Does class size matters in terms of education?


A teacher teaching hundreds versus a teacher teaching a handful of class, has an impact on the education and individual attention that student avails. Teacher student ratio plays a huge role on the results that students achieve. Some researchers also debate that its solely upon the teacher if she can successfully manage a huge class.

The truth remains that huge classes with desks stacked close to each other will definitely accommodate many students but the teacher will not be able to give individual attention to each. Every student has their own pace of learning and a single technique doesn’t fit all.

Every student needs a different level of attention and has different grasping power. Thus teachers will not be able to analyze each students strengths and weakness. In such a case tailored teaching is never an option. It is not only the teacher paying individual attention but also the understanding that the students receive increases when the ratio of student teacher is less. They are likely to be less distracted and focus more in the class.

Things that impact the learning of students, one can find a list of things. Among those things one remains the student teacher ratio. Other would be how well they are been taught, how many topics are been covered in a day, practical understanding of the matter and so on. There are many pros of having a smaller student teacher ratio. Lets have a look at the following.

Controlled class

With lesser number of pupils in the class, teachers will have better control over the students as they can overlook at the back benchers as well. With a high volume of students, the ones at the last bench are often been ignored or paid less attention. The teachers cab keep an eye of there are fewer students.

Participation level increases

It is often noticed that the level of participation increases when the class has lesser number of students. Each student can raise questions instead of waiting for their turn. Large classroom often face their issue of not been heard as there is enough distraction. Moreover every student gets an equal chance to participate. Learning is not about constant teaching but also making sure that each student understands the topic well. Feedback from the class helps the teacher understand how well they have understood the topic. This isn’t possible when the number is high.

Better culture

Class culture plays an important role in a students education. Students with larger class have been noticed forming groups and sitting accordingly. Rather than bonding well with all the mates these groups dominate the rest of the class. Best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh promote cohesive culture by which each student mingles with their mates. This also improves their communication, confidence level as well as brings good academic results.

Better teaching


It stands true that best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh has lesser students. This makes it not only easy for teachers to manage but also comfortable to impart knowledge. With fewer disturbances in class, teachers get more time to explain topics well by diving deep into it. Students also remain more focused in the class.

Improved grading

With higher number of students, teachers get equal amount of papers and tests to check. Thus they cannot give so much time to check each paper and its often overlooked when it comes to grading and reading each paper. On the other hand, lesser papers will give teacher more time to read and understand each paper well and grade them accordingly.

Research suggests that smaller ratio of teacher student ratio has at least 8 percent improved scoring than ones with higher pupils. Though many schools feel that lesser ratio will increase their costs and time in terms of investing more teachers. Hiring more teachers might also reduce the quality as the cost increases for the management team.

Public schools often charge less amount in terms of fees thus they try to accommodate more students in a class. Students in public school will be around 40 per class whereas this ratio decreases when it comes to private school. Sri Prakash Educational Institution will have 20 or fewer students which get divided into many sections of a particular grade. This helps them focus on academic performance of the students as the same teacher can manage many sections.

Sri Prakash Educational Institute is the best school with good faculty in Andhra Pradesh. This reputed institute has branches spread across the country. Every branch imparts quality performance of students in terms of academic and sports results. They focus on giving equal importance and individual attention to each student.

Thus they strictly follow guidelines of providing fewer students per class per teacher. This promotes more interactive sessions which makes the students more productive academically. This leads to imparting quality education in students which leads to good academic results.