everything into Account

Restless nights and asthma problems lead to sleep apnea. Using a CPAP machine and oxygen concentrator is the best choice for you. As they both provide instant relief from pulmonary and respiratory disorders. Before purchasing this machine, you must consult your doctor and ask him how to operate them. Although both therapies are not the same as CPAP used to treat sleep apnea and oxygen concentrator is used to treat sleep apnea along with other chronic respiratory disorders.

Don’t forget to ask for help from your respiratory specialist on how to operate these medical devices. Never ignore the symptoms you have while breathing in. If you experience shortness of breath, consult your doctor without wasting time because health is wealth.