Essential YouTube Marketing Guide for 2021

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With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube stands as the second most popular website in the world. It is a perfect platform for video marketing and is trusted by 55% of marketers, making it the most used video channel for this purpose. 

If you are thinking of using this platform for your business promotion, you are thinking in the right direction. And if you are looking for a guide that assists you by providing some simple and efficient strategies to grow your Instagram channel, then you are in the right place.

To compete with your competitors, you will need to adopt some wondrous tactics to stand out from the crowd and gather views on your content. Of course, the views and shares on YouTube eventually increase your brand recognition, as YouTube consists of large audiences. 

After working on several plans and tactics, we finally have sorted out these manageable and powerful tactics to provide a boost to your YouTube channel. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

5 useful ways to promote your YouTube channel

#1 Optimize your channel

The most common mistake people make while making a channel is making simple and dull channels and hoping for the best results. However, you need to understand, merely creating a channel is not enough. You need to optimize it. Keep in mind, this is your channel, which means this channel is the face of your brand on this platform. Hence, don’t miss out on any opportunity to beautify it or optimize your channel.

Some simple ways to optimize a channel are – use the brand’s colour palette for the channel, which means, match the channel’s style with your brand. Then, create a brand logo as your channel images, use thumbnails of your videos that match your brand’s colour palette. Finally, provide an accurate description for your channel and videos; it helps to capture the target audience.

#2 Optimize your videos

Moving from the first mistake that people usually make to others, posting a straightforward video without any vibrancy and liveliness. In this competitive world, people use their creativity to the maximum limit to attract an audience. And when YouTube is providing such an amazing platform to spread your message to a large audience, make sure that you grab this opportunity with both hands by posting informative, creative, and attractive videos. 

Here are some simple ways to optimize videos – 

i) Write an eye-catching title – in the given character limit, make sure that you provide the title that explains the video and grabs the audience’s attention. 

ii) Thumbnails – Many users on YouTube are guilty of using clickbait thumbnails; try to avoid that as it hampers the reputation of your channel. Instead, as mentioned before, use thumbnails that contain your brand’s colour palette or match your brand’s style. Moreover, try to put the thumbnails that justify your video.

iii) Provide a video summary on description – Video descriptions are an amazing way to attract the audience. Keep in mind that you provide appropriate keywords in your video description, but make sure whatever you write sounds natural. 

#3 Cross-platform promotions

Sometimes, just sticking to YouTube for channel promotion is not enough. In this era where the internet provides such a wide range of platforms and options, make sure that you use this facility for your benefit. For example, you can paste the video link on your social media platform and spread it across your social circle. 

Another excellent method is by embedding YouTube feeds on your website. Many tools provide you with ease to embed YouTube videos on websites. Other than channel promotion, it has other benefits as well, like it makes your website vibrant – as we know, visual-based content brings liveliness along with it. By displaying it on the website, you beautify the website that eventually attracts customers. As people usually visit these types of websites as they enhance their browsing experience.

Moreover, YouTube videos on the business website make the website engaging for the users, as people enjoy viewing videos because it provides information crisply and entertainingly. Hence, embedding YouTube videos on the website is a win-win opportunity.

#4 Make content that your audience loves

With channel optimizations, video optimizations, and cross-platform promotions, you might get a large audience set; hence, your responsibility to cater to them with quality content increases. Remember, content is the king, hence make sure you have quality videos on your channel. And keep in track of your videos, as what kind of videos are getting more interaction and getting reception from your audience. Try to stick with videos that your audience likes, and in the meantime, keep an eye on your competitors; their videos might give you the idea for your videos and help you know the trend. 

#5 Schedule videos 

While keeping track of your videos, make sure that you examine your videos at what time your videos are getting maximum traction. And schedule your videos accordingly, as per your analysis. In addition, make a proper schedule for your videos upload date and time, make sure that you don’t miss out on any special occasion or public holidays. You can also use scheduling tools that assist you in maintaining calendars for your videos.

Summing It Up

As mentioned above, YouTube is the second most popular website globally. Hence, to extract maximum benefits from the platform, you need smart strategies that help your channel grow and market your brand. So, try the strategies mentioned in this article to boost your YouTube channel, which eventually increases your brand recognition.