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Does UV Light in HVAC Systems Actually Work?

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Ultraviolet lights are used for many medical and health purposes. Similarly, professionals can install these lights within your HVAC system to keep its air and unit safe from bacteria, mold, mildew, and other allergens and toxins that can be harmful to you. So what is this UV light in HVAC systems? UV Light in Marietta used for HVAC systems are commonly referred to as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) systems. UVGI systems produce the same ultraviolet light that’s present in the sunshine we all experience. 

Uses and Applications of UV Lights

Following are the uses of Ultraviolet radiation lamps and lights:

Hospital Use

UV lamp sterilizes surgical equipment. It is used by doctors frequently. It is found in all operating rooms. Uv light lamps fix air in operating rooms.

Medical Treatments

Some doctors use UV light in small doses in many treatments. These treatments include vitamin D deficiency, various skin-related problems, and many disorders.

Forensic Purposes

As seen in movies and TV shows and often referred to as black light, forensic doctors often use UV light to look for fingerprints, bloodstains, and other fluids that can easily be visible in UV light.

Air Purifiers

Uv light kills bacteria and germs. Hence they are frequently used In air purifiers. As mentioned before, hospitals also use these lights to clean indoors are effective.

HVAC Units

Modern days units are automatic. They are installed with UV lights in them. Many other companies allow you to install them manually.  In HVAC units, UV lights or UV lamps can effectively kill mold and mildew, as they can be dangerous for the unit and the people. Mold and mildew can build up in vents, and because some vents are hard to reach, UV light can be effective in cleaning there. Most Dryer Vet also uses UV lamps for cleaning.

Places to install UV Light in an HVAC Unit

There are two places where technicians can install a UV light. Both of them are as follows:

· Indoor Evaporation Coil Sterilization

this is commonplace. Uv light is installed here for a massive purpose. Near the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. It shines bright. This way, it prevents any buildup. along with constant protection of germs and mold.

· In Air Duct for Air Sterilization

 It purifies all the air passing through it, dramatically reducing the risk of microbial buildup in the HVAC system.

Who needs (UVGI) UV Light in Marietta

If you or someone in your household has one of the following conditions, they may require UVGI:

Asthma Patients:

Patients with asthma and trouble breathing can have a UV light installed for air purification in their homes.

People with Allergies:

People with allergies can also use UV light for air purification. Albeit, some allergies may need medication. Ask your doctor before installing UV light.

Patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD):

COPD is a progressive lung disease that is quite common yet mostly remains undetected. People with advanced-stage COPD can install UVGI based HVAC units for air purification.

People with a weakened immune system:

People with a weakened immune system have special units built that purify the air they breathe. UVGI is one of the main components for air purification for their units.

Additional Benefits for (UVGI) UV light:

Some Dryer vent cleaning in Marietta services uses UV light during cleaning to eliminate harmful bacteria during cleaning. Furthermore, some additional benefits for using UV light are as follows:

  • Increased airflow of clean and sterilized air
  • Improved HVAC unit and system’s efficiency
  • Reduction in energy and utility costs
  • Improved air quality through filtration
  • Reduces clogging in the condensation drain line by reducing

(UVGI) UV Light in HVAC Systems Work

The million-dollar question, does installing a UV Light in Marietta system in an HVAC unit work? One other benefit is in the air purifiers to sterilize the air in a room. Although it takes too long to purify the air, air purifiers are one of the most common and most effective uses of the UVGI system. Therefore, It has also been seen that air purifiers with other purification methods, including UV light, work much faster and efficiently with much better results. That’s why one of the primary uses of UV light is in disinfection units.

Placement in the HVAC system 

In HVAC Systems, UV light can be more commonly seen in dryers where one uses sterilizing clothes during the drying cycle, and another use is for Dryer vent cleaning in Marietta. With the help of UV light, UV light can clear mold and mildew from the vent, which can improve health as mold can be the cause of many breathe related problems and allergies.

Final verdict on UV Light in Marietta

With different tests done on other models and the above mentions of UV light uses, it is safe to say that UV light works for HVAC systems. Placing UV light near the evaporator coil can keep it clean from bacteria and mold buildup. Furthermore, putting UV light in the return air duct purifies air during intake and cools or warms our home with clean, purified air to keep us healthy. It is especially effective for people with asthma, breathing problems, and people with weakened immune systems.

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