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Digital Signage Content

You might have come across digital signs at the grocery, at the local eatery, at your kid’s educational institution, or even at the places of worship, but what about your salon?

Small businesses opening up to new technology can be a little overwhelming at times. But, when the technology is digital signage, you know that it will only work for your benefit and let you enhance your business while improvising your ROI.

They can help you display industry-relevant news, announcements, and user-generated content like testimonials feeds generated on social media, expert descriptions, and other important information.

So, if you are keen on knowing how you can leverage digital signage for your salon, here are some amazing digital signage content ideas for the salon that will not only lure the attention of your visitors, while also giving you an edge over your competitors.

6 Incredible content ideas for your salon

1.   Social Wall

Showcasing a social wall on a digital signage display is the best bet for businesses of any kind. As it can effortlessly grab attention, keep the viewer hooked to the content displayed on the screen, and influence their minds about the conduct of the business.

The visitors of the salon can create content for the salon in multiple ways, but to be able to leverage this content appropriately curating it into a unified presentation and showcasing it on digital screens can prove to be an advantageous strategy.

UGC platforms like Taggbox Display can help you in collecting social media feeds from more than 15 social media platforms, moderate the aggregated content and customize the look of the social wall by using the robust moderation panel and make it with the viewers’ attention.

The social wall allows your users to speak for your business, builds trust, and encourages the visitors to create content for you and get featured on the wall.

2.   Give A Brief Of The Services Offered

Using digital signage is the best way to brief your visitors about the services offered at your salon. This will reduce your labor of providing a brief every time a customer walks in while also providing them all the required information along with the price of the services to choose better.

Further, you can display the products used and the benefits derived from using a particular service, which will help you in upselling and cross-selling. Thus improving your revenue and profit figures significantly.

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3.   Monetize Your Screen Via Advertisements

Run ads for the brand products that you use in return for a monetary benefit. This will improve the ROI for your digital signage, while also engaging the visitors potentially better.

Further, displaying top brand’s ads can boost your credibility in the minds of the visitors and create an impact on their minds about using your services and they might as well end up being your permanent customers.

Additionally, if the conversion rates perform well the brands you run advertisements for might stick with you. Thus, making it a two-way win.

4.   Display Professional Information

Visitors seek to know the background of the employees working at the salon they are laying their trust in. Showcasing information about the work history of the beauty and hair expert can help your salon stand out from the competitors and reduce their hesitation before using your services.

Further, it will also make the employees feel valued about being a part of the organization and encourage them to perform better. Thus, improving the overall environment of the salon and the quality of services provided.

5.   Care Instructions

The visitors are mostly concerned about the post-treatment care instructions that need to be taken on a personal level. Here, leveraging a digital display can be of great help. As it can display care instructions to a vast number of visitors, easing out your work too.

Leveraging a digital signage display can aid you in being specific and detail-oriented at the same time.

When the visitors are kept better informed and their concerns are well taken care of, they might feel satisfied with choosing your salon and repeat their visiting actions.

6.   Industry Related Trends & News

A successful industry prioritizes staying up-to-date with the latest trends. The beauty industry is such where the trends keep changing more often than not. It is crucial for businesses operating in it to keep their employees and customers updated about the latest trends and transitions.

Showcasing them on the digital signage display can keep inspiring the visitors to adapt to new styles and hop on the trends while keeping them engaged and for good.

Over To You

The digital signage industry is making a loud thud, thanks to its potential of attracting, keeping the audience hooked, and easing out communication between the brand and its visitors.

Use these ideas to improve your salon’s impact generation, customer retention, and revenue earning.

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