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Create a Solid Link-Building Strategy in 2021

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Your site may get backlinks automatically without your asking. These types of backlinks are not covered in this article. We will instead focus on those links that you can control and a specific request.

This article does not discuss backlinks to paid advertising such as Google ads. These links are often of little value to search engines.

This solid backlink contains three components.

Solid refers to a backlink which not only gets you traffic from people clicking it, but also enhances your search engine rankings.

These are the three components:

1. Places to place links should be chosen carefully. It should be appealing to search engines
3. Make it irresistible for prospects

1. Pick a great place

You can link to a variety of websites. These can be general website directories, coaching websites, or individual blogs. SEO Company in Lucknow

These are the most important things to keep in mind:

First, make sure to put your link in front of your target audience. Ask for backlinks from websites with the same target audience.

Next, select websites that are trustworthy.

Search engines will recognize credible websites linking to your site. These links will increase your site’s “worth” and help you rank higher in search engines.

A link to from a “quick” page won’t have the same value as one from’s home page.

Third, make sure your link is on sites that receive a lot of traffic.

However, websites with low traffic can still be valuable if the audience they have is similar to yours.

Choose websites that prominently display your link.

Look at the location of your link on the page. It is preferable to have your link on the top of a simple-to-view page than on the bottom of a complicated page.

It is better as it will receive more clicks, and search engines will give more “kudos” to links at the top of pages than at the bottom.

2. It should be delicious for search engines

How do you explain?

Use text links whenever possible.

Simple text links are most popular on the Web. They are distinguished by underlined text that is a different color from the surrounding text.

Text links are great because:

These are easy to find and follow for search engines. Search engines can easily add them to their databases.
Search engines are able to quickly identify keywords that can be associated with this link. This will help you rank for these keywords.

Other links such as Flash links, Java-Script links and Flash links are not ideal, are difficult to follow, and are often associated spammers.

Next, put your main keywords in your text link. Your web site’s keywords will improve its ranking for these keywords.

To further describe your site, you may be permitted to include a description along with the link. You can also use this description text to include your keywords.

3. Make it irresistible for prospects

We have already discussed how to please search engines. We are losing out on traffic if the link isn’t attractive to people who view it.

These are some tips for increasing clicks on your backlink.

In readable sentences, include the main benefit of the link or the main problem that you are solving.
To get people to click on your link, offer something free. You can offer something free to encourage people to click your link. This could be an article or report, an assessment, newsletter, ebook etc.
It should be clear, concise, and easy-to-read. Avoid putting keywords in the link.
Your backlink should be placed on a page that is shared with other coaches. Make sure you highlight your unique services to make your link stand out.

An example.

Here’s a list of DMOZ executive coaches:
This page contains links and descriptions.

This directory has text links, and you can provide a keyword-rich description in order to improve your rankings.

Notice how long this page is with so many listings. It can seem blurry.

An fr*ee consultation is the best motivation to click. What about a fr*ee article that discusses something you might find interesting and could be downloaded right away?

Good or useful content

Good content is like an endless goldmine. Content makes a website stand out from the rest and is what separates success from disaster. Because your website contains useful content, other websites and people may link to it.

Many people will link to your website if the content is informative, interesting, and updated regularly. One link is worth many visitors and increasing traffic to your site through non-reciprocal linking will improve your search engine positioning.

Directory listings promote non-reciprocal linking

Directory listings can be one of your best options for obtaining non-reciprocal linking. The only condition is that your website must contain excellent content. This will make it valuable to readers and other sites. Most directories will list your site only after you have paid a small review fee.

Yahoo! Directory is one example of a popular directory. The Yahoo! Directory is a popular directory. However, the $299 price tag makes it prohibitive and may not be the best option for single listings. DMOZ (Open Directory Project) is another popular directory listing site. It can take up to months for your business to be listed there.

You can also find secondary directory listing service that includes topic-specific directories. The majority of these directory listings are valuable sources of non-reciprocal links building for your website. This is a great way to generate quality traffic through your listing. It is important that non-reciprocal links are not used in the directory.

Let’s close.

These are the keys. Choose a great place, make it appealing to search engines and irresistible for visitors. This will make your backlinks strong anchors that can drive potential clients to you site.

You now know the benefits of backlinks and how to create one.

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