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Electrifying Career Paths: Exploring Electrician Jobs in the UAE

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a monarchical country. The capital is the city of Abu Dhabi. The country is the safest in the world. It is far advanced in the development of various sectors compared to other states, so it has achieved a high standard of living.

Not only tourists come here, but also labor emigrants for high-paying jobs. 70% of the population are people from other countries who work in the Emirates under the terms of the contract. The most popular cities for employment: 

  • Abu Dhabi.
  • Dubai, Sharjah.
  • El Fujairah.
  • Ajman.

Companies from different sectors are constantly in need of good specialists. But you will need to confirm your qualifications in both the UAE embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country. 

Where to look for a job as an electrician?

If you’re an experienced professional planning to move to the UAE, you may find it easier to contact one of the country’s many staffing agencies. This is especially true if you are looking for a job in the UAE from abroad. All of the largest staffing companies in the world have offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in particular Michael Page, Hayes, and Robert Half, so it is worth contacting them.

Exploring Electrician Jobs in the UAE

A high level of fluent English will be necessary for any job. Many employers also give preference to candidates who speak Arabic, and even a basic knowledge of the language will give you an advantage in your job search.

This country remains quite closed, but at the same time very rich. Companies are very strict in their selection of qualified workers and hire many workers from other countries because of the specifics of the labor market. If you’re interested in an electrician job for foreigners, you’re sure to find interesting offers if you take the time and effort to do so.

Giving wages of $1,000 to $5,000, firms have high demands on workers. They also provide opportunities to develop. Therefore, people from many different countries look for jobs in the UAE. Employers offer the following for their workers:

  • Legal work. Each specialist receives a contract, which stipulates all the conditions, including housing, food, travel, etc.
  • A contract for at least 1 year.
  • A good salary. 
  • Social package.
  • Work visa and air ticket purchase.

On the Layboard site, you can look at different jobs to compare them against each other.

Who can get a job as an electrician for hire in the UAE?

Jobs in the UAE are equally open to all applicants, no matter what country or creed you are from. The main thing is to be professional and have a good knowledge of English. Let’s highlight the main requirements:

  • Have education in their specialty and diplomas or certificates
  • Have a good command of English. 
  • Be experienced enough in your job.

Life in the modern world is directly related to electricity. Getting a job as an electrician in the UAE is not difficult. The main thing is to be a qualified worker. This profession is very much in demand in various industries in this country. Almost every one of them needs specialists in this direction. Therefore, it is necessary to put some effort and look for vacancies on their own or through a staffing agency. 

The tourism industry is very well-developed in the UAE and it needs electricians to service restaurants, hotels, and sanatoriums. The industry also needs these specialists. Therefore, the profession of an electrician is in wide demand in the market. 

It is clear that working with electricity is responsible and very dangerous. But specialists have nothing to fear, as they are familiar with the safety rules and working conditions for the tools. Therefore, such a specialist must have all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge.

What should an electrician be able to do?

If you are a specialist, you are guaranteed to know what is required of a representative of such a profession. However, we will remind you, as this information will never be superfluous. Requirements for the profession:

  • Secondary or higher specialized education. 
  • Admission to work with a variety of equipment.
  • Understanding of how electrical circuits, networks, and devices are arranged.
  • Quick reference and troubleshooting skills.
  • Good health.
  • Knows the basics of first aid.
  • Good attention and care.

This is not an exhaustive list of requirements that employers can make. The portrait of an ideal employee is different for each company, so be yourself to get the offer that really suits you. Like any other specialty, the work of an electrician has its pros and cons. The advantages of such activity can include demand, good wages, and a wide choice of places of work.

Electricians are needed in various enterprises, construction, and transport companies. Qualified specialists are needed in various firms that are engaged in the maintenance of electrical networks. Depending on qualifications and experience, the range of services of an electrician can expand. Work experience is a must, as no internship is provided. However, there is a probationary period. 

Salary of an electrician 

The salary of an electrician in the UAE is $3,698. It depends on experience and a number of other factors to consider. An electrician earns well compared to other professions, but salaries can vary depending on specific skills and experience. Do not forget to pay attention to additional benefits. This may include housing, time off (breaks), sick pay, insurance, etc. Only process legal offers, as only such vacancies will be beneficial and meet the described conditions.

A good professional will always find a place in the sun. The main thing is to believe in it. Working in the UAE provides an opportunity to improve your skills, as this country is developing very quickly in the field of new technologies. First, adjust to adaptation, which is different for everyone. Don’t compare yourself to others, just listen to yourself and develop discipline. If you start working in the right company, you will gradually start to feel the development and benefits of moving. 

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