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Dookan: Best Indian Online Grocery Store in Europe

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The e-commerce driven era has made the presence of Indian online Grocery stores more significant to necessitate the everyday needs of customers delivered right at their doorstep. The advantages of online grocery delivery stores are evident from the standpoint of business owners and customers.

Indians who moved to Europe hunt for quick and easy ways to get their grocery items and other kitchen essentials without waiting in extended parking and shopping queues. Dookan, the online Indian grocery store, is among the best Indian groceries online stores in Europe. 

So, let’s look at the guide below and know what makes Dookan’s portal stand out from other online grocery stores in Europe.

Indians Looking For Online Grocery Store in Germany

Discovering an Indian online grocery store in Europe is challenging due to the limited options. It would be best for Indian ex-pats to research to find the stores that offer Indian grocery items. Hence, we provide you with the information of the Dookan store that will fulfill your everyday needs of Indian grocery in Germany.

It provides almost every Indian spices, pulses, oils, pickles, flours, vegetables, fruits, ready-to-eat foods, and many more kitchen essentials that you will hardly find under one roof across Europe.

There is never a shortage of products as Dookan maintains the stock throughout the year. You will end up loving Dookan over other stores as you can choose products depending on your budget and diet. Besides, it takes care of your health by providing healthy, fresh, and organic products and delivers them right to your door.

Moreover, it has arranged its online store categorically to help you find your preferred grocery items easily and quickly. Its popular shopping categories of Indian groceries are as follows:

  • Beverages         
  • Cooking Aid         
  • Cooking Oils and Ghee         
  • Dry Fruits and Nuts
  • Flour
  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Gluten-free Grains and Flours
  • Grains and Rice Derivatives
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Heat and Eat
  • Lentils and Whole Grains
  • Pickle, Sauces, and Pastes
  • Readymade Mixes
  • Rice
  • Snacks
  • Spices and Herbs, and many more

So, the next time you need Indian groceries from any part of Europe, you don’t need to hunt for stores as now you have Dookan to shop for all your needs.

Where to Buy Grocery Online in Germany?

If you seek to buy Indian groceries from any part of Europe, Dookan is the best Indian grocery online store. Dookan online grocery stores supply Indian grocery items and food products in most European countries, such as Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Denmark.

Customers from India and other nationalities can buy Indian groceries from Dookan that they cannot get in other stores across Europe. People longing for grocery products can order from the store and get it delivered fresh and quickly to the customers.

Perks of Doing Online Shopping from Dookan

Dookan usually offers exclusive discounts and sales options that you may hardly find on other online shopping portals. You can then buy as many products as you need for your cooking essentials and quickly get them to your house. It offers Indian groceries at reduced prices, meaning that you get the item for a fraction of its net worth. It also gives you a broader ability and access to discover the latest promotions and deals.

Dookan provides many coupon codes for its customers that make grocery shopping more affordable than they can ever think of. Moreover, it also has coupon codes as per the day of your visits, such as Tuesday, Thursday, Weekend, or others.

Besides, Dookan also welcomes you by showering the coupon offers if you are a new customer. Dookan has made Indian grocery shopping convenient and affordable when you are away from your native place. Its exclusive coupon codes include the following:


If you are using Dookan’s Mobile App, it offers the following discount codes:

  • VEG15

You can check the details of the coupon codes through its official grocery portal and avail of these exclusive deals to spice up your meals today. Also, it consistently provides new deals, so stay tuned for massive offers.


When you order groceries from physical locations or purchase them in person, you need to make an additional trip to the retailer. Besides, you need to visit repeatedly if your required items are out of stock. You can skip your trips to the grocery stores and find your desired groceries at your fingertips with online grocery shopping. It is one of the best aspects and an excellent choice for people who want to save time and need groceries at their doorstep.. So, you can visit the online store today and get your groceries delivered quickly at affordable prices.

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